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Friday, September 20, 2013

Very Neat BodyWeight Workout For You

So, just as my post says, here is an AWESOME body-weight workout for you! There is no excuse to call it quits! all you need is some space and a little motivation! Both of which, I am here to help you with!

Just remember, the TRX versions can be substituted with regular exercise versions!


  • Start with a general bodyweight warm-up circuit.
  • Do each exercise for 50 seconds and rest for 10 seconds
    before moving to the next exercise.
  • Rest 60 seconds after completing each circuit.
  • Go through each circuit once.
1A) Prisoner Lunge
1B) Cossack Lunge
1C) 1-Leg RDL
1D) Pushup Plus
1E) Total Body Extension

2A) Bench Vault
2B) Lunge Jumps
2C) Spiderman Pushups
2D) Close-Stance Bodyweight Squat

3A) Bulgarian Split Squat - 25 seconds per side
3B) Atomic Pushup
3C) Bodyweight Row
3D) Ab Fallout
3E) Jackknife or Pike

4A) Low Box Jumps
4B) Sprinter Step-up
4C) Decline Close-Grip Push-up
4D) Prisoner Reverse Lunge
4E) Total Body Extension

5A) Burpees
5B) Run-in-Place
5C) X-Body Mountain Climber
5D) Diagonal Lunge
5E) Jumping Jacks

Static Stretching for tight muscles to finish off.

It's the perfect plan for the park, the gym, your hotel room,
or your home.

Until Next Time,

Keep Striving For The Best!!

I believe in you!!!

Mike Over
Strength & Conditioning specialist

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Easy Yet Effective Workout!

Everyone has been here before.....

Your away on a business trip, and the hotel gym is a bike.  You immediately think to yourself,

"o well, I can take a few days off"


You can take the training advice from your trainer back home(meeeee) and pull that set of dumbells out of your car and try a workout that will leave you feeling strong and exhausted.

Here is one of many possibilities....and whether your on that business trip...or just stuck at home with the kids on a very stressful day...

This session is the way to go!

Warm-up Circuit: 
- Go through 2 times with no rest between exercises.
- Rest 20 seconds between circuits.
o    Prisoner Squat - 20 seconds
o    Pushup or Kneeling Pushup - 20 seconds
o    Stability Ball Leg Curl - 20 seconds
o    Band Pull - 20 seconds

1A) Goblet Step-Up - 30 seconds per side
- 15 seconds rest/transition.
1B) T-Pushup (alternating sides) - 30 seconds
- 15 seconds rest/transition.
1C) KB (Kettlebell) or DB (Dumbbell) Swing - 30 seconds
- Rest 30 seconds & repeat 1 more times for a total of 2 circuits.

2A) 1-Arm DB Squat & Press - 40 seconds per side
- 20 seconds rest/transition.
2B) DB Renegade Row (alternating) - 40 seconds
- 20 seconds rest/transition.
2C) Suspension Y's or DB Rear-Delt Raise - 40 seconds
- 20 seconds rest/transition.
2D) DB Squat-Curl-Press - 40 seconds
- Rest 30 seconds & repeat 1 more time for a total of 2 circuits.

3A) Narrow-Stance Bodyweight Squat - 20 on, 10 off x 4 rounds
3B) Jumping Jacks - 20 on, 10 off x 2 rounds --Advanced(Burpees)
3C) Narrow-Stance Bodyweight Squat - 20 on, 10 off x 4 rounds
3D) Jumping Jacks - 20 on, 10 off x 2 rounds--Advanced(Burpees) 
There you have it, as easy as 1,2,3 for a quick yet GREAT session for your busy day!
Until Next Time, 
Keep Striving For The Best!
Mike Over
Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

