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Monday, February 25, 2019

Why are you in a rut?

In order to achieve the goals we want to achieve, we must become the person we need to become.”

True words to live by, right? 

How was everyone's Monday? If you were in Franklin County, hopefully you didn't blow away. The wind gusts were insane. Brea was not too thrilled playing frisbee when it would go forwards for 2 seconds before heading straight behind us. 

It was more comical still trying to watch her catch them.

Besides the point, and my lack of sleep from was your Monday? Did you start it off on the right track? In other words...

Do you end your Sunday evenings saying "Ugh, I hate Mondays! Not another week!"

I bet you on a set of burpees you do!

It's very common, and of the many reasons I changed the people I hang around with. 

Because that means everything to you and how you view each and everyday....not just Monday.

You see, you are the average of the 5 people you hang around with! It's true! I read it in SHAPE MAGAZINEπŸ˜‚.

Not but seriously, the people you are around can have lasting inputs on your success both physically and mentally! I used to have friends who dreaded work, their daily tasks and just overall life. They just complained about everything and out others down jus to try to make themselves feel better about themself. 

It got in my head and could easily be why I struggled severely with depression and anxiety in my early 20's. 

If you constantly look at the negative aspects of life and each ongoing daily occurrence....before you know will end up like Mr. Scrooge and just hate life and everything about it.

This can be why you are stuck in that workout RUT....or you can't seem to stay consistent with anything for more than 2-3 weeks before failing to realize that you need a complete lifestyle change and a better mental perspective before oyu can reach your goal.

You then think it's just not work it and too hard, so you drop out, become more negative...and then get more down on yourself for giving up again.

The pattern continues....until the next sudden burst of energy and motivation hits you in the face.


You's quite easy.

I listened to Drew Bree's speak before and he thought so deeply about the mindset you are in and how it can affect everything you do on a day in day out basis.

He couldn't be more accurate!

So many of us think...."Ugh, I don't want to workout." 

Or...."I don't want to go to work." "I don't want to cook dinner."

The list goes on....

But in all reality....all we are doing is bringing more negative emotions and attention into our minds.

If I thought like this....I would NEVER have recovered from my accident. I still would probably be on my mom's couch headed nowhere with my life. 

What you need is a SHIFT in that mindset. Start telling yourself that....

"You GET to workout today." (how many are not lucky enough to be able to workout)
"I GET to go to work today."(how many are stuck jobless in America!)
"I GET to cook dinner for my family tonight" (so many are stuck eating fast food or freezer meals!)

Like you, I must avoid the little opinions of small-minded people that keep us stuck in a fishbowl of mediocrity when we need to be swimming in the ocean of incredible opportunity. We must step-up and get outside our comfort zones, we must play up a level, and we must surround ourselves with people better than us.

So if you began this week already dreading the start to it....I encourage you to switch that mindset. Start looking at the positives of everything!

It's funny, it really is...I even see trainers posting about the dreaded Monday alarm. For me, I'm so excited to start my week I don't even need to set my alarm! Im out of bed before 4:30am!

So make a point tonight to reject ANY negative thought that pops into the mind.....whether it's your son refusing to go to bed or your wife forgetting your favorite milk at the store....switch the mind to a positive frame and start living life on the brightside!

You will thank me later!

We have no more room for negativity in this world. Shut out the darkness! 

Get some good rest tonight and be ready to crush it tomorrow! I have a special Med Ball workout coming your way that you can do ANYWHERE! 

If you want more workouts that you can jumpstart your day with, just subscribe to me on Playbook here. 

You can the first two weeks FREE! Android is also now available! 

Until next time, 

Do stuff you love with the people you love most!

Coach Mikey

Monday, February 18, 2019

My least favorite exercise...

Happy Monday!

Did you get off to a good start? Attack your day head strong and wake up ready to crush your goals?

I hope so.

Today I got reading more of the weight loss book Meg got me for Valentine's Day and I get more and more shocked with what I read.

Did you know that many overweight people who diet tend to gain the weight RIGHT back simply because their resting metabolism slows down with when they try to go back to eating normally...

They GAIN.

It makes sense right? I mean, so many of us try to slash calories when they diet, and sure...this may work initially, but it cannot be something sustainable, which ultimately has them gaining it right back when they eat normally simply because of their metabolism.

That is why I always recommend doing something you can STICK to.

Anyways, back to my story...

Over the weekend I was visiting another gym and saw trainers doing one of my least favorite exercises.

It's funny...because you don't see ANY of them in OAF.

The Bosu Ball!

