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Friday, January 30, 2015

Is Tabata being done right? Why this is so popular...

Happy Friday!

Guess what, I am done at 3:00 today! What a relief! Got Corbin and Marissa both helping out for the afternoon/evening sessions and my streak of long January days can finally end.....

If only I could I will write instead.

I hope everyone has stuck to their January resolutions! I know, many of you have not....

and you only have yourself to blame on that one for a lack of discipline! 

Look, I know it can be hard to stay away from sugar, stay clear from starbucks frapacino that they should just advertise as a liter of soda with as much garbage as those things contain....

But when it comes down to need to have will power, you need strength....

And you know one BIG thing that helps me stay strong with temptations everyday?? 


Yes, I am battered up, broken down, have a brain moving 110001010010101xxxx an bad I forget what I am thinking almost daily when talking to groups/athletes....BUT.....I train HARD. I train with a purpose, and maybe some day I will train for a goal(race) again....but for now, I enjoy the fact that I know I am pretty fit :) 

This morning, I had the luxury of training with Mark....and him and I go to town some days when we train, but this morning we were both whipped mentally and physically. We still hammered a solid complex geared more on conditioning and it felt great knowing I was done when the final round was complete!

That's the thing....YOU FEEL GOOD when training hard....You feel like you pushed yourself to a point that makes you walking out of OAF feeling bada**, right? 

For me, I take the fact that:

A) I am not sure how my knees will be a day/month/year from now...How much longer I can train this way....If I will be able to work this hard when I am 30...

B) I gave EVERY OUNCE of what I had, and KNOW I am burning some serious calories and developing good lean muscle gains 

So why piss and throw it away for a dish of chicken wings(which yes I used because I know trillions will be eaten this Sunday)....but really....WHY? You worked so hard for an hour to the point of exhaustion....

Why go eat and get 5 minutes of glory that will completely wash away what that just was....especially knowing I may not be able to much longer....

So....for your February, maybe take your normal...."I worked out so I can eat...." to a "I worked out HARD so I am going to eat clean," type of mentality. 

You can do it!! 

Stay strong and keep on pushing on...and never give up on what is important to you, even if yesterday it got further away from you. Pull it back towards you today. Stake your claim. Change your ways. Do what is right for YOU!

Now on to the beloved tabata interval story...are they all that's hyped up to be? I mean I do them often as a trainer...but am I doing them right?

Here is the truth....

It's one of the BIGGEST myths in the fitness industry.
Tabata training popularity is at an all time high and frankly, the truth behind Tabata training is that it's NOT just 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest.

Sure, you can get results using the 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off approach, but for a TRUE Tabata, you'll be working at an intensity of 170% of your VO2 max.
In other words, doing 20 seconds of bodyweight squats won't do the trick.
A Tabata requires the most intense exercises such as burpees (at a fast pace), a variety of sprints or running in place, etc.
For some, doing lunge jumps or jumping jacks at a VERY rapid pace can get you close. The best thing about them is that they are best for when you may be short on time!!

In fact, 

Research has proven Tabata finishers will burn up to 360 calories in just 4 minutes.
The way I design Tabata Finishers is that I use a variety of ZERO equipment exercises or power explosive ones for advanced members using both upper and lower body so you can work at your maximum capacity with every Tabata. 
You'll need to use exercises that demand more intensity so you can burn up to 360 calories a minute.
In other words, you have to make the 20 seconds count!

For example:

Try this out as a finisher:

Double Jump Burpee -2x
Mongrel Jump - 2x
Jump Squats- 2x
Rapid Fire IN/OUT TUCKS -2x

That easy. can be the judge....

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

Behave on the "2nd biggest eating Day of the Year" ....yes, crazy....We are Americans....

Tabata I. et. al.  Effects of moderate-intensity endurance and 
high-intensity intermittent training on anaerobic capacity and VO2max.  
Med Sci Sports Exerc. (1996) 28(10):1327-30.
ACE Study by Talisa Emberts, M.S., John P. Porcari, Ph.D., 
Jeffery Steffen, Ph.D., Scott Doberstein, M.S., and Carl 
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Thursday, January 29, 2015

My favorite study....

My favorite study....

