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Sunday, March 8, 2020

Another Baby....YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING!

I thought this title might get your attention. 

Trust me, I had about 4 weeks of feeling like I was "in a cloud" trying to figure out what my wife just told me the night of the 5th week.

Noah has been a blessing.

Sure, the beginning phases of dadhood nearly had be toppled over in a hole with my shirt tucked in and sucking my thumb like I've never seen the likes of an infant before....

But I grew up quickly. I adapted. I did what I needed so I can be a better husband and father. For years, I put my work ahead of everything else.

Meg understood, and always supported me. From the days of eating my dinner on date night out at Blue Grey in Gettysburg while on my phone to now having date night consist of us ordering door dash and watching Netflix for 40 minutes after Noah goes to bed....I've adapted. LOL

Times change, priorities change, and your lifestyle changes when you have kids.

I couldn't put work ahead of BOTH Meg and Noah now so we became fans of "making the most" of our time.

Once a month we splurge on sushi, but other than that....our lives are not the same. Blue Grey STILL sounds like a plan to try on Fridays like we did before Noah days....

Every Friday I would get home early and Meg would pull up at 4pm and we would head to Gettysburg...our SPOT, we called it. I got my TUNA and she got her CRAB CAKE and we just enjoyed being OUT of Chambersburg, out of drama, work, chaos and stresses of the week. Even if I was alseep in the car on the way home at 5:30, HAHA, it was all so worth it! We had our little escape each week and could enjoy a meal where there wasn't anyone to talk to me about training and the gym!

But now we find ourselves planning it and by the time Friday hits, we never step foot out of the house. 

We are too tired. Too stressed, or Noah had a rough day and we need to give him there would be no way we could take him to a restaurant.

If you ever saw the movie, NEIGHBORS, we are those parents...where they get all amped up for date night("rage night") and by the time they get all the baby's things together they crash and fall asleep at the door.

All our energy goes to our relationship and our work. Everything else has a backseat. I know how important it is to schedule time for JUST Meg and I....but it just seems so hard when we both are so tired by the weekend.

But I guess NOW will be the ultimate test....I mean...we are having a SECOND child. Planned or not, it's happening.

I guess the big thing I wanted to get off my chest is that I was FINALLY starting to LIKE Noah. Not that I didn't before, but you all know what I mean. The infant stages are tough for guys...and I will come out and say it that I am NOT a baby guy....BUT, Noah is now getting to a point where I think the little guy is pretty cool....(outside of the dinner time screaming in our faces) ....BUT ...I am loving my boy more and more and NOW to know I will be going right back into the chaos of the "hated" stage...

Has me wondering what in the world I will do.

I know the big thing Meg and I are trying to do is think about the positives. ALL of them. Looking back, I NEVER thought I would be 30 years old and have 1 kid and 1 on the way!

I truly thought I would still be living in my gym and doing all the work myself and being right where I was the night of October 12th, 2014 when I opened. I thought I would be single and never in a relationship.

Flash forward 6 years and I met a girl who came into my gym, she changed my life...I scaled my business, grew it, married, had a have a second kid on the way and have a family home and I am looking to buy a mini-van(because apparently a FAST car is not on the "dad list" anymore LOL)

....WHERE did my life go? 🀷🏼‍♂️πŸ˜‚

Life is full of ups and downs....unexpected events and things that make you sit back and wonder if you are really going to MAKE IT THROUGH.

I mean, for those who didn't know...after getting this beauty below...I was caught in the fetal position on the FIRST day in the corner of our house with my head between my knees crying....

I don't deal with change well...

I am a type A, driven individual who needs structure and planning....two things these things don't come with.

So, adjusting is hard, and I know BABY OVER # 2 will be the same way....

But I know we will come out alive.

The past 6 years have been a wild ride for me.  I've fought a lot of personal battles and learned a lot about myself and my abilities.

So I guess adding a second child won't be the end to me....maybe just my "youth" ....HA....

I know many of you parents out there reading this may have a similar please feel free to comment and add any bit of advice and support you can!

And for MY piece of advice to all you out there....well...

I'll leave it at this....

When they say...It only takes ONE truly does!

