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Thursday, January 31, 2019

➡️Negative Temps....STILL broke a sweat in my 62 DEGREE living room!🔥

How is everyone's day thus far?

I know the cold is scaring everyone away....and probably for good reason!

Meg and I had a quick trip to Target to get a shelf for the baby room, and the place was DEAD! The roads were clear also! The cold weather has most bundled up inside, which is a good thing I guess.....staying away from the sicknesses!

I STILL am fighting mine, and can't seem to knock the dam thing out for good! It really is frustrating!

But anyways, back to my story...

While leaving Target we saw a big Jeep truck back-out RIGHT INTO a small car waiting to go down the parking lane! We saw it coming, and the lady in the car even was blaring her horn to have the Jeep stop reversing and they still smashed right into her!

You would have thought the president was shot with how frantic and crazy she started acting from the hit!

But really folks, be SAFE out there! Get off the phones and make sure you are in tune while driving! I am guilty of this too, but seeing this was a gentle reminder to pay more attention to what's going on!

But back to my subjects.....sorry I can get sidetracked pretty quickly!

I have a BRAND new Stack article for you guys to read! It helps those who struggle with knee pain! I hope you like it! You can read it here!

Pretty cool right?

Making moves, that's for sure! All the time I spend researching, training, implementing is paying off and I LOVE sharing what I find out with you all!

Whether it is kick ass workouts you can do with a fully equipped gym OR a ridiculous bodyweight workout you can do from the comfort of your own living room! I just did one today and filmed/recorded for you! I will show you some of it, of course....but you can get the FULL workout by subscribing to my playbook channel, 100% FREE to start for 7 days! You can see for yourself how awesome some of the workouts are and then tag me @mjo_oaf to help spread the word! It would mean a lot to me, even if you try it out for that week!

You can head here to try it out!

I will publish it tomorrow for you all to snag and add to your collection! Truth be told, I did this RIGHT in my living room with a set of BANDS that I use from resistance band training(check them out here).....

And actually, it was 62 degrees in my living room and after this 24 minute workout I was SOAKED! You really need to try this!

Let me know when you try it! I would love to hear from you!

And last but not least....

The EVENT! WOW...we are up near 50 and are sell out point! I can't wait to see everyone and I KNOW it's going to be such a wonderful time! Dr. Kelly Rife, Lance, Brittany, and Randi will all be going over some amazing tips to keep you motivated and getting the results you want in 2019!

You can get one of the FINAL TICKETS here:

DO NOT WAIT! This will be a life changing event and one you wont want to miss!

I hope to see you all there! If you have any questions on it just let me know! I would love to help! Don't forget, Montezumas will be there also for our catered lunch! So come check it out! We will be giving Fit3D Body scans as well! FIND OUT exactly where you stand and comparison to the rest of the country! The results are emailed DIRECTLY to you and no one else!

Alright, before I go, remember...

If you are complaining and whining that you are not happy with your life....

  1. Exercise MORE
  2. Help MORE people
  3. Get Better SLEEP
  5. Find Better Friends
  6. Work a job you LOVE
  7. Be grateful for your LIFE! Show it daily!

Alright guys,

Talk soon!

Stay warm & STAY healthy!

Coach Mikey

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Happy Tuesday!

Jeez, more snow?

Or should I be upset about the colder weather coming again? Not a fan of this up/down temperature changes and neither is my immune system.

Speaking of which, I've had so many people ask me this year about my greens supplement I use. Look, I KNOW everyone has a hard time getting their fruits and veggies in daily...

It's not easy. Especially if you travel a lot. There is nothing better than being "assured" you are taken care of and covered when it comes to your micronutrients.

They are that important!

And to be honest with you....a lot of the garbage out on the market either 1) tastes like shit or 2) is full of "blends" that do not display the actual amounts of the important ingredients.

Which is why I found and fell in love with Athletic Greens. It's AMAZING. Tastes great, mixes well, and covers your daily greens WHILE boosting immunity, gut health, and overall energy! My mom began taking it and even noticed it clearing up her lyme!

This stuff works wonders, and you can order yours today and your first month will come with 20 FREE trial packs!

Yes, it's an investment, but I take my health be as it may. If you dont like it, they will refund you ASAP. If you want to try it, let me know. But here is the link to order. I promise you it will make you feel great.

Anyways, we are gearing up for a great weekend Saturday! Hosting our very FIRST "A Better Life, Morning Mastery."

We couldnt be more excited for the speakers and what we are trying to do! I can't wait to see all the faces and help our town get some amazing tips to OWN their NEW YEAR!