3 Simple Yet Effective Diet Tips! Try For One Week!

3 Simple Yet Effective Diet Tips! Try For One Week!
#1 - Time Your Protein Shake for Maximum Results
I first heard this simple, yet brilliant tip from Jim Wendler. I modified it a little bit for you.
If you want to lose fat, have a protein shake and some fiber before a meal. This will fill you up and help you avoid overeating at dinner or late at night.
The best recipe would be BioTrust Vanilla Cream whey protein blended in water with spinach and a few blueberries. (You can't taste the spinach, trust me!)
On the other hand, if you want to gain muscle, eat first and then have the protein shake (without fiber - use BioTrust Milk Chocolate mixed with milk and a tablespoon of almond butter). This gives you the extra calories you need for muscle building.
#2 - Replace Your Morning Juice with Protein
I'm shocked that so many people still drink orange juice (and other sources of sugary liquid calories). The July issue of Men's Health magazine reported that orange juice dramatically spikes blood glucose. This increases insulin - a fat storing hormone. NO GOOD!!
That one simple mistake is probably stopping your fat loss dead in its tracks.
Plus, the more sugar and carbohydrates you have at breakfast, the worse the rest of your daily meals will be. 
On the other hand, research shows that when you replace processed and sugary carbs at breakfast with more protein, you feel full longer all day. So you eat fewer calories and burn more belly fat.
Use the BioTrust whey-spinach-blueberry blender drink idea from above instead. Or blend up your favorite apple with the Vanilla Cream. Those are two brilliant and simple recipes for getting your protein and fiber fast.
#3 - Use This Secret Snack at Night
No, not ice cream. LOL.
Instead, one of the best snacks that support fat burning is pistachios. There's just 3 calories in each one, plus you probably burn a calorie trying to get those little suckers out of the shell.
That means you can have 50 pistachios for about 150 calories. Pretty good snacking.
On the other hand, I stumbled across a terrible new so-called healthy snack food last week that you MUST avoid. 
They are called Blue Diamond Almond Chips and pack 140 calories in just 14 chips. Plus, most of those calories are from the #1 WORST ingredient you must avoid when eating at night.
Thanks and you guys have a GREAT Wednesday! 
Remember, each day do ONE thing to move your closer towards your goals!
Until Next Time,
Mike Over
Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

TRX Core Series

Dan Long, a world-famous TRX core-training expert through one of the toughest workouts he had done...
...since he filmed his new TRX follow along videos.
Dan gave me the following 3 core exercises that are guaranteed to make you stronger and get you a ripped mid-section!

(Dan is a world-renowned TRX trainer, having worked with many pro athletes and actors down at the legendary Powerhouse gym in Tampa.)
Killer Core Circuit for Craig

1. Suspended Front Plank w Body saw
2. Suspended Side Plank L/R w Scissor and Reach Under
3. Suspended Reverse Plank w Hip Drop and Raise *All exercises performed 30 sec to 2 min
**Rest 1 minute and repeat 2 more times.

Killer Core Circuit Exercise Descriptions (PRINT these out)

Suspended Front Plank w/Body Saw:

1. On your knees, face down, place feet in foot cradles of suspension trainer, and support your body on your elbows. 
2. Lift your knees off ground and straighten legs into front plank position.
3. Rock your body on elbows back and forth like a body saw for desired amount of time.  

Suspended Side Plank L/R w/Scissor and Reach Under:

1. Put feet in foot cradles, and then lie on your Right side. Lock your feet in an offset foot position (top leg/foot behind bottom leg/foot).  Get onto Right elbow, and lift body straight up on side elbow, raising left arm straight up.
2. Scissor feet apart, and then reach under with your left hand, and return to start position, with feet locked in offset position, and left arm straight up in air, and repeat for desired amount of time, then get on Left side.
3. Repeat on Left Side/Left elbow for desired amount of time.

Suspended Reverse Plank w/Hip Drop and Raise:

1. Lying on back, with heels in foot cradles, put hands flat on floor, and raise body straight into Reverse Plank position, then lower hips just above the ground and lift back to start position.
2. Repeat for desired amount of time.
Until Next Time.
Keep Striving For The Best!
Mike Over
Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Monday, September 2, 2013

September Motivation...New School Year...New You..

Have you ever had a dream where you were completely surrounded by the most horrifying future for yourself?

I mean...maybe dreaming you got in an accident, lost the game for your team, failed out of school, went into debt....

that list can go on and on....

But really....Have You?

And my next question is...Has it come true....IN REAL LIFE?? That's what I call...the double whammy.

Did it get the best of you?