Dam you New Year's Eve! 😳

Baby Over is expected September! So....after no vacations in 2 years....I am hoping Meg, Noah, Brea and I can make it to our Beach house at least for my birthday before the chaos begins.

On a final note....

God Bless WOMEN! 

I don't know how you guys do it, but I would never be able to do what you Meggy is such a trooper. Went through INTENSE sickness this pregnancy already and now battling it all with raising another all deserve MEDALS.

Have a killer weekend and keep us in your prayers! 

Until then....

lets see how big Meggy's belly gets HEHE ...and I will for sure keep you all updated on how Brea acts as this progresses....she has been eventful since Noah's birth!

Monday, February 17, 2020

Do CALORIES matter?

A simple thought for tonight....

Comparing these two things when it comes to many people ask me about CALORIES and what is better if you just need to lose weight....

"Should I focus on the total calories?"
"Should I make sure the food sources are healthy?"

There are so many things out there and we truly never know what is right! BUT....let me add some clarity for you all...

1️⃣ Just because something is less calories DOESN'T MEAN it is more nutrient dense! This is an EXTREME comparison, I know...but you get the idea!

✔️Check the ingredients, never just go with the claims on the front of the package⠀⠀ ✔️ Check the overall sugar content and sugar to fiber ratio⠀⠀ ✔️ Check the number of servings in the package⠀⠀ ✔️ Be aware how that plays into your overall daily intake

2️⃣ Less doesnt always mean BETTER. Yes, total calories matter when it comes to weight loss, but the overall picture is that MOST can keep in their caloric goals when eating nutrient dense foods.

You never hear someone say they lose weight and get ripped when they eat processed garbage everyday.....The reason is simple...

πŸ₯žIt is VERY easy to overeat these foods and they hardly satisfy you.

🧁It DOESN'T mean their isn't ANY room for this. Balance is the key, BUT if your overall goal is cannot expect to fuel your tank on 87 when it takes 91 premium.

Now....who admits🀷🏼‍♂️ to falling trap of the "calorie count" mania, and what has it done for you?

🍫Personally, if I eat this crap, I feel like crap, and my workouts are crap. If I want to train at my best, I must eat the rainbow(no...not lucky charms....LOL....but with fruits and veggies and lean meats!) ....

Does this mean I never indulge? No, but you get out what you put in! So many of you who maybe fall victim to the "weekend binge" diet...I will be blunt with you....

πŸ˜“Don't expect to get the results you want. Do the math. Eating in a slight deficit all week is all good and dandy, BUT 2 meals overdoing it by 500+ calories(which is SUPER easy to do when eating out) ....will set you right back to SQUARE 1️⃣....

You can take this for what it's worth....but this is my opinion!

Monday sentiments🧐

Sunday, February 9, 2020

God Saved Me....

πŸ’―I'd be lying if I said I started this vision of OAF with a perfect clear mind. 

I was scared.

I was broke. Living with my parents at 25 and no where to go.

I had anxiety through the roof, self image issues, no confidence in myself, and thought I would grow old alone and empty. 

I lived my life in the shadows of everyone else, and relied on trying to be perfect in the one area I knew I had talent in....and that was always fitness.

Perfectionism consumed me. Friends began avoiding me because I would rather work than party.

For 3 years I did nothing but read and intern to learn how to get more involved in fitness. It was so bad I let my engineering degree suffer in return of spending time learning how to become a better trainer. 

πŸ™πŸΌGod blessed me with an eye opening event that changed my life and thoughts around, focusing more on what I can do for others and less about whatI thought of myself and what "I thought other people thought" about me.πŸ“–

🀷🏼‍♂️A door opened.....and this opening was a mere CRACK....but I saw opportunity. 

πŸ™€I was scared shitless....and had no idea what I was getting myself into, but knew once I started, I was going all in.

πŸ’―Truth be told, it was the "nay-sayers" who told me I never COULD or WOULD do something....and the FEAR of failure that drove me past the breaking point.

⚠️ In 6.5 years of being open, I've had:

☑️ People steel from me
☑️ People take clients from me
☑️People trash my name and perform careless acts to my property
☑️People stalk me 
☑️People speak Ill of my family
☑️People tell me I'm worthless and careless
☑️People lie to me and cut corners to better their names or selves while making me look bad.
☑️People tell me I'm too young and too narrow-minded
☑️And one of the most hurtful....tell me I was lucky.