We still have some seats left, and we will have a catered lunch from Montezumas thanks to Chuy and Juan! So don't miss out and get them HERE!


And along the lines of kickbutt news, my next STACK article should be published this week! Be on the look out! It will go over the "myths of squatting & knee pain" and how to fix them!

But this morning, I had a second to do this bodyweight BLAST workout that you can steal from me! It's QUICK, BRUTAL, and to the point! Just make sure you tag me when you complete it!!

Ladder 3 Times Through 

Difficulty: Medium

25 Prisoner Squats
20 Close Grip Push Ups
15 TBX
10 Broad Jumps
5 Mongrel/5 Sit Through/ 5 Star Jumps
10 Plank To Push Ups
15 Supine Core Circle Unders ➡️ 5 Banana Superman Rolls 
20 Mountain Climbers SLOW and brace
25 High Knee Marches(Every 5 Give a Tuck Jump)

  • Rest 60 Seconds and Repeat

EMOM x 3 Finisher:

Minute 1: 10-15 Half Rep Squats
Minute 2: 30 Second Squat Hold
Minute 3: 10-15 Squat Jumps


WHEW! It was a blast! If you end up doing this and tag me, I'll even send you a PDF of some more killer bodyweight routines!

You can see more workouts JUST like this when you subscribe to me on Playbook! My channel is now live and kicking ass! I am bringing the heat and people who have completed my ONE week trial have been speaking about how awesome it is! You can try the newest FEED workout here!

I hope you all have a kickass rest of the day!


Focus on Forward Progress. Always be improving. Baby steps and little bets every day. Keep on pushing on, no matter how dark the days. 

“Life’s problems wouldn’t be called hurdles if there wasn’t a way to get over them.” – Source unknown ..... Stay strong and keep on pushing on. Prepare for weekend obstacles by having TWO solutions for dealing with each one. You CAN do it!

Sunday, January 27, 2019

My Weekend Recap....What are your Sunday Nights Like?

How was everyone’s weekend?! 

Are you winding down, taking time for family, friends, and loved ones on this winter night? 

Usually that is what is in the cards for me. Actually, it’s quite comical….I was talking to Meg yesterday about my routines growing up on Sundays…

It was always the same thing!

Big family dinners and watching Extreme Makeover and Funniest Home Videos on ABC.

Remember those days?

We made a point to do this because there wasn’t ONE day during the week where we could eat together.

The week was filled with mom and I traveling to Lancaster 2-3 days for soccer practice at Krider fields for my club team, while every other week day I was either at high school soccer practice, lacrosse, or basketball. 

My brother was with my dad. He was on a similar schedule. 

Every weekend we were in a different state and hotel playing. 

I knew nothing different. I had no time to get into miscellaneous trouble. I had 100% of time time occupied with sports or friends.

So that Sunday night was important. It was time for us to come together, talk about our weeks, share a few laughs….and ultimately build our family.

Believe it or not…I was quite the dancer….mom had me convinced I was the happiest toddler growing up… I am hoping our child on the way is the same :) ….

Anyways, I wanted to the a second to relate this important family time to my GYM FAMILY.

Even more so, the “heads” of the gym family… trainers!

Over the years, I’ve seen the ups/downs that come along with employees and trainers. 

I’ve had some steal from me, take clients from me, ridicule me, try to do things behind my back, and ultimately make me feel unappreciated. 

Sometimes you could say I felt hurt, which got me reading, learning, and wanting to become a better leader so it wouldn’t happen again. 

Why am I bringing this up?

Well, on this day I couldn’t be more happy with the crew I have now. 

Truly EACH ONE of them are a blessing from God. 

My “Dream Team” are my co-workers. We are a band of brothers. A team desparate to help others, before themselves. 

Because that is what being a trainer is all about. 

I’ve seen and had guys come to me thinking this job would be a piece of cake and they could just show up and workout whenever they wanted and make big bucks. 

It’s the complete opposite to be honest. The first 3 years of being in business when I was doing all the training….I was working out either at 4am or over lunch…..but I could have cared less about my workouts….

I had booklets and notes piled to the ceiling of MY CLIENTS workouts/programs and needs. 

I even had my phone number changed 3 times because I gave it out freely and would be up ALL hours of the night answering, texting, and comforting them. 

I was never “present” or “in the moment” with Megan. We would be out to dinner and I wouldn’t even be able to look at her in the eye because of how fast my brain would be firing. 