You read my mind...Triple.

Well, I don't know where many of you who read my blog stand in terms of your current life and where your goals are tending to push you but I know its typically in a positive direction if you have any sort of will and desire in this day in age.

And coming off the last week of summer, first day of school, and first day of many athletic team's opening schedule....I decided to write a little about motivation.

Motivation is a psychological feature that arouses an organism to act towards a desired goal and elicits, controls, and sustains certain goal-directed behaviors. It can be considered a driving force; a psychological one that compels or reinforces an action toward a desired goal.

"desired goal" is the key part here.

What's your desired goal? Are you living up to it? Are you waking up every morning pushing towards accomplishing that goal? Are you blocking out those who don't support that goal?

There tends to be a lot of questions filled with goal setting right? If you want to achieve must think...plan...prepare...sacrifice...

But WHAT hit the experience something that completely DERAILS you and makes it near impossible for you to regain strength and concentration?

For was a nasty bike accident that ruined my chances of qualifying for my dream ironman.

And I know what your thinking....right...well come on Mike...we all hurt your knees...get back up and get after it again.

Not quite. Yes, a torn ACL, MCL, Patella Tendon(My Triple Whammy) is not impossible to come back from....and I thought I fought hard. Not too many people would crutch into the gym a week after getting hit by a truck to sit on a bench and lift weights for 45 minutes, get home, get sick and have to lay down for 2 days because of it. Then repeat that cycle for 2 months.

We have all been there....facing just makes you stronger right? When people think you CAN'T and think THERE IS NO WAY....the strong willed will prove them wrong and do THE IMPOSSIBLE.

Maybe your a teacher and that first week put you in a near heart attack stage....or maybe the thought of the summer ending put you into a little funk....

Better yet...maybe your the athlete 3 days away from opening night and you are hiding a major leg injury to save your spot on the field....

Whatever your situation is....YOUR BETTER THAN IT!

Remember that! If there is one thing I learned through the mess I have went through...It is that you can overcome anything. EVERYONE will have a bad day. Your not alone. Everyone will fail at something EACH day!

You cant think..."Damn, maybe this is it."

Because the minute you the minute you let your head take control of your life, and in a negative way.

There is always a WAY around each situation!

Take a deep breathe...realize that you can get past this road block! No matter what the size!

I had an even bigger road block placed in front of me in my course of recovery too. Found out 8 months after my accident that I fully tore my labrum! Needed another surgery! JUST AS I WAS STARTING TO GET MY POSITIVE ATTITUDE BACK AND MENTAL TOUGHNESS I LOST FROM THE FIRST GRUELING PROCESS! 

So it was months of going doctor to doctor for me and that led my knees to worsen and develop a chronic issue.

Currently, I am taking 2 different types of pain medications. I am now foreseeing a stem cell replacement injection and exploratory surgery mid September. I sit every night with ice and heat and wonder why the **** it is still bothering me.

I wake up every morning....and I will be VERY honest with my is getting harder each week. I used to pop up at 5 and take on the day like there is no tomorrow....but now I get up...walk to the bathroom...take a deep breathe....look at myself in the mirror...and tell myself that it will soon be over and to give it one more day.

With that little bit of fight I get EVERYTHING accomplished I want to in a day's time. I am looking forward to my future in this town...not because of my athletic abilities anymore...

but by what I can do for others....

How can I change the world today.......

My new motto for stating the day. I take it as a challenge. Whether that means me improving myself or my clients....I am going to do whatever I can to change the world piece by piece.

I am truly blessed with what I was given in this life and I'll be dammed if these injuries will define who I am. Its about what I do for others and bettering myself day in and day out to be the best trainer and strength coach there is! 

So if you seem to be stuck in a rut in your work or fitness...just take a step back...and think about this....

Others would DIE to have your situation.'s true. So take your mind and get control. Find a way around it! Make it your mission to change the world...little by little.

Then think to yourself....

Could you tell could it be....any better than this.

Because it's all about what you make of it! So carry on, push on, believe in yourself.

Because I believe in you!

Until Next Time,

Keep Fighting For Me! As I do For You!

Mike Over
Strength & Conditioning Specilist