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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Tips For Dining Out....Don't Fall Slave To Their "Deals"

The cold is HERE!

Yuck!! I am not a fan, as I am sitting here trying to type with frozen fingers....but I am hoping and praying we only have a few weeks left of this winter so we can all gear up and get going on our SUMMER BODIES with the Annual Over-Achieve Fitness Spring Break Challenge! (Speaking of which, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me share and spread the word about this event! We need to get everyone aware of this amazing opportunity to help shed pounds and be MONITORED and ACCOUNTABLE.....Tell your friends at work!)

March 9th! Don't Forget!

How is everyone doing? Hibernating in this cold weather? I heard you can get frost bite if your out for more than 15 minutes! 

Are you sticking to your training? I hope those who are not OAF members soon realize that this is the place to train for results, both mentally and physically!

Engineers are coming in and out and getting the demolition underway in my new facility! Dicks Sporting Goods gets handed keys in July!

The engineering team is super nice, and the head guy may even do some training in OAF! How neat is that!?

My dad had a great birthday! Mom took him to Runways in Hagerstown, and unfortunately, I couldn't make it but we plan to celebrate it this weekend at both of our favorite spots ;)

Which brings me to my topic for today....with my dad's new job...he has been eating lunch at Chipotle, Chic Fila, and even getting salads at fast food restaurants.....

"Back on the working grind diet," he says....

Well, here are some tips and sabotages to be aware of when dining at these "healthy" places.

1) Don't let them trick you into eating EXTRA! I'm sorry, but NO, you don't need a side of chips with your 900 calorie burrito.  Side of fries? NO, not worth the extra 700 calories and enormous amounts of heart clogging trans fats and sodium! If you get a meal, be weary of it's nutritional content!! You will be SHOCKED how quickly calories add up in your "healthy" lunches.  Yes, I know you got a salad from Panera, but your SALAD comes in at 1200 calories with the full fat dressing, 3 different types of cheese, croutons, cranberries, and whatever else these dam places throw on them to make them remotely edible.

2) They make liquid calories so CHEAP! And there is nothing worse than liquid calories, no matter if you are at Starbucks, Taco Bell, or even my dear Chipotle. These do not fill you up and only promote fat storage. Avoid them at all costs. 

3) Protein Guilt. Yes, protein is great, and it fills you up, but you don't need a double burger stuffed between three slices of bread. The solution is to have a protein shake with you that you can have before you go into one of these places. It will cut your appetite, too.

4) They get you with BREAD. I know, I know....Red Lobster biscuits, Rosalie's bread, Texas Roadhouse....I can go on...ALL so good. But one of RL's suckers runs you 180 calories and nearly 80% of your daily fat allowance! Don't let this pre-dinner temptation get you hooked in. A couple pieces and your already 400+ calories and you didn't even get to dinner! Worse even, caking it in butter! Stay clear!

5) It's OK....I got veggies as my side.....WRONG. Be careful of how they are PREPPED! You m right think you are doing good by getting broccoli but if it comes in a bowl filled with oil and could have just ordered the fries!!

I hope you all learned a little from this and al have a wonderful end of the week! I am going to be running around getting word out about the Spring challenge, working with the engineers, finalizing the lease, and looking for staff!

See you all soon!


“Identify exactly what it is you want. This takes a lot of thought. Then don’t let anything stand in your way of getting it.” – Kekich Credo #56

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mid Week Motivation....Which Type Are You?

Your mid week motivation....

Are you currently and actively pursuing your health and fitness goals? 

What is something that is helping you stay motivated? 

You know, it's funny....I had a consult the other day and she came in and mentioned she had a wedding and wanted to be slimmed down by then....

Is that a "healthy" goal to have? Or do you think it is setting you up for failure? That is a good question, and to be honest....I would say failure. 

Look, we all know....SPRING is coming, WEDDING SEASON is coming, BATHING SUITS, PARTIES, and getting rid of the baggy and bulky clothes is approaching.

Does that put a fire under your butt to get working hard? If you are like the majority of our does.

But if you truly love fitness and enjoy living healthy and being active....this "bathing suit season" term is just another time of year....and that population most likely looks forward to it simply because the weather is nicer! 

Does that describe you? I can clearly see night and day those in my facility who treat exercise as a stress reliever, motivational tool, daily part of their life and routine....or those who are coming to push for a deadline quickly approaching and dislike and sort of high intense work. 