I never slept. I had locks switched to the inside of my room to keep me from leaving and working downstairs. I even had my food intake backwards….I wouldn’t eat all day and ate in the night while I worked so I had locks on the fridge to stop me from that habit. I remember making deals with China at 2am and having to be on my phone and emails constantly to make sure I got orders made and deals set. 

All this ran me dry. It all compiled to a point of pure exhaustion….and my clients could see it. Is it was time to hire and get help and for years, I had the wrong help.

There were times I became MORE stressed, more paranoid, and ruthlessly tried to fix staff AND my gym….which made things worse.

I could go on, and on….

But the reason for this message today is to let you all know that I found my “dream team.”

My team TRULY loves helping OTHERS. They are followers of Christ and his belief in doing good by all means necessary! 

They don’t skip a beat to ask me how I am doing. They learn from me, grow from me, LEAN ON THEIR OWN, and are 110% appreciative when it comes to ANYTHING I do.

Like yesterday, Donnie has been killing it this past week while I had a nasty sickness and I just gave him a small bonus so he could maybe take his lovely wife to dinner and he didn’t delay a SECOND to make sure he thanked me in person yesterday!

Gary has his hands FULL with his boys and their sports…yet makes time to design some AWESOME creative workouts, inspire me, my members, and…well….you all know Gary…

HE IS A ROCKSTAR! He breeds positivity!!! He lights fire where ever he goes! Couldn’t love the guy anymore!

Sam has so much on her plate working 3 full time jobs, having a FULL family to take care, and STILL making time to come into OAF, train, help, and be a superior accountability coach making sure my members are making it to their workouts each week. She is incredible at what she does, and everyone loves Sam!

Dontez is new to the game, and quite the phenom. Quickly I could tell he would be something special because of his passion for fitness and helping others. I see him working in 1-1 fashions with members and I just SMILE because of his care/support he provides. I am thrilled to have him on the OAF TEAM!

Then there is Justin…..just when I thought there were no good trainers who knew/studied and lived the game….I found him! Justin is a rare breed! He has worked with every type of person, and seeing his passion for what he does is incredible and it spreads all over the gym floor. He knows his stuff, helps members, inspires them, and truly cares about each person he trains…whether it’s Eric and getting him ready for the SWAT team….or our bootcampers and helping them lose weight….he gives 100% of his effort….and I couldn’t be more thankful for him!

And last but not least….there is my Momma! You guys know her! She always looks out for me, has my back, and learns from the “guy himself” haha….She was there when I first needed her. She saw me grow as a person and trainer, took my knowledge and learned on her own how to be the “right” trainer….because lets face it….female trainers are a hard position to fill. You have to portray the right emotions and motivational cues and she does it perfectly! She claims I “fed her to the wolves” when learning…but I was just doing what I knew would be best for her. I had her jump right into the mix when I needed help, and she learned to adapt and change on the fly, which made her one fantastic trainer! I love her to pieces and can’t thank her enough for everything she does for me and our gym family!

And finally, there is my manager….Aaron….

Aaron first came to me a boy. MOTIVATED as hell, but a lot of growing up to do in the “business world.”

He was eager to train, learn, and inspire….which made him the PERFECT trainer. He watched, learned and grew into an AWESOME trainer….and an even better friend. So much in fact, he became my manger a year after starting with us….and he hasn’t looked back!

This guys is the real deal. He multi-tasks like a wiz, takes care of people in a heartbeat, and has learned how to become the BEST leader.

Not to mention he too kit upon himself to get in shape…adding newly 15lbs of muscle to his frame….he has grown into a full blown leader! He listens to me, takes advice, and implements.

He is a rockstar, and I know OAF will be thriving with him behind the steering wheel!

Also, I have Mark as my Shredder leader! Mark started with me and has been an awesome trainer and friend! He is SUPER knowledgeable and has people in his workouts learning each and everyday because of his intelligence! 

I couldn’t be happier to have him with our crew and know that he always will support me and OAF! He is a special guy and helps our members build strength like no other!!

Aside from all my trainers, I even get some serious help “behind the scenes” from Kim, Katie, Jen, Dee, Elyse and Gretchen with Spin and Lara with YOGA....April/Steve with cleaning as well as Tasha and Sharon with her MAMMA ways! They are all rockstars at what they do whether its member care, support, administrative work or even setting up equipment for workouts and whipping them down. 

I couldn’t do this without them all, and I am sorry for the long post, but Sunday nights were always a wonderful time for family…..and I got just that right now in my life and have the best team behind me. 

