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Friday, January 20, 2017

Are You Sticking To Your New Year Resolutions? 💪🏽 🍪

Well...that magic time is finally here...3 weeks into the New Year! How are you guys holding up on your resolutions?

Did you know over 89% of the population falls off the wagon by this point? 

Crazy, right?

I can see how...I mean everywhere I go we are trapped with food sabotages and evil tricks and claims to get you to fold on your diets and training!

Even yesterday, I was in Panera Bread to get work done and all I wanted was my coffee...

But you walk in and see THIS:

It's no wonder our society is overweight and unable to stick to a "healthy" lifestyle. We can only handle so much temptation right?

I had a client even post this picture to his timeline yesterday, and I know about 90% of you can relate!

Too funny, but so true! You start off your day saying, "OK MIKE, I AM READY...TIME TO ROCK TODAY."

You hit the gym, get a productive work morning under your belt, head to lunch and grab a chicken salad or down a protein shake at your desk....

Have a snack of some nuts and almond butter then dinner hits and you eat your normal meat and veggies with a small side of starch...


Your favorite episode of CSI comes on, and you see the dominos commercials taunting you, toying with you, and next its Dunkin Donuts and their new releases...

Then finally, you hit the kitchen intending to eat something healthy.....but the pre-disposed images of the commercials paired with the perfectly shaped bag of Doritos in the cupboard just CALLS your name, you have one, then two, then next thing you know half the bag is gone and your onto the SWEET side of things with chocolate covered almonds you have left over from Christmas!


What was thought to be such a "perfect" day ends up being a caloric bomb of over 4,000 daily calories.

You wake up the next morning....





But, you give it a day or two and let the frustration ease, and you get back on top, repeating the vicious cycle that never ends well and getting you where you want!

What do you do? 

So many members ask me personally how I stay so strong, so strict, so dialed into fitness and nutrition....

And I am going to be perfectly honest with you....It's NOT easy. 

Never is. It's a daily struggle that everyone has, but I am going to share with you a few things that I think about that keeps me focused:

1) Never beat yourself up for failing. Everyone does, everyone cheats, everyone has bad days. The ones who achieve greatness are those who GET RIGHT BACK UP and back on track. Don't let one night of bad decisions and a tub of ice cream let you take weeks off from the gym and your diet. It's minor damage that can be dealt with. Just move on and have a perfect "next" meal, or even try fasting.

2) Think about the HARD WORK you put in! Yes, this is #1 on my list. I BUST MY A** in the gym, and most of you know why throw it all away for a 5 second gratification of a piece of pizza in my mouth or french fries while downing beers on a friday night. There is no need, and I just tell myself...."Mike, really, you had a great workout today why let a couple bad choices negate all that hard work." ---> If you want a bad meal, plan it and savor it and be done. Don't just think every night you can eat whatever. 

3) You're spouse....this is big! Of course I want Meggy to think I am attractive! Of course I want her to "want me" :) ....but this is just the tip of the iceberg! You want to have a healthy relationship with your loved ones, where they always take that "second glance" when you are undressing at night or getting out of the shower. Everyone wants to look good naked! So why go bail on your fitness and nutrition only to have to work twice as hard to get back. 

4) PRODUCTIVITY. This one is also HUGE. How do you feel after you eat a burger and fries and wrap up with a milkshake? Good? Productive? Ready to put on that suit and tie and get lots of work done? I just don't feel very classy and professional after I eat junk! When you eat clean, you feel clean, and you feel energized and productive! Why feel sluggish and lethargic? 

5) Your goals....goals are important right? If you don't have them set, you wont have anything to train towards to push for! Having a goal or milestone is something to look forward to that will have you train with a purpose! Tracking your mood when you eat is a great way to identify the source of your binges, and you’ll be able to build some powerful routines and possibly overcome binge eating.

I hope these tips help you with your resolutions and give you that push to keep going! It takes 21 days to create a habit, and another 21 to start seeing results. Don't give up! Keep pushing!

PS ---> I can also remind you of the BEST way to eliminate the snack and over-eating....


I believe in you!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Coach Mikey