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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

What SAVES me!

Summer is here!

The time to make more time for sun fun and less time for boring work, right?

I feel alive in the summer. Mainly because I love being outside and love doing anything active when the weather is nice!

But this year....not so much. I have been a little stressed. I don't like ever complaining about things, and I've always been the type to keep my mouth shut when it comes to my life.

I love it! I wouldn't ask for anything more! 

I am a simple guy, a homebody, and just want nice dinners with my beautiful wife and baby boy and my little girl Brea.

I don't need "stuff" and would rather spend time making memories rather than spending money.
I would much rather cook a meal than go out to eat. 

I would much rather go for a walk in Caledonia than spend money in a hotel for a night.

I would rather play with Brea and Noah than go to entertainment events/concerts.

But Stress Eats At Everyone....

For me, it's battling stress from running a business, coaching, teaching, and providing online services....raising my new baby boy, my pup(which needs more attention than any dog known), and the countless daily stresses that any entrepreneur face.
If it wasn't for ONE thing...the stress could get out of control.

This one thing, is vital to my everyday life. It helps me focus mentally and perform physically.

This one thing forces me to get up at 4:15 everyday and focus more on "what matters" and spend less time worrying about "what doesn't."

Lets face it....we all do things daily that we know can be spent doing something more productive.

But this ONE THING....

It's everything to me!


Without it, I am not me! I am unorganized, emotional, and a poor decision maker.

I am not confident, nor am I as successful compared to when I am getting my workouts in.

It's my saving grace.

My livelihood, and a large part of my life!

⭐️Which is WHY I am going to SHARE this gift with YOU!⭐️
You Read That RIGHT!
I want YOU all to be able to share the gift I love, and experience that feeling I get when you get workouts in!
There is NO need to be scared, no reason to avoid Over-Achieve if you are "unsure you will fit in."

EVERYONE fits in. WE ARE one big family! So much in fact, that we constantly boost one another up! We have people posting daily in our private member page about their results and experiences!
This one was just this week:

You see....
When you start training at Over-Achieve....
You changed our life. Not just physically....BUT MENTALLY also.
You will not regret stepping through those doors and starting a chance to make time for YOU.
Whether you think so or not, you DO have time. You just need to find it!
But anyways, for the FIRST 20 people to message
 me back, you can start training for FREE at O.A.F.
 when you come meet with us and follow a couple
But to see how serious you are about coming in and trying us, you MUST come to the meeting to get the free month.
Do get started on your FREE MONTH, you have until the clock strikes ZERO or 20 spots fill up!
Book your Appointment here​ OR Reply to this email and let me know you want to train FREE and see for yourself how much the workouts help you!
I only want SERIOUS inquires!
I am only wanting to help those who are driven to help themselves! So if you are not committed to working out and making this your best effort, then this free offer is NOT for you.
So if you want great need to take great measures!
Join the THOUSANDS who change their lives!

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