Love re-reading this from time to time

Canadian researchers at Queen’s University tested a workout using this finishers approach with ZERO equipment compared to regular cardio…
22 women did 4 workouts per week for 4 weeks in one of three groups.
Group A did 30 minutes of treadmill running at 85% max heart rate
Group B did 8 rounds of 20 seconds of a single bodyweight exercise with 10 seconds of rest between rounds.
Group C did nothing (they were the non-training control group)
Results: Both training groups increased their aerobic fitness levels by the SAME amount (about 7-8%).

That’s right, the short bodyweight finishers (of ONLY 4 minutes) worked just as well as 30 minutes of cardio!

Pretty cool, right?
But get this…
Only Group B, the bodyweight finishers style of training, also INCREASED MUSCULAR ENDURANCE in common exercises like chest presses, leg extensions, sit-ups and pushups.
And finally, this intense, but brief training used by Group B also resulted in great overall enjoyment.
Reference: Appl Physiol Nutr Metab. 2012 Sep 20)

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday---News For OAF, + Why You Are ALREADY struggling to stay motivated in 2015.

Winter is among us...


Well, whether you look at it with a smile of frown, I guess it doesn't matter...because the snow is bound to stay for a couple months adapting is what we do best.

Did everyone have a great snow day yesterday? I saw so many posts of my members out playing with their kids and having fun.....and you know what I thought to myself...

YOU all are inspiring. Because as I ate dinner Friday night at AKI, I took a look around and noticed just how many overweight and unhealthy parents there were in was truly sad to see....and even worse is the fact that I would highly doubt most of them would be able to play all day out in the snow with their kids....

Isn't that one of the reasons to be healthy? For your family?

To be able to go to zoos and walk all day, play outside with them, and build memories that will last a life time....

yet so many of our parents today can't seem to grasp that concept.

I remember growing up EVERY single time my dad would come out and throw a football with me, kick a soccer ball, even play in HEATED basketball games. It was the highlight of my days....along with my brother.....we came home from school and shot around WAITING for dad to get home and play basketball with us!

So seeing lots of my members posting pictures just warms my heart! It honestly doesn't get any better!

So, keep up the great work, be an inspiration to your kids, be the parent that builds memories for them to hold onto, because it is one thing I never forgot growing up! It can even be said that it is why I love being active so much....I did that instead of the hours of video games and tv....

So for my members....AWESOME...proud of you all!!

Now, for some of you who are seeming to struggle already with your New Year's resolutions...

A simple piece of advice for you...


Yes, you over shot your goal...You need to think SMALLER steps....going from zero to 100mph is tough to do...and only leads to disappointment.

Take a client of mine for example....Sharon Bigler....double knee in October....

For what, 4 months now she had to put her training on hold, lose bouts of strength and cardiovascular endurance....and had to start going to physical therapy 3 times a week learned how to bend her knees first and walk...

Talk about starting from scratch....

She is now back to training with me....and has  SMALL goals every few weeks to improve on....

She isn't looking to get running in XXXX amount of time....she is looking to squat maybe 10 degrees above parallel next week! A big improvement from even two weeks ago! And that makes her happy!

That keeps her motivated....seeing the small progressions! Which is exactly what you need to think about!

Not the racer and speedster trying to get it immediately but instead, focus on smaller steps and you will have far less road blocks that will ultimately get you to your goals!

So for this week....shoot for ONE goal....ONE thing to improve on!

I have one for my entry level members....and it will be something I try to do each week for them!

Week One: No SODA...Not even DIET. ONE WEEK.

See, isn't that better than trying to go a whole year....

Baby Steps! You all can do it! I believe in you all SO MUCH!

Trust me, I was no goldmine when it came to goal setting either, but my accident helped me learn that I can't train so much, so often, and be so intense EVERYDAY....Just not going to happen. I learned that I will have bad days, I will have days that I am struggling....and it is not going to ruin my progress if I learned to back down and have light days.

And now, I feel stronger and more fit than I ever did before two knee surgeries and torn labrums in my shoulders.....all done with LESS....

So, remember, the best part about training and being that it is ALWAYS there....Same with your other goals....make the choice to start and start with a proper step!

You can do it!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Beat Your Fatigue...CRUSH Your Workout!


Well, what does this word mean to you? 