Trust me, I see it all. Even have witnessed clients scared when their heart rate gets high that they immediately quit and back down thinking it is not normal.

Look, everyone has tough times, tough weeks, tough days, and tough workouts. 

Even me. Over the last couple of days I have been more stressed and busy than ever before. I had a member come in and mention to me in the mist of all my chaos that she doesn't want to see me fail.....and wants to make sure I am taking care of myself.

Let me tell you...the times of relaxation and time for "Mike" are quickly and momentarily out the window....


I have a dream. I have a goal. A mission, and yes.....just like you all I am faced with stress, marketing responsibilities, training clients, designing and adjusting programs, managing staff, paying and dealing with bills, equipment, setting up, opening/closing, social media, messages, phone calls, consults, and now the whole process of planning and executing my move...

You all have things like this in your life too....but what helps me get through everyday?

MY LOVE FOR THIS JOB & MEGGY & MY FAMILY. Yes, there is NO WAY in heck I would be able to spend virtually everyday all day in here and thinking about OAF if I didn't love what I do. That is why I gave a strange look to whoever said they didn't want to see me fail....

BECAUSE I am a tough kid. Yes, only 25....not fully educated on the ins/outs of business....BUT I guarantee you I would never sit back and let ANYONE or ANYTHING get in the way of my growing facility. 

So, no....failing is not an option. I am only going UP. 

Is that how you view your daily routine? Your life? Are you thinking about how to avoid FAILURE or are you actively chasing HIGHER goals and thinking how to SUCCEED.

I highly suggest you start thinking the second way. If you constantly burden yourself with worry and wondering how you will avoid will be chasing dreams that never happen.

A close mentor once told me, if your not growing, your not succeeding. 

So, take this opportunity to think about your current life. Where you're at....where you want to be.....

And reconfigure your goals accordingly! 

If you get so busy you "don't have time" to you at least try SOMETHING active?

Not having time is an excuse. Yes, I am a trainer. But everyone can make 5-10 minutes to workout. 

And that is plenty of time to get your heart rate up and metabolism spiked. For me, yesterday was a VERY busy day with the lease finally being sent to me, plus training all day and group...

I got home at 9:00 and wanted to get something in! So, pushups in my bed room with total body extensions and slow mt climbers it was! 10 minutes, and I was breaking a sweat and good to go!

Thats all it takes. A little bit of effort. I know we are all not professional athletes, not trainers, and even the type of person who wants to train 4-5 days a week....

But it is all about your goals. Make sure your TEMPLATE FITS YOUR OUTLINE! Meaning, if you have a deadline or a goal....make sure you have a template and plan to MATCH it! 

If you want to lose 50 pounds by summer....going out to eat 3x a week and working out 2 times is NOT going to cut it. The American dream wasn't built on laziness and working hard...SOME of the time....

You have to bust your BUTT! 

And to wrap up, thinking of is a booty workout that is simple and EFFECTIVE for your goals to leave you with today!

3-Exercise Circuit for a Firmer Butt
DB Split Squat (*1-1/2 rep style) (8/side)
Goblet Step-ups (10/side)
Lying Glute Bridge (30 secs)
*Go all the way down, halfway up, then all the way down
and then finally all the way up. That's just 1 rep!

Complete a few rounds of that and feel the booty burn!

Remember, Make your own list of what makes you really happy and brings you great heart-bursting joy, and then never lose site of that. Yes, yes, it’s important for us to keep pushing and to change the world, and to persevere towards our grand missions in life…but you need to know what are willing to do and what you will NOT do.

This will help you stay on track to making extraordinary breakthroughs in your business while giving you the piece of mind in knowing that you are experiencing the joyful, simple things in life that mean the most to you.
I know what brings me joy in my life! Which is why I spend my few hours of OFF time on Saturday surrounded with her!

Ill end with a good video to watch before your next workout....

Have a wonderful Wednesday and I will be working on the BIG OAF SPRING BREAK CHALLENGE YEAR 2 DETAILS ASAP!!!!

Stay tuned!

Until Next Time, 

Stay Strong!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Why You GAIN WEIGHT....What's Wrong With Our Town's Restaurants!

Ok, so I promised my mom and meggy that after my dining experiences this weekend...I would write a post about it.

