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Monday, June 24, 2019

Where is Franklin County? Why Are We in the News?

You knew I was going to write about this at some point....

But you really don't need to if you see the title there. 

As a fitness professional in Franklin County....I am left speechless. Concerned. Angered. Frustrated. Determined.....

You name it....I feel it. 

As I left the gym this evening, I noticed a few things...

1. I watched dedicated members who have been with me 4+ years CRUSHING the bootcamp workout while pushing themselves.

2. I watched BRAND new members....guess what....DOING THE SAME THING....but at their own pace. They had their own "comfort zone" and it was perfect for THEM. 

3. I watched our trainers help each and every person in the room, motivate them, encourage them, and help those who had a tough time with certain moves step down and find a regression that works for them.

4. I got to watch OLD members help NEW members and give them high fives while coming back from hill sprints.

5. Hell, I even jumped in and was the added weight to Ben's prowler push to give him that little extra boost he needed!

This is EXACTLY what I am talking about! 

So many of you reading this may think of OAF as a place that is too far out of your league. Maybe too hard. Too expensive. Too pushy. Too "accountable...." because, lets face it....some of you WANT to be able to check out when you are not seeing progress quick I right?

You want the QUICK fix, and you want it all! But what you don't want is being held accountable for your choices and lack thereof...

You want the Bentley but you don't what to work the 30 years of 60 hour weeks to get it.

When you think of OAF you know we have accountability systems to make sure you are coming and training....and to many of SCARES you because you want to have that escape when things slip.

Well news flash....this is EXACTLY why the numbers on the scale never move and why you may be apart of this growing statistic in Franklin County.

Since 2014, I've tried as hard as I possibly can to change lives. To SHOW people that you CAN lose weight. You CAN break barriers. YOU CAN get past the mind games telling you that "enough is enough."

I've lived, breathed, and preached it for over a decade in the industry!

Which is why when I see articles being posted like this, it makes me hurt so deep inside because I know SO MANY of you have the potential to make changes, but you refuse to allow yourself. You come up with ANY excuse possible to say that you can't or don't have time for exercise....when, in reality, you DO have time. The average American spends 2 hours and 22 minutes a day on social media. So to say you don't have time is like saying you dieting but eating over your calorie threshold everyday.

I am not going to sugarcoat things....getting results is hard hard. Many people I've trained over the years who lost 50+ pounds shed tears and battled demons daily. It's no easy task. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is hard, but what other choice do you have?

If someone told you there would be an "easy button" for health, don't you think everyone would take it?

The fact of the matter is that there ISN'T...and it relies on YOU to make a change. YOU and YOU only. 

What WE do in Over-Achieve is HELP you change and make it a lifestyle that is sustainable through our family, support, and coaching. 

To tell yourself you will get up at 5am everyday and start training in your garage before work is VERY tough to do, and we have made it easier to come in with a family who loves and supports you every step of the way!

There is time for change. 

There is a PLACE for you to go to change.

What are your other options? Keep gaining weight, going on medication you can't afford, and living a life in the shadows of your kids and grandkids you no longer can keep up with?

What about your spouse? Would you make a change for them?

All these things you need to ask yourself....just as Tony Robbins says: 

"Who are you? 
What are you made of? 
What are you after? 
What's preventing you from getting it? 
What are your wounds? 
What are you most proud of?"

...and then live 2019 by these words from Jim Rohn: "Work harder on yourself than anybody else. Constantly find a way to add more value." 

If you are delaying in the opportunity to change...they you are doing yourself a dis-service! The time to start is NOW. We will help! All it takes is for you to click here and sign up to come talk. Heck, we will even talk over the phone if you prefer!

Let's make a change!

Let's help Franklin County GET FIT. 

Together we can do this! 

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

What SAVES me!

Summer is here!

The time to make more time for sun fun and less time for boring work, right?

I feel alive in the summer. Mainly because I love being outside and love doing anything active when the weather is nice!

But this year....not so much. I have been a little stressed. I don't like ever complaining about things, and I've always been the type to keep my mouth shut when it comes to my life.

I love it! I wouldn't ask for anything more! 

I am a simple guy, a homebody, and just want nice dinners with my beautiful wife and baby boy and my little girl Brea.

I don't need "stuff" and would rather spend time making memories rather than spending money.
I would much rather cook a meal than go out to eat. 

I would much rather go for a walk in Caledonia than spend money in a hotel for a night.

I would rather play with Brea and Noah than go to entertainment events/concerts.

But Stress Eats At Everyone....

For me, it's battling stress from running a business, coaching, teaching, and providing online services....raising my new baby boy, my pup(which needs more attention than any dog known), and the countless daily stresses that any entrepreneur face.
If it wasn't for ONE thing...the stress could get out of control.

This one thing, is vital to my everyday life. It helps me focus mentally and perform physically.

This one thing forces me to get up at 4:15 everyday and focus more on "what matters" and spend less time worrying about "what doesn't."

Lets face it....we all do things daily that we know can be spent doing something more productive.

But this ONE THING....

It's everything to me!


Without it, I am not me! I am unorganized, emotional, and a poor decision maker.

I am not confident, nor am I as successful compared to when I am getting my workouts in.

It's my saving grace.

My livelihood, and a large part of my life!