Take the day off, get in comfy clothes, sip down 5 cups of hot chocolate and get out the bag of pretzels?(Cheetos for my dad hehe).

Or are you still driven in to succeed and reach your goals in health and fitness? Making sure you get your workout in.....

Well, for was one of those "rough days" I tend to have weekly where my stress is at an all time max, my body is saying no to any moving because of pain and soreness in my knees and shoulder still lingering from an life changing accident over 2 years ago!

I have been putting in many hours in here lately with the site and planning of the new space, and I knew going into the New Year I would be bound to hit these days....

Just like you all....yes....I do too....

But I had some lacrosse kids in today and they asked how I am in good shape still not being able to do much and always in pain.....

That's where your MENTAL strength and intrinsic motivation come into play. You see, thats why I know I was born to do this....I can literally push myself harder than anyone can all by myself...I can be so mentally driven on goals and training that I knew I would be great as a trainer and helping others have that same vision!

No matter what area in life you lack, family, food, friends, money, stress, sleep, etc.....

You can ALWAYS break past it with mental strength. So, what are some extra ways you can improve that mental strength and cognitive functioning? 

Here are a few tips:

1) Make sure you have your NUTRITION and eating dialed right in

Focus on quality proteins and fats, and clean organic fruits and vegetables as the bulk of your diet.  If you couple eating well with improving sleep time and quality, and working on stress reduction, these alone can go a whole long way towards helping mental strength.

But you must follow it. You will be SHOCKED with how clean eating can alter your thinking! 

2) Ensure EXCELLENT micronutrient status

It is vitally important that you have all your micronutrients dialed in, you know, the little guys that actually make EVERYTHING work.

I’m telling you to make sure you get enough vitamins and minerals.  You would never plant a rose in a pot of sand and expect it to bloom. You know you need to feed that plant nutrient dense soil (plants need micronutrients too), water, and light.

You are infinitely more complex than any plant. Do not underestimate the power of getting your micronutrient intake right, or the consequences of getting it wrong.  You need nutrient dense food.

My favorites are Vitamin C(immune), Vitamin D(bone/hormone/cortsiol), B5(fatigue), B12(metabolism),Magnesium(Energy/Recovery).

3) Herbal Support

Black Tea and L-theanine

Your best source of L-theanine is in black tea – simply replace your coffee with black tea. (Make it very weak and do it early in the day, as tea still contains caffeine, although in smaller amounts than coffee). Two recent well designed studies showed that
  • Consumption of black tea extract led to improved recovery and a reduction in oxidative stress and delayed onset muscle soreness following acute anaerobic intervals.
  • Even better, six weeks of daily black tea consumption lowered post-stress cortisol and resulted in greater subjective relaxation.
Taken daily and early in the day (to avoid affecting sleep), black tea improves your body’s stress levels over time.

Try adding these few tips, and you can watch your mental state of mind improve immensely. One thing that really helps me is having a set plan and make it a priority to complete.

AND BACK TO MY DAY.....Yes, you better believe I decided to train. You know what helped me?


Seeing the posts I publish and seeing some of you comment, write me, reply, and just say how you love OAF and my new site and whats to come.....just makes me feel WONDERFUL inside that I am doing this right and helping everyone that I can. 

I got my "motivation high" from all that and knowing I am finally done with the site and ended up having one of my best metabolic training sessions(for the first time in a LONG time, felt sick almost haha)...

And for some of may be in your cards to beat me tonight!!!

Bring your A Game.....the 12's Workout!

As many rounds as you can in 35 MINUTES after 1 mile Run & 5 Minutes Jump Rope of:

12 Thruster + 3 Back Elevator
12 Burpee(alternate every round with regular and lateral)
12 KB Swing
12 Slam Ball

I did, 12 + one round of 6 to hit 600 reps. 34:57....ended on 5 High Intensity Jump Rope then done. Now it's your turn!

I think I like my 1500 calorie burn sessions in 45 minutes.....with to love it...

Which is WHY you all are addicted ....hehe....

See you all tonight!! 

There is nothing to gain by regretting things. Review the lessons learned. Make the decision to change. Take Action.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Monday Drag....Please Be CAREFUL if dieting this way... +++ UNDE ARMOR ORDERS CAN START! SEE PHOTO!