Look, those of you who live on take out and meals outside of cooking at home....your in trouble when it comes to weight management. 

It's sad really....and I will tell you EXACTLY how I feel about this subject....because....quite honestly...I felt so abnormal this weekend and like I was from outer space at times.

Let me just start by saying a little bit about my diet...

I wouldn't call myself picky, or even a boring eater. I don't eat the same thing at the same time everyday....especially not for dinner. Breakfast usually is the same for me, but it is also for the vast majority of people.


Lean Meats(turkey, chicken, pork, etc), ALL fish(favorite is salmon), crab, eggs, legumes, nuts/nut butters, greens, ALL veggies(favorite would be carrots or broccoli), and all sorts of whey/iso/casein protein sources.

Now, I occasionally will eat sprouted grain and sweet potatoes if I notice my energy is down. 

But for the most part, put a piece of chicken, tons of veggies, and a salad on my plate and I am happy as can be.

HOWEVER....It's a darn shame I have yet to experience this in Chambersburg. I am not sure WHY restaurants don't offer items not breaded, fried, caked in sauce or cheese, or the evil culprit of being floated in mounds of butter.

I don't get it. 

AND don't get me wrong....I special  order. I ASK. I try to get places to accommodate....I mean, they should right? If I am paying 30$ for chicken and shrimp, I would really appreciate it if it wasn't soaked in sauce & butter and they threw on STEAMED veggies as a expensive is a little broccoli or carrots

It seems to me, when you order UNHEALTHY and caloric BOMBS, you get MASSIVE portions.....

But if you HAPPEN to find something healthy on the menu....they treat you like your a prisoner in a POW camp getting enough food to feed maybe a pet rabbit. 


I just don't get it.....

So back to my weekend, Friday night we went to Kenzo....and boy do I love that place, and they WILL cater to me when I get take out. Hibachi Chicken and Shrimp, NO RICE, EXTRA VEGGIES, and all STEAMED with NO SAUCE. 


Unfortunately, Friday....they handed me a plate loaded in sweet and soy based sauces where veggies literally were floating in. 

NOT MY of course I felt terrible and ate a little of it but left a majority sitting there....the sweet waitress came back and asked if it was ok and I told her yes, because I don't like being rude or outspoken when eating with other people. 

Let's face makes everyone feel awkward. If I were so say, NO, please get rid of all that....everyone at the table would then IMMEDIATELY judge me. Just would rather avoid any sort of problems....but this could all be avoided if healthy options were available on the menu and I made an order they were familiar with.....but not too many people in this area care what is put on their food.....

BUT then when they don't see progress or weight-loss.....they FREAK and just think completely shutting down their metabolism and not eating is the only way.....


I am 6 feet tall, 168 pounds, and consistently between 3-8% body fat.....and ask anyone who is around me....I EAT LOTS OF FOOD.....but just HEALTHY. That's the key. 

This one Meg took because she didn't think anyone would ever believe I ate a MUFFIN ...haha...but you can't be PERFECT....just adopt a lifestyle and follow it as close as you can! 

BUT I am just shocked that those who do care about what they put in their mouth have a hard time picking in this town for that very reason.

So, on with my story....

We decided to do a RARE occasion after going to the stube Saturday for a friend's campaign....and ate out AGAIN....This time, I thought going the seafood route would be a better we chose Red Lobster.

Can't go wrong, right? Get your fish, grilled, no sauce, add veggies, and a salad....I am as happy as a fat kid in a candy store. 

We wait 45 minutes, get seated, and I decide I want to try the salmon. Wood Grilled with some shrimp and side of mixed veggies.

As soon as I order, the waitress informs me they are OUT OF ALL FRESH FISH.....WTF! 


Steam was starting to come out, but I still was ok, decided to just get lobster, shrimp, and scallops....

I then said I wanted a double order of the mixed veggies instead of the potatoes and corn and she tells me THEY ARE OUT. 

SON OF A GUN! Could not believe I bit my tongue again and just let meg order. She wanted asparagus as her side and of course.....OUT AGAIN....

Whatever, over and done with....we had a free appetizer that came out....and I had to snap a photo.....

ONE OF THESE would hardly put a dent in my stomach BUT I guarantee you that the amount of calories in that dam thing is as many as I eat in 5 days TOTAL.....