Yes, balance training is a staple for any program, but what I now see are circus acts trying to be performed on these pieces of equipment. It's quite comical really....seeing such a display of trainers queuing their clients to squat, deadlift, or even do single leg work with weights on this thing.

Let's be practical....

Sure, snowboarders, skiers, and other sports dudes require balance and stability components of their training. BUT none of which should include weights. When do you see a snowboarder adding weight to their hands while snowboarding?

Functional is such a broad term in the fitness industry and in today's world...trainers are beginning to find ways to make a cool video on instagram rather than see the true benefit...or lack thereof...of each exercise they come up with.

You see, strength and balance are TWO separate training stimuli. Both of which, require their own unique programming and protocol. Combining them just makes for a silly way for trainers to say they can fit more work in less reality....they need to be the better programmer and make use of their session to involve both components without silly shit.

I truly do think there is a time and place for bosu balls and balance/stability work, but the ways some trainers go about them may do more harm than good.

From day one I've learned and studied under some amazing fitness professionals and I always took the same advice...

Sometimes you just got to KISS.


....and all shall be fine!

Above all, my thoughts can be relayed to a popular quote about guns not killing all know that one...well...

Bosu balls don’t make people do stupid exercises. Stupid personal trainers make people do stupid exercises.

If you are ready to start training in a week program with me from the comfort of your own home, you can subscribe to me on Playbook here and gear up for my spring slim down program! It's going to be huge and you won't want to miss it!

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Have a kickass rest of the week! 

Coach Mikey

Saturday, February 16, 2019


It's crazy how many foods have added sugar.

Every single lunch meat I wanted to buy has sugar, corn syrup, cane juice, dextrose, or some other version of sugar added to the ingredient list. Same with every packaged beef jerky and pepperoni stick. 

Even most of the salmon fillets and chunks of pre-cooked chicken came with added sugar and fillers. 
NOTE: I'm just preparing for having a baby and was looking for quick options....but it's INSANE! 

Let's be real....its why..well...the staggering statistic is that nearly 80% of the United States are either OVERWEIGHT or OBESE!

Scary, right? 

I read it in my new book Meggy got me....

Even scarier.....

That most people who lose weight gain it back. I mean, if you are reading this...chances are shaking your head NOT YOU...but I hate to break it to you....

It's true!

That is why I take pride in what I do at Over-Achieve.

Everyone in our gym hold themselves accountable. We train together, we coach, support, monitor, adjust nutrition and make sure everyone is doing th best they can to stay on track.


Through our full body scans, custom nutrition, accountability coaches, and support are always helped so that you stay on track.

Which is why we get members getting crazy results all the time! Just like Ronda.....

So if you are ready to start getting results, getting accountable....and STOP being another statistic to spread then maybe it's time you snag one of our *FINAL SPOTS* in the Share the Love campaign. You can come in with a friend or significant other and reach your goals alongside us all!

But you need to join fast, because we are ending this program in the next 48 hours!

But anyways, back to my story...

Another grocery store nightmare?

And yogurt is as popular as ever these days. 

I'm amazed at how many commercials there are on TV for this...they advertise it like it's the healthiest thing on the planet, but there are so many yogurts in the market you need to avoid! Basically ALL of them but this, LOL...

Plain is not too tasty, but you can add some stevia or monk fruit and a half scoop of natural plant/whey protein powder and it instantly adds a protein boost and adds to the flavor!

But Those commercials you are seeing everywhere are for so-called "healthy yogurts" that support healthy gut bacteria (you need healthy gut bacteria to boost your immune system and your metabolism) are full of crap. Some of them you are better off eating a TWIX bar! LOL
Here's the problem...these yogurts are often filled with sugar (about half as much sugar as in a can of soda!). That's deadly and will make you fat. Do NOT eat yogurt with added sugar.
But you still need to have healthy gut bacteria if you want to lose fat, speed your metabolism, stay healthy and never get sick, and to finally get a flat belly forever. To do those all of those good things, follow this simple plan:

Follow us at OAF or me on playbook! You can be apart of my online community for a fraction of the cost(FREE to start clicking here).

You can see all my latest workouts and train with me from ANYWHERE in the comfort of your own home!

I hope you all are having a kickass weekend thus far, and remember....STAY AWAY FROM ADDED SHIT! 

That means check things like Marinara, Chicken, Condiments, GUM, Sauces, Yogurts, "Health" bars, granola, nuts and virtually ANYTHING you find in the grocery store!

Together we can do this! Lets end the obesity epidemic!

Talk soon

Coach Mikey

PS -- If you see this guy today make sure you wish him a happy birthday!! So happy to have this man as my father! Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Tired of seeing "SHREDDED TRAINERS" pictures all over social media?