πŸ’ͺ🏽 In all of this, FACING my fear was my ultimate measure of success. I learned to become stronger through tough times, and that the ultimate individual isn't measured by their own success, but rather their ability to overcome adversity.

⁉️My point in all this⁉️

NEVER ....

Ever.......let ANYONE tell you that you can't! Face your fears and do something that scares you everyday! You only live ONCE, and I wanted to make my family proud of me for something other than getting a job I never wanted.

Fear is like AMMO...use it and fire it to reach your ultimate target/goal in life!

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

The Dreaded Shoulder Pain....What you need to know!

We all know the shoulder can be your best friend or WORST enemy when it comes to your training. If you are like me(and over 88% of the US population), then you have dealt with some sort of pain in that area over the course of your life.

I battled two torn labrums from my accident that I rehabbed myself back to pain free without the use of surgery!

BUT, like I said...I know how bad this can be and how annoying it's affects can trickle into your everyday activity.

So, without further delay, lets get you all rocking!

First, lets take note that the SHOULDER is a ball/socket joint that requires STABILITY and MOBILITY. While, on the other hand....the thoracic spine requires more MOBILITY along with the shoulder blades!

You see, as described in the video below....the shoulder is a BALL AND SOCKET joint, and when this gets tight or stiff and lacks movement, the shoulder blades have to compensate and make up for the lack thereof.

You see, while your arm is doing BIG pressing and pulling movements....there is rotation happening around the joint.

There are a couple quick easy tests for this to help you know if your joint has the mobility of a piece of candy from your grandma's cupboard.

It's done lying on your back and NOT allowing your shoulder blades to move! Let your joint do the motion!

90 Degrees External is the goal while 70 degree internal is the minimum we are looking for!


Try stretching it for a few sets of around 10-15 seconds

It's similar to this but on your side!

Now that we have the shoulder joint taken care of, we can now test the blades! I know many of you have heard of "scapulae push ups or pull ups" so I am here to demo and show you just how important it is to get them moving correctly!

The blades snuggle in right around the rib cage and help with the movement of your arm into overhead motions. The key thing here is GETTING your shoulder blades to do the work you want. So adding these into pre or post workout routines can help then regain control. 

Other exercises like DB seated overhead shrugs, scap pull ups, and even rows are all great additions as well!

Now, as we transition into the pre-hab and strength work required to build that joint back up, we can start with one of my favorites!

The banded Bradford Press. This is GREAT for improving posterior strength and improving ROM. Check it out here: 

Next up, I love the half kneeling single arm band row. When done right, this is crucial for developing proper positioning of the scapulae and its spot along the ribcage!

Take NOTE of the incorrect ways to do this in my video:

Next up, one of my favorites...

The face pull! This one gets a load o bad rep for being done in all sorts of funky angles, positions, and rep schemes, so keep it simple and stick to the basics!

- 3-4 sets of 12-20 reps with an added isometric hold on a few ending reps will do fine! The face pull is one of the best well rounded exercises to help develop overall back/posture health while giving you an added bonus of proper scapulae retraction! Just make sure you DO NOT use your traps and have them engaged while doing it!

And finally, hitting the posterior parts of the joint(rear delts) can be your ultimate lifesaver! Too often I see people pressing horizontally and vertically without realizing they are neglecting all the important stabilizers in the shoulder and back! This lack of acknowledgment can start wrecking havoc on your neck and shoulder! The key here is balance! Try adding external rotations(i prefer them while laying on your side so gravity isn't an issue), but standing is a good place to start too! 

You can get even more creative by adding isometric holds and even alternating sides to create a more unilateral enhancement! 

Well, after watching these I hope you guys have a better understanding as to what and/or why your shoulder may be cranky, as well as a few ways to help get it better!

The shoulder is such a unique part of the body! It also happens to be ONE that you don't want to piss off or you may be watching from the sidelines sooner rather than later!

If you notice pain, don't immediately think its because your shoulder is messed up. Take a second to access your posture and where it's coming from, or get a professional to look at it! 