As I stare at this, Meg laughing hysterically of course, we watch a group of overweight people squeeze through the section on their way out, barely able to fit and even WALK for that matter. I would have guessed all in their 30s. How sad. 

I then look back at this dish, and look over at Meg and just get very emotional. 

You know....some people say that it's their own fault, simply because It's WHAT THEY want....but I find it hard to believe that 100%......I just don't think too many people are educated enough on what really that picture above will do to your body.  I have two cousins with diabetes, and have plenty of college friends that had an idea of a healthy meal as ramen and pizza.(light cheese of course). 

But I just get very upset when I see things like this because as my job, I want to HELP THIS TOWN reach healthy goals and NOT BE RANKED IN THE TOP 10 MOST OBESE COUNTIES in the country!

I just want to help....and it makes me feel like an alien when I get food that looks like that and ask for a revision or change....even surrounding tables look at me strange....

But Meg looked at me square in the face and told me I was right....I was doing what I know is healthy and I am a strong willed person. Those people that either don't know the damage of foods like that or don't care....just don't have the willpower or strength to order something healthy!

So I just turned my head away, looked at my ....hardly edible.... salad that was iceberg lettuce thrown in a tiny cup with croutons and one cherry tomato that was not ripe....and became more upset about the topic.

I messaged my mother the whole ordeal and I get back this...

And she couldn't be more correct.

It's just a shame. 

Which is why I will stick to cooking and eating at places I KNOW accommodate and have those options....

but none of which....are in 17201.

I hope everyone had a GREAT Sunday! We sure did at OAF! Got Coach Jen Amsley in for her FIRST OAF session!

Relax and enjoy your night, and gear up for a STRONG week for me!


Every day brings challenges. Every week has its ups and downs. Every life is filled with dips and dark days. We will all go through times when it feels like nothing is working and nothing is going our way. But when this happens there is only thing to do no matter what. When all else fails, you must keep on pushing.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Why Your Weight Keeps Fluctuating--Weekend Update

So, this week has been yet another crazy week here at OAF....Lease agreements, plans, zoning, construction, renovation, equipment....all in the works now and bouncing around in my head.....

Which is why some of you see instagram posts at 3am....just not able to settle my mind too much lately...partly due to excitement, and mainly due to the workload I am taking on while trying to find additional staff for OAF.

But hey, I have learned one thing from a few mentors....and that's to be PICKY of who you bring in as staff! I have a keen sense of what I want in here and just need to keep searching until I find it. 

How is everyone liking the workouts this month? Energy? Atmosphere? All doing ok? 

Good has opened up for online training with me as well. If you or someone you know wants to get 1-1 training and attention through the beauty of the world wide web....let me know. I have gotten many clients great results this way as well! Because, as you know....I don't need ONE piece of equipment to get a GREAT workout in! :) 

So, back to more questions(sorry for jumping around....just basically how my mind is right now hehe)

How many of you would like a SPRING BREAK CHALLENGE YEAR 2!?!?!?!?!?!

I was to start getting the feel for interest....I want to get some promoting and templates made ahead of time since they plan to have me moved into my NEW FACILITY by 2nd quarter spring....guessing April/May....

SO ..... PLEASE comment on this post if you would like me to get planning on the challenge soon! 

Now, to my main topic....your fluctuating weight....up/down/up/down...blah blah blah....

It gets sickening right? Thinking your seeing progress and then not and then seeing it again! ....Well....

A lot of that weight fluctuating can be due to a few things...

1. Water Retention

Your body will naturally retain fluid if you consume a meal higher in sodium than your usual diet. This can cause the scale to read a few pounds higher the following day. For example, I ate at AKI last weekend and even though I ask for everything steamed....they still put some sodium in their dishes and I could tell you I was up peeing all night because of the water I retained from the meal and hydrating after. (Secret....way to help with water retention....bananas....YEP).

2. Hormonal Changes

For women, bloating and fluid retention during menstruation can add a few pounds on the scale. Also, an increase in estrogen during this time of the month can increase levels of aldosterone, which can cause the kidneys to retain fluid, promoting weight gain.

3. Dehydration

Athletes need to be mindful that dehydration can cause the body to protect itself by retaining water. Several hormones exert profound control over fluid regulation. If you're dehydrated, your body works harder to retain water, leading to weight gain. This is contrary to popular belief...."If I don't drink...I won't bloat..." is the opposite! 

