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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Finally, Three Easy Steps To Stop Your Aching Back and Start Living Again
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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Your Weekend ... Our Mission ... How to STAY AFLOAT. (PLUS FREE GIFTS)

Well, how was everyone's weekend?

Eat some good food? Drink a little more than your belly can take? I am hearing a lot about this amazing alcoholic root beer? I may have to dip into that before summer's end!

What about your training? Did you make it to OAF? Saturday was a good workout. I am implementing the "you choose" method with main lifts, depending on which days you come to OAF during the week and it is panning out nicely.

For me, I think most of you know....has been a summer from HHHHEEEEELLLLLLL. Literally. I even think Bailey is being possessed by our former dead dog, sadie. Yes, mom had the bright idea of putting Sadie's old collar on Bailey, and I swear.....ever since....B has been hiding under tables, in between couches, avoiding us like the plague....and not even attempting to come out even for food!! All night she curls up under the table like she is scared to death of something and we can't figure it out! My only inkling is the ghost of Sadie has come out to haunt us for putting the old collar on Bailey! Mom's fault!!!

Anyways, back to my summer, has been interesting. A fall 4 months ago that fractured my leg in two places.....going undiagnosed for 2.5 months while being told its fine, bruising, nerve pain that needed to be pushed to get rid of....and goodness...just countless explamations until a breaking point took me to Hershey. So, I am now 105 days without running, jumping, or any sort of impact activities.....FUN right?

I think if I never ride a spin bike again after this I will be perfectly fine with it....and yes, Meg did actually ask the question about the male parts being sore from it.....and can't say they are....ask most bikers....its all about position and shorts :)

But, seriously....very tired of this "complete shutdown" I was ordered for 6-8 weeks. I won't go into detail, but you all see me, and how sad I look. It's like I lost a piece of me, and sitting was just never my thing....which is why engineering never worked out. It has been very strenuous MENTALLY for me lately, having to sit and train clients, motivate, and inspire all while sitting and barking orders like a drill sergeant.....quite makes me not even want to be in the gym sometimes....


Because I take PRIDE in helping others, being a fitness industry example, leading others down great life changing paths! That is ME. What I love about this job! So being thrown into so much chaos, trying to formulate the largest move of my life(in two areas) and manage and grow has been hard for me. So for everyone who has been here this summer supporting and watching ....

Thank You.

Trust me, someday I will write a book about my I have been told by many that it would be a best seller, haha. But until then, I want to focus on one thing....


I guess that's two, but they go hand in hand! I want to give you all the best place to train, and I won't stop until I get there. I told Meg that once my leg is healthy, watch out....because I'll be firing on all cylinders. I feel like a bear in hibernation lately and about ready to come out and a good way of course!

So .....

Are you Ready?

Here are some of my ideas I am thinking of implementing, so please COMMENT or email me if you have any insight!

1) I am going to have a front desk manager for all software and billing/class direction.

2) I am going to have a "field manager" coordinating all the games, leagues, tournaments, etc on the turf field.

3) I need to continue with the GROUP LEADERS, and have them even run classes sometimes while we transition.

4) I want to implement 30 day "tax on training" sessions, that can be bought separately and have a focus....for example, maybe October, I will start a 30 day "secret to six pack group" that will enable members to add this to their membership, and I will have program guidelines, extra trainings, etc...for it.

5) The all access members will have use of my facility at most hours of the day, and it will cost significantly higher than a normal membership for the use of the best equipment and training I have to offer. I will be hoisting a projector screen with workouts to do for those members, and also will run video clips, quotes, etc.

6) Self Defense Classes? How about it? Or a "Glute Garage Class" to supplement main workouts.

7) Lastly(for now what I can think of without looking at notes), I am adding a Crush workout on Tuesday, and a Entry Level on Saturday. Also, a Kids Crush will be running on Sundays at 11:30am with Trish. This will soon lead to TRX classes and Band Bootcamps possibly held by Dr.Jahn.

** Andddd I can't forget the Over-Achieve Cafe' right?

Yes, that is going to happen! Please let me know if you would like my mother to work this and make some awesome sprouted grain, low carb, gluten free, etc baked goods, sandwiches, smoothies, and more.....

Comment and let me know. She doesn't think many would want to see her do this....but I will be first to speak up about her cooking. It leads to a six pack that is for sure....

Which by the 80% nutrition....

Why? Because I have virtually done nothing for nearly four months, and I can't say I have lost my abs.....because I stick to a healthy diet. So, for those who workout thinking they can eat whatever and then complain they get no results.....

Go check that food diary! Or come talk to me....I will be honest with you!

Which leads me to my next point, those of you struggling with your weight and diet....It's a vast majority of my posts....they are all about what?

Accountability, surrounding yourself around those with similar goals(or even higher) the fact that some of you are living in a house where your spouse brings you butcher shoppe whoopie pies 3 days a week along with take are setting yourself up to fail.

If it's not in the house, you won't eat it! That's how I have maintained my weight through 4 months! Even if I were to want something the time I get home late and check the fridge and only see Almond Milk, Eggs, Nut Butters, and can't go wrong!

What's the solution to all this? Give these a try...

Rule 1: CONSISTENT/REPETITIVE eating for fat loss 

This simply means eating the same meals every day for 6 days per week during your 12-week transformation. It's a little boring, but it works. It also eliminates stress.

Take a few minutes, plan out your best fat burning breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner, make a grocery list so that you have everything in your home, and then go to the grocery store, stock up, and prepare as many of those meals as you can.

I use this and seems to work well for me.

And then use 3 to get through the week.

Rule 2: Don't drink ANY calories

Eliminate all juice, soda, alcohol, milk, coffee syrups, and all other liquid calories from your diet for the next 12 weeks. You'd be surprised how many calories sneak into your diet on a weekly basis through drinking, but these don't fill you up and they increase your fat storing hormone. This simple tip can help you drop a pound a week.

Rule 3: Make your Cheat Day List

This is a mental tip to get through the week until your reward meal or cheat day (whichever you choose). In my interview with Tim Ferriss, he recommended keeping a list of all your cravings, and promising yourself that you can have those foods on your cheat day. Knowing that you have something to look forward to is a great mindset tip. It will keep you going through tough days during the week.

These work for men and women, but...

Knowing how hormonally different men and women are, have you ever wondered if both sexes should diet the exact same way?

Well, recent research suggests NOT.

You see, science has recently discovered unique diet strategies proven to work perfectly with the female metabolism that help Women lose weight much faster.

So, follow these few tips, knock out this simple yet effective workout this week, and work towards your goals....whether its physical, mental...qualitative or quantitative....


5-Minute Awesome Arms and Abs Circuit

1A) Total Body Extension
1B) 1 & ½ Rep Close-Grip Pushup (hands shoulder-width apart)
1C) Bodyweight Squat-Curl
1D) Plank-to-Triceps Extension (can be done kneeling)
1E) Rocking Plank
  • Do each exercise for 60 seconds with NO rest between exercises.
  • Do up to 4 rounds of it if you’re advanced. But even if you’re pressed for time, a single circuit will help you burn fat, boost your metabolism, and get back in shape.
Note: “1 & ½ Rep” pushups mean you lower your body all the way down, push halfway back up, then lower all the way back down, and then push all the way up. That’s one rep.