Above all, if you notice severe pain and/or numbness or tingling...go see a doctor!

All the best, 

Coach Mikey

Thursday, January 30, 2020

πŸ₯‡Dad Life....Where I Stand NOW after 9 months!πŸ‘πŸ½

It just seems about right to give you guys a little update on fatherhood.

When I first blogged about this, I felt as if I was in for trouble. Not sure what I got myself into, and a new war/battle was being fought each and every day.

Trying to balance all the demands of being a dad, running a business, teaching, coaching online, and writing for magazines had me nearly flipping my lid daily!

Then to add Noah to the scene just made my brain go on speed!

The only thing was....I felt helpless, in most areas.

I wasn't sure how this could be....but I wasn't sure how to help Meg. So I did what I COULD and tackled everything ELSE.

His face sums up the thoughts he had with me doing things with him early on!

I just felt like there was not much I could do to help Meg, so I took it upon myself to be the best in every other area possible. I submersed myself in work to keep OAF one of the most elite facilities to train at, I cleaned and did all the grocery shopping and meal prepping.

I took care of our pup and got her out daily and made sure she was loved, and to this day....her demeanor is changing with us so I am not sure if it is jealously or her wanting attention, but she seems to be annoyed sometimes with the amount of attention Noah gets, knowing she was our pride and joy and little baby just a year ago before he arrived.

Does anyone else relate? Maybe it's just in my head, but I do feel like I am trying my best with giving her attention too....and feel like Brea just KNOWS she isn't the main focus anymore and gets "pouty."

Anyways, as the months progressed, I've been seeing a change. Noah's development is...well...developing ME.

I am seeing him engage with me more. I see him smiling at me when I come home. When I am working at night at home, he is crawling to get my attention.


It's true, right? Growing changes us!

Whether its in life or fitness....growing in any area develops you and makes you into a better person!

Just as the New Year Challengers at OAF are doing....with each week I see them interacting with people more, smiling, enjoying their workouts, laughing at silly trainer jokes(when it was speaking to ghosts when we started), and giving high fives to everyone when they complete something new!

Growing in life and in health give so much to the individual, which is why my analogy is so imperative to the well rounded development of us all!

Like the old saying goes..."Do something that scares you everyday!" When you face fears and explore the open the door up to bigger and better opportunities.

I never thought at 30 years old I would have a 1 year old and be playing silly games with him just to get him to giggle(because it's the best sound any parent can hear)....and talk to him until I'm blue in the face JUST to get that grin on his face that no one can else can relate to.

I used to talk to Meg all the time about being around friends/family and getting tired of always hearing about others talking about their kids/babies....I thought there was so much more to life.

But now I find myself being that person. All I want to do is show off my son, make him smile, and help him become the BEST version of himself(with a little bit of me....of course LOL) ...

The tables have turned...and seeing this face everyday is something I can't explain.

Noah has Daddy in a new place.

Growth has an all new meaning for me, and watching my family grow before my eyes is indeed growing not just my knowledge and behavior...but also my heart.

Now if only Brea realized our quest and that we are not abandoning her 🀷🏼‍♂️

I am blessed beyond belief, getting to see growth in my family and my members! God has truly blessed me and given me life after a decade ago I wasn't sure how my life could get turned around.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

How was your Christmas Break...Relate to mine?

The stomach bug has hit our house faster than Usain Bolt running the 100m dash.

It started off with Noah waking up Christmas Day throwing up all over Meg, and that continued 6 more times that day!

I can't say this break has gone the best for our family...but it relays perfectly to an email for you all.

Think about it...

What daily encounters have you had happen over the past week that has tried to take you either away from the true meaning of family time....or away from your health?

Why does Christmas seem to do this to us all?

We spend countless hours cleaning, cooking, prepping, and shopping just for ONE morning of fulfillment.

One morning to get to see the smiles on your kids faces and know that you were the ones that orchestrated it.

Pretty special, indeed...but you also need to remember that YOUR health and happiness matter as well!

I spent a few nights talking to my family about how important it is for US to stay happy and healthy over all things....because this time of year it seems to drain every ounce of energy and self care we give our very own selves.