4. Glycogen Storage

Endurance athletes in particular work to make sure their diets have adequate carbohydrates to store proper amounts of glycogen. Glycogen has water bound to it, so healthy hydrated cells, important for athletes, can show up on the scale. After a hard strength workout, muscles also store glycogen to re-build, which is why the scale may actually shoot up after exercise.

5. Diets

After just 24 hours on a restricted diet, you can decrease your metabolic rate by 15 to 30 percent! When you go on a restricted diet, your body goes into starvation mode, slowing down your metabolism. This can actually cause you to store extra calories, causing you to hold more weight. So, trying to start eating better and slashing calories could be making your body hold and retain fluid and food! DON'T DIET....just eat healthy and natural! 

And lastly....what do you guys think of this brochure front?? I'm getting them printed this weekend and hoping you guys can help spread them around!! :)

Remember for your weekend..

"The road to personal freedom and the escape from the status quo begins with waking up to each and every decision you make in your life." - Jason Leister

Monday, February 2, 2015

Your Workout Mistakes + Weekend Update


Yep, the renovation of my new facility and Dicks Sporting Goods has begun. The contractors and engineers are in & out all day taking measurements and getting information from me together. They are even throwing in some heavy duty space heaters for me currently to help heat this place up!

How exciting is this?! 

Yoga now at OAF, new members joining every week getting that OAF addiction, and now the development of my new 10,000sqft facility(plus turf field) is in the works! I am so lucky and thankful to be given this opportunity and don't take one day for granted while working....

I found this quote by Mark Cuban and it really made me work my tail off all January. I remembered each time I felt tired and like I could use a break...

“Work like there is someone working 24 hours a day to take it away from you."

It's so true. I built this place from nothing and I only look to give this town the BEST STRENGTH & CONDITIONING FACILITY for my athletes and members. Offer so much for them and give them the best! I'll be dammed if I slack and let anything happen to have this taken away.

I just may be dead stiff with bailey on the couch for my Saturday afternoon off work! HAHA

So, how does this help your work line? Are you happy where you are? Because that needs to be the first question you ask yourself....

If you are...then it's easy....

If not, then you need to make a change. Don't waste your life doing something you don't want to do. 


Now, onto some tips for your training this week....I see these mistakes daily and you can make lots of progress with minimal changes...

Mistake #1 - Locking Out Your Elbows on Pushups
When doing any variety of pushups, don't "lock out" your elbows as this puts unnecessary stress on your joints. 
So at the top of each rep, straighten your arms until just before you "lock" your elbows. Your joints will thank you.
Mistake #2 - You Purposely Burn Out
You should rarely train to failure (I sometimes use this technique as a finisher). Training to failure leads to over-training and sloppy form. 
As a good rule of thumb, you shouldn't train any more than 2-3 reps short of failure.
Mistake #3 - You Grip Too Hard
When using a chin-up or pull-up bar, you tend to grip the bar much harder than necessary. This leads to wrist fatigue and your grip will fail before your muscles.
That means your muscles lose out on the benefit.
The same goes for DB Rows (but we're talking bodyweight today). 
So use a firm grip, but relax a bit.   

Mistake #4 - Your Lunges Are Horrid

No lazy lunges.... far too many people do one or more of these things when doing lunges:
1) Lean forward as they go down
2) Take too small of a step forward 
3) Barely engage the glutes (aka the booty) because the depth of the lunge is a joke
Now you can fix it...
1) Keep your shoulders back (this will force your upper body to stay straight... and hey, you'll improve your posture). 
2) Remember to take a big enough step forward so that you work more muscle (which burns more calories). 
3) Look at the lunge as 2 separate movements. Move #1 mistaking the step out while keeping your upper body straight.
Move #2 is lowering yourself STRAIGHT down as if your upper body is on an elevator. Your rear knee should be about 
2-3 inches off the ground.

Mistake #5- You automatically set up with a wide stance and externally rotate feet on your squats.

This will lead to a nasty compensation or faulty neuromuscular firing from the CNS. You need to physically try to keep feet shoulder width and knees over 2-3rd metatarsal. Not doing this will develop an over activity of the anterior tibialis and adductors, which will put more stress on your knee. 

There you have it guys, take these tips and use them this week! I am looking forward to another great 6 days of workouts and remember to keep telling your friends and getting them to come with you! You will get 10$ reward points for each one!!!!




See you all soon!