Hey everyone!

Hope the weekend was fantastic!! Mine was busy...which is good in business!! I am so excited for this new year and things to come at OAF! I hope you all feel the same!! I mean, in less than TWO weeks we are starting our first YOGA session!!!!

Pretty neat right?!? 

I hope EVERYONE takes advantage of this and spends part of their Sunday doing something FRESH and NEW!

Just a couple things....I kept hearing today lots and lots about dieting and going "low carb" and trying to eat the right things now that the new year is here....

And I want to warn you of some things that can happen if your not careful with low carbs diets....

Especially if you're training too! Trust me, there are ways to eat your carbs! Eat the natural ones, and limit the starchy kind.

But here are a few "bewares".....all I have time for today....

Whenever you lower carbs in your diet for more than 5 to 7
days at a time, it can lead to a downward spiral of metabolic
problems including these 6:
- Suppressed thyroid output (slowing your ability to burn fat)
- Decreased testosterone production (women need this to burn fat too!)
- Compromised immune system function (you'll get sick FASTER)
- Slower metabolism and adrenal fatigue
- Muscle loss
- Slower fat burning and weight loss plateaus

So just be careful! Eat smart, and eat natural and you will be ok!

Site should be done any day!!!! As soon as it goes LIVE....all UNDER ARMOR CLOTHING ORDERS CAN START!! YOU HAVE UNTIL FEBRUARY 10th TO GET THEM IN!!! If you don't want to wait for the site....SEE THIS FLYER....AND GO AHEAD AND PLACE YOUR ORDERS!!

See you all tonight!!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday....Your Relax Day....Or Your Work Day?!


The day everyone wants to rest, wind down, take their mind off work, stress, and problems that are encountered during the week. 

Time to embrace family matters, time to watch football....and eat some good home cooking....

Is this a routine for most of you? 

Well, whether it is or not....I wanted to take a second today to share with you some advice I received from Mr. Ocker on accountant.

Not only is he good with numbers...but he is also worthy of giving great advice and pointing me in the right direction.

Some of you develop "times" in your yearly routine when you make excuses for your efforts....or lack thereof....

For season. 

I'm sure almost every accountant uses this one. 

"OH man, sorry nothing from February to May." You know what time of year it is....

But you know what he told me...

"Mike, it's funny, you many people expect me to be locked away working 12-14 hours during this time....but you know what....ANYONE can make time for priorities they have in life...plain and simple."

He went on to tell me how proud of me he is for doing what I love, just as he does with skiing. He always makes time for it no matter what "season" it is....

I can matter how busy I get, and piled up to-do lists....I always will make time for myself to train. It's my passion. My one thing that helps me me...and without it I could seriously drive myself insane.

He said he knows what I am going through being alone with no help, but he wants me to try my best to erase the "outside" things that occupy my time, and focus on the one thing I was born to do...train and help others.  The more I step away and turn into managing, the more stresses and heartaches will come.

He is right. Spot on. Which is why I am actively pursuing new staff at OAF and trying to limit my hours in here. You guys know I love this, I truly am meant for this job, and I just want to always be able to do it and be at my if it means getting someone to answer my calls, emails, deal with products, bills, will be done!

Now, how is this relating to you?

Think about many of you just seek for excuses to get away from AMERICA'S #1 and obesity....

I mean, hell....I am paying thousands to our government in social security tax....hmmmmm

I wonder who is getting that money....I don't even want to think about it. I work my tush off to help pay for overweight citizens with nothing but excuses to earn a healthy life so they spend it in doctors offices. 

I want to turn this world around....I want that over-weight person to make health a priority. Adapt it and change. 

Need a couple tips for your new change?

1:  Give your Body MORE Sleep

Get more of it, and make it better quality. Go to bed earlier, ideally at the same time every night, sleep in a pitch black room, and try to avoid stimulants as discussed below, or looking at back lit screens (like your computer) late in the day.
Your new quote to live by “Defend Your Sleep At Gunpoint”!

2:  Say NO To Adrenal Abusing Stimulants (for a while)

This means limit COFFEE, ALL “energy drinks” (skip those for life if you want to look good naked), dark chocolate, and caffeine-containing teas or any beverages. All of which place demands on your adrenal glands.