Meg, Noah and I are truly blessed. A few bad days will not define our 2019...and looking's been a wild ride!

Over-Achieve had its struggles.....(contrary to what you may think)

We moved!

I found out and settled a student loan debt I didnt know about that was over 20k and preventing us from moving.

We had a baby BOY Noah James.

We then GREW OAF to the best it's been since opening!

My wife got her loan reimbursement and is now under 5k LEFT!

We just have so much to be thankful for, and I want you all to remember that before we head into 2020.

And as a SPECIAL thank you, I want to offer EVERYONE who is reading this email a SPECIAL code to use to get into our January Challenge 20% off​! This code(OAF20) will expire in 48 hours and once the challenge goes live on Facebook, the code WILL NOT work, so I am putting a bit of urgency in your brains today because NOTHING happens without immediate and persistent action!

Imperfect or perfect, it DOESN'T matter, but I want you all to realize that TAKING action​ and setting yourself up for a strong 2020 is SUPER simple, and we have it all laid out for you with results you wouldn't believe from a gym closer than you are with your cousins!

We are a REAL gym. Not a fake gym who doesn't care and thinks of you as a number. We are primed to get you where you want, make you happy, and bring a new shed of light to your fitness world!
So make the step here, as I give you a social GIFT to use​ before this event goes live JUST for reading my emails!

You can redeem the 20% off here.​ 

Don't delay,

Wishing you all a VERY Happy New Year and making it full of HEALTH and HAPPINESS!

(Ps - STAY TUNED for the announcement of our 2 FREE winners and 2 50% off winners from the survey!)

Thursday, November 7, 2019

What you NEED to know.....(Real Post Inside!)

⭐️Real Post Time⭐️

Many of you who see all these “instagram peeps” and fitness freaks who completely transform their bodies in 8-12 weeks are just fooling you.

There is so much you can take in and believe from the web these days it’s truly hard to know what you are doing is right, isn’t it?

πŸ‹πŸ»‍♂️Well, let me paint a picture for you….

The picture on the left was when Meg and I started dating, about 5 years ago….shortly after my accident and being told I wouldn’t be able to run and train much anymore…

I was frail, barely ate, and in the midst of opening OAF so I had stress levels no one could believe. I was about 158 lbs.

πŸ‘πŸ½Flash forward 5 years, and many of you who know me KNOW I hate taking pictures of myself or being on camera for that matter, BUT I want to continue to help people the best way that I can…so I took pictures and here I weight 174….16 pounds heavier than when Meg and I first met.

Long story short, those of you who think you can transform your body in a month or two or crazy. That is why I believe in overall health and wellness within OAF and we focus on a LIFESTYLE change….not some short term “crazy diet” or exercise plan that melts you down in 4 weeks.πŸ€•

People and trainers who tell you that are fooling you, and unless you are on drugs or have some pretty superb genetics…then you may find it somewhat relatable. 

For me, 16lbs of HARD EARNED MUSCLE was put on with BRUTAL work on both training and diet, battling relationships with food and what’s deemed healthy vs. what’s not…and ultimately creating habitual relationships that LAST.

After all, you want to live your life to its FULLEST, so you need to be loving what you are doing and enjoying the ride! 

Would I love to be 185-195 and SWOLL….πŸ€ͺ….HELL yea….but I am doing it the RIGHT✅ way that will lead me down the path I want, where progressive overload and correctly timing nutritional needs and intake come in handy.

So….for those of you who are struggling to “see the results” ….take a second…. and BREATHE….

Another Prime example would be Heather....which you can see looks AMAZING! She had this all transform over the course of 2 years! Safe and HEALTHY weight loss is the key to a lasting relationship with fitness!

You are not alone. But you MUST continue to fight if you want to see the progress. Like my one tattoo says that many of you never knew….”Always in the fight!”

Never settle, and keep pushing towards your goals. Whether it’s fat loss or muscle gain, it takes TIME.

#trustheprocess #realtime #thenandnow #gainingmuscleishard #dowhatittakes #neversettle #alwaysinthefight #oaf #oaffamily #lifestylechange #bereal #dontgetdiscouraged #mytransformation #stillgoing #workout #nasm #trainer