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Sunday, March 8, 2020

Another Baby....YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING!

I thought this title might get your attention. 

Trust me, I had about 4 weeks of feeling like I was "in a cloud" trying to figure out what my wife just told me the night of the 5th week.

Noah has been a blessing.

Sure, the beginning phases of dadhood nearly had be toppled over in a hole with my shirt tucked in and sucking my thumb like I've never seen the likes of an infant before....

But I grew up quickly. I adapted. I did what I needed so I can be a better husband and father. For years, I put my work ahead of everything else.

Meg understood, and always supported me. From the days of eating my dinner on date night out at Blue Grey in Gettysburg while on my phone to now having date night consist of us ordering door dash and watching Netflix for 40 minutes after Noah goes to bed....I've adapted. LOL

Times change, priorities change, and your lifestyle changes when you have kids.

I couldn't put work ahead of BOTH Meg and Noah now so we became fans of "making the most" of our time.

Once a month we splurge on sushi, but other than that....our lives are not the same. Blue Grey STILL sounds like a plan to try on Fridays like we did before Noah days....

Every Friday I would get home early and Meg would pull up at 4pm and we would head to Gettysburg...our SPOT, we called it. I got my TUNA and she got her CRAB CAKE and we just enjoyed being OUT of Chambersburg, out of drama, work, chaos and stresses of the week. Even if I was alseep in the car on the way home at 5:30, HAHA, it was all so worth it! We had our little escape each week and could enjoy a meal where there wasn't anyone to talk to me about training and the gym!

But now we find ourselves planning it and by the time Friday hits, we never step foot out of the house. 

We are too tired. Too stressed, or Noah had a rough day and we need to give him there would be no way we could take him to a restaurant.

If you ever saw the movie, NEIGHBORS, we are those parents...where they get all amped up for date night("rage night") and by the time they get all the baby's things together they crash and fall asleep at the door.

All our energy goes to our relationship and our work. Everything else has a backseat. I know how important it is to schedule time for JUST Meg and I....but it just seems so hard when we both are so tired by the weekend.

But I guess NOW will be the ultimate test....I mean...we are having a SECOND child. Planned or not, it's happening.

I guess the big thing I wanted to get off my chest is that I was FINALLY starting to LIKE Noah. Not that I didn't before, but you all know what I mean. The infant stages are tough for guys...and I will come out and say it that I am NOT a baby guy....BUT, Noah is now getting to a point where I think the little guy is pretty cool....(outside of the dinner time screaming in our faces) ....BUT ...I am loving my boy more and more and NOW to know I will be going right back into the chaos of the "hated" stage...

Has me wondering what in the world I will do.

I know the big thing Meg and I are trying to do is think about the positives. ALL of them. Looking back, I NEVER thought I would be 30 years old and have 1 kid and 1 on the way!

I truly thought I would still be living in my gym and doing all the work myself and being right where I was the night of October 12th, 2014 when I opened. I thought I would be single and never in a relationship.

Flash forward 6 years and I met a girl who came into my gym, she changed my life...I scaled my business, grew it, married, had a have a second kid on the way and have a family home and I am looking to buy a mini-van(because apparently a FAST car is not on the "dad list" anymore LOL)

....WHERE did my life go? 🤷🏼‍♂️😂

Life is full of ups and downs....unexpected events and things that make you sit back and wonder if you are really going to MAKE IT THROUGH.

I mean, for those who didn't know...after getting this beauty below...I was caught in the fetal position on the FIRST day in the corner of our house with my head between my knees crying....

I don't deal with change well...

I am a type A, driven individual who needs structure and planning....two things these things don't come with.

So, adjusting is hard, and I know BABY OVER # 2 will be the same way....

But I know we will come out alive.

The past 6 years have been a wild ride for me.  I've fought a lot of personal battles and learned a lot about myself and my abilities.

So I guess adding a second child won't be the end to me....maybe just my "youth" ....HA....

I know many of you parents out there reading this may have a similar please feel free to comment and add any bit of advice and support you can!

And for MY piece of advice to all you out there....well...

I'll leave it at this....

When they say...It only takes ONE truly does!

Dam you New Year's Eve! 😳

Baby Over is expected September! So....after no vacations in 2 years....I am hoping Meg, Noah, Brea and I can make it to our Beach house at least for my birthday before the chaos begins.

On a final note....

God Bless WOMEN! 

I don't know how you guys do it, but I would never be able to do what you Meggy is such a trooper. Went through INTENSE sickness this pregnancy already and now battling it all with raising another all deserve MEDALS.

Have a killer weekend and keep us in your prayers! 

Until then....

lets see how big Meggy's belly gets HEHE ...and I will for sure keep you all updated on how Brea acts as this progresses....she has been eventful since Noah's birth!