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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Determination - Weekend Recap

After such an amazing weekend(Got on my new road bike for the first time since my accident nine months ago!!!!!!), I am surely going to make sure I post a few of my thoughts on a few topics.

First, lets talk about success. It amazes me how many athletes think they can be great without a true determination to play their sport. Whether its running, biking, soccer, basketball, etc., it all comes down to who wants it more!

I would rather coach an athlete willing to give me EVERYTHING he has and try his best at every exercise I give him than a highly skilled athlete who goes through the motions.  Ask any strength coach, and they will tell you the same thing!

To many times in life, we are coddled and handed things without any expectation in return. I can be the first to tell ALL of you, do not take your abilities for granted! I was guilty for this, as I began training myself and forgot to thank God for allowing me to do so in a healthy body and mind. I made the mistake of "training without thinking."  I almost am suggesting a "training thanksgiving" on everyone's calendar. Take a day where you just take the time to write down and talk about everything your thankful for fitness wise, and how you should be considered lucky, compared to less fortunate others in this world. You will be surprised by how much it can help those of you stuck in ruts, plateaus, or dealing with injuries.

No matter what, there is always someone out there who has it worse than you! I tend to forget that. Almost 9 months ago, I was hit by a pick-up truck while riding my road bike(that I did day in and day out without realizing how blessed I was to be able to do so).  This truck tore my ACL, MCL, fractured my femur, partially tore my patella tendon and left my left kneecap dislocated and dislodged from my knee.

What can I say, I thought I HAD IT WORST.

But I don't, and I forgot just how much exercise and fitness meant to me. I woke up everyday, went to the gym sometimes at 5am and ended my day training in the evenings as well.

Can you say I was caught up in it? SURE! I am sure almost every dedicated athlete can back me up in that training becomes addictive!

But that's not my point. My point is to work hard at everything you do! Never give up on what's important to you! Success isn't measured by your accomplishments in life, but by the obstacles you overcome to reach those achievements.

Don't ever let someone try to tell you that you are worthless, and not determined. Sometimes I get people saying that I don't care. Well here is my response to all of you out there.....


You must understand where your friends and teammates come from before you judge them.  Some of my client's never would know why I wouldn't demonstrate or ever train with them or see me running.  They never would know why until they got to know me personally and UNDERSTAND that I was in a serious accident and still am unable to train at high levels. There can be a lot more going on in an athlete's mind that keeps them from doing what you may expect of them, but you must get to know them beforehand.

I take pride in asking about my clients EVERY single day! I ask how they are, what they did, and if they have questions about training. I take pride in doing that because I CARE.

Show that you care to someone else this week! Whether you call, text, or simply open a door for someone, prove that you care.

It's a beginning step towards determination. 

" The limitations that others have placed on you can only become reality if you believe them, too."

Mike Over
CPT / Strength & Conditioning Specialist