This one ought to make some people utter with pure joy because of how relatable it can be.

You've seen it....

All over instagram....facebook, etc...."Fitness Experts" who claim they can get you RIPPED and in the best shape of their life, just because they look like this....

There cover photo gets you clicking into their profile, only because we as Americans subconsciously tell ourselves WE can look just like that if we do what he does.

But I hate to be bluntly honest with you....

9 times out of 10....or quite frankly, 98% of the WON'T be in your cards.

Look, these trainers may in fact be knowledgable...but more likely than not....they are either

1) On drugs(epi, tren, andro, test, etc..)
2) Have insane genetics
3) Spend 4-5 hours a day training

Now, this isn't the case for ALL, but again, my point to the post is to just be careful for who you opt to get advice and training from.

Just because they are rocking a 12 pack with veins from every muscle doesnt mean they can clearly define the benefits of conjugate methods and periodization to unilateral vs compound movements....and effectively train an individual WHILE building rapport and excitement.

There isn't a second I train clients and worry about "my muscles" or workouts. It's a complete myth to think a good trainer loves to workout all day....

In fact, we hardly do because we are so focused on the health and goals of our clients.  Now that I get help with training in Over-Achieve, I am able to dedicate a little more time to train, but I still put my clients needs before mine 100%.

It's tough to say that guy or girl on IG with 100K followers does....

But you can be the judge on that.

I've trained and been around some of the world's BEST fitness professionals and not one of them have bodies like the one above.

Now, they are not overweight and chubby by any means....they are FIT.

For example, depending on my goals and time of year(prepping for shoots, etc) I stay around 175lbs and 8-12% BF. Fairly lean. I have no interest in trying to "bulk" and "cut" and live the bodybuilder life.

I like to eat clean 24/7 and practice what I preach by perfecting my craft. I train by implementing, meaning I DO all the workouts I write myself and do this so I know what it's like when they are going through them.

So I can relate.

So I can understand.

So I can be there to help and know what it's like.

Do these guys on social media know you just don't like doing deadlifts? They are "profound" exercises in his programming only because he does them 3x a week and thinks they are the worlds greatest exercise....but doesn't care that you don't.

I like deadlifts, but they are not for everyone. You don't need to do them to build a strong backside. I can offer a ton of varieties for an individual.

My point is to make sure you are not choosing your trainer based on perception alone. Everyone has different bodies due to genetics. Some have a harder time getting lean. Some store fat easier and some just can eat whatever the hell they want and have a bodyfat below 5%.

There are so many "claimed" professionals in the industry now, and it takes more than a few IG stories to get you a reputation. It takes years training, watching, and learning. I've been in the industry a decade now(yikes, I know).....and I am constantly trying to learn and be better at what I do....

Take it for what it's worth, but maybe re-think your followers on social media if you are looking to get results.

If you are interested in training with me, I am taking a few online spots right now. You can message me for details or you can sign up for my coaching on playbook here.

Sign Up Here FREE: 

Alrighty, stay warm and have a kickass rest of your weekend peeps!

And remember, just because someone told you "something they heard" ....doesn't mean it's TRUE.

Sometimes our world needs some good people, so go be a good person today and find out the truth in your questions before you begin assuming.

Play up a level. Surround yourself with people that have admirable qualities and skills that you want to emulate. 

Associate with positive people only...even if the only positive people in life are people on the Internet & people you read about in books.

Or even.....PETS....they can bring out the best in you!

Stay strong,


Tuesday, February 5, 2019

⚠️➡️Busy Moms Listen Up!🎧⚠️

⚠️➡️Busy Moms Listen Up!🎧⚠️

Are you tired of trying every time of workout video series, gym routine, and diet to get the body you want BUT FALL VICTIM to your job, kids, and stress⁉️

Just when you feel like you get going on something….either

1️⃣You get sidetracked with MOM duties and responsibilities that send your motivation from 100 to 1 instantly.
2️⃣You get frustrated because you don’t see there results you want and ultimately give up.
3️⃣You realize quickly that you just don’t have the time it takes to do the workouts and routines you start trying.


That’s MY SPECIALTY, and over the last decade…I’ve helped HUNDREDS of women in your situation get out of that “rut” you feel! 

In fact, some got into the BEST SHAPE of their lives with me. ALL using basic minimal equipment that you can get and do at home!

➡️Better yet…
I’m telling you NOW that you don’t need endless hours on cardio equipment or expensive gym equipment!
In fact, some of the workouts can just be done with your very own BODYWEIGHT!


It’s a shame to go through life trying every new gimmick and diet out there only to get disappointed…when all you truly need is a coach like me to get you where you want!