⭐️Which is WHY I am going to SHARE this gift with YOU!⭐️
You Read That RIGHT!
I want YOU all to be able to share the gift I love, and experience that feeling I get when you get workouts in!
There is NO need to be scared, no reason to avoid Over-Achieve if you are "unsure you will fit in."

EVERYONE fits in. WE ARE one big family! So much in fact, that we constantly boost one another up! We have people posting daily in our private member page about their results and experiences!
This one was just this week:

You see....
When you start training at Over-Achieve....
You changed our life. Not just physically....BUT MENTALLY also.
You will not regret stepping through those doors and starting a chance to make time for YOU.
Whether you think so or not, you DO have time. You just need to find it!
But anyways, for the FIRST 20 people to message
 me back, you can start training for FREE at O.A.F.
 when you come meet with us and follow a couple
But to see how serious you are about coming in and trying us, you MUST come to the meeting to get the free month.
Do get started on your FREE MONTH, you have until the clock strikes ZERO or 20 spots fill up!
Book your Appointment here​ OR Reply to this email and let me know you want to train FREE and see for yourself how much the workouts help you!
I only want SERIOUS inquires!
I am only wanting to help those who are driven to help themselves! So if you are not committed to working out and making this your best effort, then this free offer is NOT for you.
So if you want great need to take great measures!
Join the THOUSANDS who change their lives!

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Losing Motivation?

You know....

So often we all get frustrated with our fitness.

Whether it's:

- Lack of results
- No motivation 
- No gains so you are less determined
- No support 
- No accountability 
- Constant injuries
- Always traveling & not finding time

We all have been there. Even me! On Monday, I had a killer workout before The Murph workout and ever since I couldn't seem to recover and feel the strength I normally have.

Now, many of you are aware of the numerous injuries and pains I battle on a daily basis, so for me to have to slow down, it must be bad.

I was doing everything right. Nutrition was spot on, was trying to sleep(never easy with a 7 week old), getting plenty of fluids and spending 20 minutes a day on recovery and mobility.

Yet, everyday this week I seemed to enter the gym more and more defeated, more tired, and more weak.

A sign of over-training? Stress? Lack of motivation?

I'm still not sure, as I even had a cheat meal this week in hopes to replenish myself and it seemed to make things worse.

For me, pain is something I do not like working through, nor should anyone. I need to remember I am not 18 again, and I actually have knees of a 90 year old man, so there will be times I need to take it easy.

It is hard though, and it's much easier said than done. I pride myself in being the best representation of health and fitness in the state, country, and! I try to give everyone my very best, so when I feel at my worst, it makes this so much harder.

So I thought I would write to relate to you all.

Those days you feel tired, unmotivated, and just not feeling up to workout....well....guess are not alone!

We all have days, weeks, and instances when our bodies just need more time than we want to take. Sure, I would have LOVED to crush some bar complexes and high intense work this week but my body would not let I listened. I AM listening. I am doing WHAT I CAN with WHAT I GOT.

The biggest thing you can tell yourself is to GET UP and MOVE!

I don't care if its taking your dog for a walk. 

I don't care if it's a simple workout consisting of bodyweight squats and push ups and planks! 

You make your own life and you decide how to respond to the daily circumstances.

Everyday I wake up with a purpose. If you wake up and immediately think about the negative things in your life/body then you will never get past it!

You have to wake up tomorrow and think POSITIVE!

Be pro-active and make the first 3 things you do in your day something YOU CAN control.

Like today, you all know we LOVE sharing the results and success of our clients in OAF and today we happened to hear about another success story, who debated haring her story for 2 weeks before she decided to be proud of her accomplishments...

And there is A LOT to be proud of....I mean, how about this for a non-scale victory?

This is her at the start of our 6 week challenge, and then the same outfit on the right at the end! Can you believe that?

Now what she won't tell you is that the scale was not "eye dropping" as she would have expected(I knew it wouldn't, haha, but she was expecting more)....BUT, when you see the difference can be rest assured that she is CHANGING!

And all this is because she didn't let those "down days" and instances ruin her demeanor.

She stayed tough, she stayed CONSISTENT, and she woke up each day with a purpose of trying to be better than yesterday!

I know everyone isn't perfect, and I also know life can get in the way! Trust me....being a new dad has thrown a lot at me in the last 7 weeks!

But everyday I wake up starting out doing 3 things I have full control over. 3 IMPORTANT tasks that I can do to make my life better, someone else's life better, or my career!

I used to stress to a large deal over days I couldn't get good workouts in, but now I listen to how my body is feeling because progress is not always linear. Progressive overload doesnt mean you have to increase the weight and intensity every week.

PROGRESS IS doing something each and everyday that brings you closer to your goals. REST and RECOVERY are apart of those things.

Taking note of the SMALL victories is important.

Sharing life's moments with your loved ones and showing simple acts of gratitude is important.

Then taking a big step back at the end of they day....

And realizing that there is always tomorrow to be better!

So plan your day. Plan your TOP three for tomorrow and get after them! Eliminate the negative people in your life and surround yourself with those better than you and who support your goals and dream!

Get after it this week my friends!

This is my very last week in my 20's.....

So you all may see me embracing that just a little bit...because no one likes birthdays after 30! 😂