3: Practice the art of STRESS reduction

Learn how to say no, walk away from people or situations that stress you out, and devote 10 to 30 minutes each day on YOU time. This could be a walk outdoors, a yoga class, watching the sunset, or some meditation.
Studies suggest that being outdoors in nature and enjoying companionable time with friends and loved ones, ideally with lots of touching, hugs, and cuddles are your two biggest winners.

So remember, our world isn't making progress with excuses....

It relies on YOU getting up, getting strength, accountability, and reaching for your dreams.

Someone once told  me, if your not making strides within three years of opening a's a mere hobby at best....

And knowing that more than 80% of private gyms fail within the first 5 years....I am EAGER to beat the odds, prove the statistic wrong, and develop a facility this area has NOT seen.

One that drives results, delivers great workouts that WILL change lives.

And for one year down....I can proudly say we did it!

And I am only getting warmed up :)

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Don't be so hard on yourself. Past mistakes are just the past. Learn. Breathe. Relax. Be positive. 
Connect with other positive people & study them. Be grateful for them and have them hold you accountable. 
Take all these lessons and learn to do what is right for you. Then make the Right Decisions, Right Now, for the Right Life. Take Positive Action Today!

 PS---The New Site Is ALMOST ready, and will include the NEW STORE with a deadline to purchase your INITIAL OAF Under Armor Stash!!!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Back On Blogger....Your Cheat Day Bodyweight Blaster

Hey guys! BACK in blogger! 

Why? So EVERYONE can see my posts again and it will be directly linked to my NEW website!!

Should be done this weekend!! I have been MIA because of the amount of time I have been putting in working on it and also with new members and training sessions....

But once the site is live, I should be back to writing consistently for you again :) 

So, just a few updates for you long lost readers....

On my health...

Well, my parents don't even know this but BOTH of my knees have multiple tears in them still....right one has 7. They want to do a second surgery on them but I have been told that a second surgery in 3 year span can end your career in physical activity and the success rate isn't as high....

Plus another 12-16 month not in the books for me. I would rather keep my mental strength and push through and train around it. So for all of you who are scared to join OAF because you have injuries, knee pain, shoulder pain....etc....DON'T BE AFRAID....I have trained around them for 2 years now, and have high end credentials in corrective exercise to ensure all progressions and regressions in our training! 

And I won't even go into detail about my shoulder....labrum tear is bad....but once again...I work around it.

And so can you! I know it.... You just have to make that first step and get into see me at OAF and I promise you that you won't regret it! We had so many new faces to start 2015....

and guess what....

EACH one has signed up for group or private training!!! How neat!!! 

So, don't get frustrated and caught in the average American new year plan of heading to Planet Fitness....going strong for 6 weeks....expecting miracles....not seeing them....then drifting away from fitness all together!! 

You just need to join a gym that DELIVERS!!! And trust me.....I DELIVER!!! 

One of probably a hundred or more members who have gotten GREAT results with OAF! 

You can be next! What makes these members so healthy....their dedication!!

For example....if they have a cheat day and go nuts on some ice cream....they simply can count on me and OAF to give them a sweet short simple workout to help with the blunder.....

Like this....for those who have gone a little overboard watching football this weekend...

The Rockin' Abs & Fat Burning Bursts Cheat Day Workout

1) 90% Pushup Rocking Plank - 45 seconds
2) Jumping Jacks - 45 seconds
3) Cross-Body Mountain Climber - 45 seconds (alternating sides)
4) Double-Jump Burpee - 45 seconds
5) Crushing Plank - 45 seconds
6) Total Body Extension - 45 seconds
- Go through the circuit one to two times with no rest between exercises. 
- Rest 30 seconds at the end of the circuit.

Repeat 3-4 Rounds for a SWEET SESSION!

And remember for your weekend....

Who you associated with is more powerful than you can imagine. 
Do not accept anything less than the best - otherwise you are cheating yourself out of the life you deserve. 
When you spend time with successful people, you become successful. 
You can't expect to soar like an eagle when you are hanging around with turkeys, so you must eliminate negativity, criticism, and temptation from your life, and fill your friendships with positive expectations, support, kindness, caring, and energy. 
You can do it. There are great people out there that want to help you.

Have a GREAT weekend!!!