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Thursday, January 30, 2020

🥇Dad Life....Where I Stand NOW after 9 months!👍🏽

It just seems about right to give you guys a little update on fatherhood.

When I first blogged about this, I felt as if I was in for trouble. Not sure what I got myself into, and a new war/battle was being fought each and every day.

Trying to balance all the demands of being a dad, running a business, teaching, coaching online, and writing for magazines had me nearly flipping my lid daily!

Then to add Noah to the scene just made my brain go on speed!

The only thing was....I felt helpless, in most areas.

I wasn't sure how this could be....but I wasn't sure how to help Meg. So I did what I COULD and tackled everything ELSE.

His face sums up the thoughts he had with me doing things with him early on!

I just felt like there was not much I could do to help Meg, so I took it upon myself to be the best in every other area possible. I submersed myself in work to keep OAF one of the most elite facilities to train at, I cleaned and did all the grocery shopping and meal prepping.

I took care of our pup and got her out daily and made sure she was loved, and to this day....her demeanor is changing with us so I am not sure if it is jealously or her wanting attention, but she seems to be annoyed sometimes with the amount of attention Noah gets, knowing she was our pride and joy and little baby just a year ago before he arrived.

Does anyone else relate? Maybe it's just in my head, but I do feel like I am trying my best with giving her attention too....and feel like Brea just KNOWS she isn't the main focus anymore and gets "pouty."

Anyways, as the months progressed, I've been seeing a change. Noah's development is...well...developing ME.

I am seeing him engage with me more. I see him smiling at me when I come home. When I am working at night at home, he is crawling to get my attention.


It's true, right? Growing changes us!

Whether its in life or fitness....growing in any area develops you and makes you into a better person!

Just as the New Year Challengers at OAF are doing....with each week I see them interacting with people more, smiling, enjoying their workouts, laughing at silly trainer jokes(when it was speaking to ghosts when we started), and giving high fives to everyone when they complete something new!

Growing in life and in health give so much to the individual, which is why my analogy is so imperative to the well rounded development of us all!

Like the old saying goes..."Do something that scares you everyday!" When you face fears and explore the open the door up to bigger and better opportunities.

I never thought at 30 years old I would have a 1 year old and be playing silly games with him just to get him to giggle(because it's the best sound any parent can hear)....and talk to him until I'm blue in the face JUST to get that grin on his face that no one can else can relate to.

I used to talk to Meg all the time about being around friends/family and getting tired of always hearing about others talking about their kids/babies....I thought there was so much more to life.

But now I find myself being that person. All I want to do is show off my son, make him smile, and help him become the BEST version of himself(with a little bit of me....of course LOL) ...

The tables have turned...and seeing this face everyday is something I can't explain.

Noah has Daddy in a new place.

Growth has an all new meaning for me, and watching my family grow before my eyes is indeed growing not just my knowledge and behavior...but also my heart.

Now if only Brea realized our quest and that we are not abandoning her 🤷🏼‍♂️

I am blessed beyond belief, getting to see growth in my family and my members! God has truly blessed me and given me life after a decade ago I wasn't sure how my life could get turned around.