I am gearing up to start my BAKINI BODY BURN program and want you all to start getting in the game with me!

Best of all, you can now for FREEπŸ’ͺ🏽….Try it out for 7 days and then come March, this program will light πŸ”₯to the @playbook world so you can FINALLY be in the best shape this summer!

You can start by subscribing to my channel here:

⚠️OR⚠️ you can simply reply back to me and let me know what you want me to start doing workouts with and/or types and I will get right after if for YOU!

There is no other guy on this planet who understands your life than me! I spent years helping, caring, supporting and being there for women just like you! I can relate so well to EACH of you and make sure life doesn’t get in the way this time! 

You finally will get a trainer who KNOWS and CARES!

Heck, I am even getting ready to be a daddy myself so I will be able to relate as I get my wife back into shape!

So join me, and my FIT FAM as we start revolutionizing the way we can train at home! 

Or reply to this email!

Talk soon!
Coach Mikey

Saturday, February 2, 2019


When I came up with this idea back in October, I had my vision set on what EXACTLY panned out this morning!
I remember telling Megan that I wanted t host an event that grabbed people's attention and present something that would:
Encourage Them
Motivate Them
Inspire Them
Help EVERYONE in attendance realize their self-worth
Get them understanding how to LIVE THE BEST LIFE
Give them TRICKS & TOOLS in doing so
Relate to them successful experiences
BEAT the inner MIND GAMES we all face
And to ultimately help everyone realize that THEY CAN do it and have the life they want by making the changes we encourage!
➡️It was a ⭐️HUGE⭐️ Success! We had a phenomenal turnout and an even better time helping and inspiring those who came!
It's not easy taking time out of your Saturday to come and participate to a "new" event, so I really need to thank EVERYONE personally who helped make this happen!
1️⃣Aaron Cox.....I came to you and said, "I have an idea!" and you were a flipping ROCKSTAR man. You took action, helped, organized, planned, and prepped everything needed! Couldn't have done it without you and I am BEYOND thankful for you day in and day out! #dreamteam
2️⃣Megan Lynn Cox for dealing with Aaron's frustrations as well as mine for planning this! πŸ˜‚ And for making the amazing notebooks everyone got along with the flyers and marketing!! You truly are the best!!! πŸ’“ Not to mention I am SUPER proud of you for seeing these late night gym sessions and you working on YOU now too!!
3️⃣Brittany May for speaking and sharing your AMAZING story! By far the best I've heard! You put mine to shame! was a tearjerker & yet SUPER powerful, motivational speech and I can't thank you enough for supporting OAF and even ME as I try to help more people change their lives with Fitness.
4️⃣Dr.Kelly Lane Rife for also speaking and bringing such awareness to how powerful the mind is! We all LOVED your rubber band activity! It is always a pleasure working with you and you are such a role model to me!
5️⃣Lance Walker FOR know it....BRINGING the πŸ”₯HEATπŸ”₯ with your sincere yet encouraging words of wisdom on goal setting and how important it is! You are family to me and always will be! I know MANY of our OAF members would love for you to pop in and bring some of that heat back inπŸ™πŸΌπŸ’ͺ🏽
6️⃣Randi Baer Weist Thank you so much for the amazing talk on holistic care and nutrition! I learned so much as did all the people who came! I know the Apothecary is a FABULOUS place and I encourage all people to go check it out! Thank you for the handouts and samples as well! Love BONE BROTH & COLLAGEN PROTEIN!πŸ’ͺπŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½
7️⃣Mari always amaze me! Your constant support(even though when I first told you I wanted to do this you said I was crazy😱😎) means the world to me! I can't thank you enough, as well as Brian Overfor helping with supplies, AMAZING protein balls & muffins that are 100% healthy and for being the BEST mom ever! Love you and dad to pieces and can't thank you enough for even being there!
8️⃣Samantha Hurden for being apart of the staff who came to help, support, organize & plan the event with me! You do so much for everyone ALL the time and having you there meant a TON to me!πŸ™πŸΌ
9️⃣My Megan Over for supporting me and helping me put this together in my head, as always! Love you so much hunnie!
πŸ”ŸChuy MuΓ±oz and Juan Munoz! You guys ALWAYS are so so amazing and fast to help when we are in need! Montezumas was DELICIOUS! I think EVERYONE would agree to that as plates and plates of food were GONE in a heartbeat! THANK YOU!πŸ™πŸΌ
⚠️TO EVERYONE WHO CAME.....THANK YOU....Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to come hang out with us! I am hoping this is the beginning of an awesome annual event we can hold and I LOVED talking to you all!