They are my family. They are what I get up each day at 4:30 for and work ruthlessly on my craft for. 

They are the centerpiece of this “OAF CRAZE” ….they are the driving force behind the change happening in Franklin County.

They are….my Sunday night!

Hoping everyone has a wonderful & blessed evening! 

Coach Mikey

➡️NEW COLUMN IS UP!💯 >>> What to do about your failed resolutions!


🎉I know everyone wanted to make sure they started off on a “better year” with 2019….but did you ultimately set yourself up to fail?⚠️

Make sure you take a second to read the mistakes you made and how you can fix them! 

👍🏽Remember, EACH DAY is a new opportunity to change. There is nothing special about a “new year, “a Monday,” or any other day….You can change now just as easily as you can then.

Please leave me a comment if you like my PO articles! Love to hear from my readers, and make sure you follow me @mjo_oaf for new workouts, nutrition tips and motivation!

Happy Sunday!!!

Friday, January 25, 2019

Biggest LIAR in the gym


Where did all this cold come from. It's no wonder people are sick all over the place!

Heck, I am finally on the "mend" after a week of the cold/flu and I would bet my money on the up/down temps and crazy weather changes is partly to why!

I hope you follow my tips from yesterday on how to beat the cold/flu!

But in case you didn't, take a look!

Anyways, today I wanted to quickly help a few clients who mentioned a problem they are having....which can be OH so common in these colder months...


Yikes! I dealt with these guys on multiple occasions throughout my playing career and even training! I even had gone as far as having tibial fractures and breaks! So I am VERY familiar when it comes to them!

You simply need to start slow and let your muscles adapt to training. If you run too long, or on too hard of a surface, or too frequently, or in bad shoes, you will get shin splints. You can't go from nothing to 5 miles in a very careful and conservative. 

Making sure they are warmed up is key! I love adding the walking pushup to pike progression to my daily routine to get my calves and hamstrings lose. The biggest piece of advice is to just make sure the shoes you are wearing FIT YOUR FEET & TRAINING STYLE. 

1. Do not wear LARGE heeled shoes for heavy weight training or even moderate. Stick to lower heel drops.

2. Do not go bat shit crazy doing jumping exercises like a deranged monkey on speed in your workouts. There is no need and no point to it. Any trainer who tells you otherwise hasn't been in the game long enough. 

3. Try inserts/arch supports.

4. Use soft surfaces. Running and doing workouts on concrete is the single worst idea to exacerbate this.

5. FOAM roller dixie cups are your best friend. FREEZE a water filled dixie cup and then cut it out and do a ice massage up/down the shin area 3-4 times a day when fighting them! It will go a long way in recovery!

6. STRENGTHEN the calves and posterior tib! Toes scrunches and gas pedal foot extensions help. 

7. Find non-impact ways to train. JUST beware of the BIGGEST liar of them all in the gym!

THE ELLIPTICAL! This guy overestimates caloric burn by up to 42% according to ABC NEWS! Holy smokes! So those of you pounding minutes on these things and then going home and crushing your meals thinking you "earned" are setting yourself up for failure! 

Instead, stop the boring routines and train in a MASSIVELY BENEFICIAL way with ME in 20 minutes or less! You can see a few BRAND new workouts and give them a try for FREE here.

Let me know what you think! 

 Anyways, get back to your kickass Friday friends, and train hard but train SMART! Always do things you love with people you love most....that's what will build consistent quality habits that OVER time will lead to significant progress!

Don't forget to get on playbook and start training with me! All this can be done RIGHT from your own home!

Ok have a wonderful Friday friends, 

Coach Mikey

PS -- DO NOT forget about our WONDERFUL event coming up next weekend! We are shaking the house with some amazing guest speakers you wont want to miss! Dr. Kelly is going to give you some KEY tips on how to be successful in 2019 and BEAT those negative mind games!

Brittany May is blessing us with her story and how she battled through 336 lbs of WEIGHT LOSS!

You wont want to miss this! You can reserve your spot here!

Thursday, January 24, 2019

7 Mistakes You Are Making When Trying To Build Muscle

7 Mistakes You Are Making When Trying To Build Muscle

Are you guilty?

Mistake #1) Not setting written, specific, measurable goals.

Bad goal: "I want to gain more muscle."  

Better goal: "I want to gain 9 pounds." 

Best goal: "I want to gain 9 pounds of lean muscle by May 31, 2019." 

Mistake #2) Being terrified of "losing your abs". 
Listen, you won't gain 20 pounds of fat overnight. If you take a shower every day then you'll know if you are starting to gain fat. But with the right nutrition and workout plan, you'll have no problem keeping your abs while you gain muscle.

