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Thursday, November 7, 2019

What you NEED to know.....(Real Post Inside!)

⭐️Real Post Time⭐️

Many of you who see all these “instagram peeps” and fitness freaks who completely transform their bodies in 8-12 weeks are just fooling you.

There is so much you can take in and believe from the web these days it’s truly hard to know what you are doing is right, isn’t it?

πŸ‹πŸ»‍♂️Well, let me paint a picture for you….

The picture on the left was when Meg and I started dating, about 5 years ago….shortly after my accident and being told I wouldn’t be able to run and train much anymore…

I was frail, barely ate, and in the midst of opening OAF so I had stress levels no one could believe. I was about 158 lbs.

πŸ‘πŸ½Flash forward 5 years, and many of you who know me KNOW I hate taking pictures of myself or being on camera for that matter, BUT I want to continue to help people the best way that I can…so I took pictures and here I weight 174….16 pounds heavier than when Meg and I first met.

Long story short, those of you who think you can transform your body in a month or two or crazy. That is why I believe in overall health and wellness within OAF and we focus on a LIFESTYLE change….not some short term “crazy diet” or exercise plan that melts you down in 4 weeks.πŸ€•

People and trainers who tell you that are fooling you, and unless you are on drugs or have some pretty superb genetics…then you may find it somewhat relatable. 

For me, 16lbs of HARD EARNED MUSCLE was put on with BRUTAL work on both training and diet, battling relationships with food and what’s deemed healthy vs. what’s not…and ultimately creating habitual relationships that LAST.

After all, you want to live your life to its FULLEST, so you need to be loving what you are doing and enjoying the ride! 

Would I love to be 185-195 and SWOLL….πŸ€ͺ….HELL yea….but I am doing it the RIGHT✅ way that will lead me down the path I want, where progressive overload and correctly timing nutritional needs and intake come in handy.

So….for those of you who are struggling to “see the results” ….take a second…. and BREATHE….

Another Prime example would be Heather....which you can see looks AMAZING! She had this all transform over the course of 2 years! Safe and HEALTHY weight loss is the key to a lasting relationship with fitness!

You are not alone. But you MUST continue to fight if you want to see the progress. Like my one tattoo says that many of you never knew….”Always in the fight!”

Never settle, and keep pushing towards your goals. Whether it’s fat loss or muscle gain, it takes TIME.

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