Mistake #3) Not getting stronger.
As Alwyn Cosgrove says, "If you focus on performance, your physique will improve". This goes for fat loss (through intervals), and muscle building (through strength).   

Mistake #4) Avoiding carbohydrates. 
I know, you don't want to lose your abs, and everyone at the gym and all your favorite magazines are talking about how bad carbs are for you...but as Jason Ferruggia says, "You can't build muscle without carbs." 
Again, you won't lose your abs overnight. Eat the right carbohydrates, such as oats, yams, potatoes (with skin), and fruit, and you'll get the carbs you need without losing the abs you love. 

Time your carbs around your workout times to get an even better benefit!

Mistake #5) Skipping meals.
When I was a kid, I read all the bodybuilder magazines, and I remember Jay Cutler, one of the greatest bodybuilders of the modern era, saying, "I'll miss a workout, but I will NEVER miss a meal." 
Your body needs fuel to grow and repair. Take your muscle-building nutrition as seriously as you take your fat loss nutrition.

Stop depriving yourself, slowing metabolism, and ruining your hormone levels!
Mistake #6) Switching programs frequently.
That works for getting good at a lot of things, but it's not the best way to build muscle. You need to follow a program that causes muscle growth and adaptation over 4 weeks and then changes. 
Stick with any program for at least 4-6 weeks. Women tend to take 6-8!

Mistake #7) Trying to do it all ALONE without support.
Listen, just like with fat loss, you need a support community or partner to hold you accountable, keep you focused, and provide immediate answers when you're stuck. 
Choose the right people. As personal development legend Jim Rohn said, "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with."
So if you hang around skinny or overweight people that are negative, eat poorly, and don't go to the gym, your odds of success are low. Fortunately, you can get support and accountability on the Internet. 

If you are ready to stop making one - or more - of these mistakes, and you want to gain muscle while keeping off the fat you can join me on playbook and start getting the RIGHT coaching and results without bogus claims and equipment. All you need is some space and hard work!

Now, go rock out your Thursday Friends! Click here to start training with me FREE!

Until next time, 

Coach Mikey

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Tuesdays WORSE than Mondays? You tell me....

How was everyone's TUESDAY?!
I don't know, but more often than not....I get the feeling that many people start dreading Tuesdays more than Mondays, LOL.

I am not sure. But I see MASSIVE dips in attendance at the gym, a HUGE fall off at stores when I'm grocery shopping....and overall...people just seem CRABBY on Tuesdays!
I guess this ice/snow layover still isn't helping. It's tough to do anything outside. Brea I swear runs out super excited then steps into the hard snow and her ears go back because it hurts her paws! 
Then you drive around town and get your cars trashed from the salt and snow still on the roads....ugh...Tuesday problems I guess, haha....
But I can add some sun to your day!
I wasn't sure if you guys knew about the news of me getting LIVE on Playbook now?!?!

You See...My Goal Now is To Help MORE Americans!!!!
I know so many of my local clients have a tough time ALWAYS getting into the gym and making time to workout....
LIFE is hard! And fitting in time to train can be too which is why I have come up with a solution to getting you the bodies you want with a few effective training principles and workouts! 
I have been known as the "master of space" ....there were times I had 40-50 people to train in less than 2000 square feet! Talk about being smacked like sardines!
So I became GREAT at adapting ....and creating workouts!
So much in fact, that my workouts became better and better and now are at an ALL TIME HIGH of effectiveness....
Getting people results left and right...
SO I was given the opportunity to help EVERYONE in the United States with this problem and lucky for you, I know I can relate and help!
I've been there!
I know what it is like to have no time and space! So you can now train with me exclusively and get workouts that you can do in the comfort of your OWN HOME on YOUR TIME and get full coaching by me!
Hell, you can even try it out a week for FREE!
And if you like it....a simple $.27 a day is ALL you need!
So if you are ready to take your training to another level, get coaching and awesome workouts that can be done in no time with no space...
Subscribe​ to me today! Just follow this link​ and give it a go! 
I wouldn't try to sell you on something I don't believe in...

Which is why it's free to try! And then once you see and know how I operate and can help, I know you will become friends with me!

What are you waiting for? Shredded bodies are MADE IN THE WINTER!
Its go time, baby!
Start with where you are, with what you have....because what you have is PLENTY!

Until I see you on Playbook....

Kickass on this Tuesday!

Coach Mikey