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Thursday, November 14, 2013

The First Month In Business

Well, I made it!

One month in at Over-Achieve Fitness.  My first impression....building a business is TOUGH! It takes hard work. It takes a lot of "in's" and "out's" that not too many will ever think about unless they do it too.

The biggest thing on my mind......$TRE$$!!!

Yes, we have all been there. Wondering how to make it through things financially, and how it can affect your demeanor on an everyday basis.

It's always there in the back of your mind...

"How am I going to pay this...and this....and this...."
"That bill can't be right" -----SPEND 4 HOURS A DAY CALLING THEM!!
"Getting heat...who will pay for that?"
"Electricity, plumbing, gas, network, software..."

The list goes on!

How do you cope with problems that arise in your life? Do you pray? Try to take it head on?

I have never been the best with dealing stress but I feel like this type is different. I am calling it positive stress!


Why? Well, for example. The Internet. I just got WIFI last week. That was stressful. Bad experience...yet, for me to be able to get WIFI, it must mean I have lots of customers and client who want it and see me on a daily basis! THAT'S POSITIVE!

Aside from all the stresses, I tried my best to focus on those positives at hand.(or at least wait until I try to sleep at night to bring the bad thoughts up and "to do's"  which is SO GREAT for helping my sleep issues!)

Let's see, the positives....

1) In my first four weeks of business I have averaged 12.7 people per workout! (That .7 must be the unlucky one who got the bad end of the stick when doing burpees ;)   )

2) I've become SO MUCH closer to all my clients! This is exactly what "building a relationship" means in my books. I would do ANYTHING for my members and I leave everything I have on the floor for each workout, and they all do the same for me in return......that's what delivers RESULTS my friends. Yes, yes....trainers can give it their all too! Just ask some members about my squeaking issues. I get so loud I tend to lose my voice....and sadly squeak. But hey....whatever works right?

3) I have witnessed PROGRESSION first hand from SO many clients. I watched Paul Ryneki complete a push up challenge through PURE determination, will, and desire. I witnessed a world record holder in the marathon almost pass out because she was holding a plank on over 5 minutes! I watched girls go from not being able to do ANY pull-ups to 2-4 in 4 weeks! I see lean muscles and definition in EVERY client I train.

And I'd be 100% correct to say they deserve it because the workouts I give them are demanding, challenging, yet FUN....

Because we all work for one another! No we don't do silly boot-camp stuff. Sorry no WODS that last 10 minutes. We are the toughest and fittest crew in town.

But the best thing is....EVERYONE can do it! It's as simple as walking though my door....letting me know some history, and starting you on a personalized scale!

4) I got to meet NEW clients and make a step towards helping to change their lives!

5) I was blessed with GREAT equipment and an awesome location!

6) I end up smiling or laughing EVERYDAY. Which, I can honestly say to everyone, wouldn't be possible if I didn't have so many supporters. All I want is to be able to run, squat, jump, and cut again! Show everyone I worked hard as well.  Jump in workouts and give a little hand to those who need it! But, for now, I get down from square one when having to ask someone to demonstrate for me. It feels pathetic that a trainer needs someone to demonstrate. But I am not giving up and hope someday I am healed. Until then, my family at Over-Achieve helps make me smile even on days I never thought I would. You guys all know who you are!

7) I am getting phone calls and e-mails everyday from new people asking about me and my new facility! Getting so busy I am now starting to add workouts already!


....I am making a difference in other people's lives! I am using my knowledge to help others. I push, motivate, encourage, and explain. I try to be the best I can day in and day out. But if there is one thing I could tell you that is SINGLE HANDED the most important thing for success.....

It would be support! And I try to be the best support you have. I would do anything for my clients and members, as long as it doesn't entail moving my car from a no parking zone or burpees....we are good :)

But I would sincerely like to thank all those who are behind me in this venture of mine!

Let's see how far we can take it, huh?

I'm all IN......are YOU?

Until Next Time,

Stay Strong and Keep Reaching For Your Dreams!!

Mike Over
Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday Motivation / Train Slow...Run Slow, Train Fast...Run Fast

So I know many of you out there are training with me because you are looking to improve in one area or another.

Maybe its body composition, or building lean muscle, or simply improving your race times or compound lifts!?

Well, whichever the the goal...I'm here to help. I've studied the human body, studied on myself when I used to train, and learned many sure fire ways to reveal each of those traits by doing ONE workout.

I know some of you out there are a little nervous to train with me...and all I want to say to you is....


Yes, you have heard the saying, everyone must start somewhere right? Well, that's true...but you also need to know that being comfortable in an environment is key to success.

You can be the strongest lifter or fastest runner, but if you are surrounded by a family who is filled with alcoholics or does NOT support you in any will be a tough road.

Not at Over-Achieve Fitness. Everyone here will drop down and do burpees FOR YOU. They will motivate you. I will motivate you. I know life can be tough, demanding, unfair, and hectic...

Which is why you will love being with us. I have been through so much in just 24 years and am still battling day in and day out to be able to compete again. Everyone there is the same way. They love to help. They would be the best supporting cast you could ever want.

And that leads to RESULTS.

Let me tell you a little story about myself.

Well, most of you know of this hell my body is going through. Next week will be exactly 14 months since my bike accident and regretfully so, I am feeling more pain now than I did last year!  How is that possible?

NO CLUE, but many of you need to realize that "being tough" or strong takes out the best in you. I was hoping to be back racing again by last December. I am going on THIS December and looking like I don't have a prayer.

Actually, last mom and dad have been noticing me being down a little bit more( would be too if the one thing you love has been taken from you for this long) and I overheard my mom mention to my dad that she is worried because she doesn't think I'll ever compete again, and thinks I won't bike anymore.

It basically took any bit of hope I had left out of my system.

So why must you work hard? Why must you come train with me?

Because I put my LIFE into fitness. I truly love everything about it. I try to find ways to challenge the body on a day in day out basis!

So, don't spend your fall and winter season doing the normal...

Go To Planet Fitness

Hop On The Elliptical

Bring Your Holiday Cooking Magazine

Trudge For A Boring 45 Minutes

And Maybe Do Some Core Work

THEN when April comes around your stuck wondering how you gained all this weight. Why don't you commit to something that will GUARANTEE you results, and keep everything as fun as possible?

Why don't you do it to help me. Because the best part of my day is seeing you guys walk through my door and work hard for me. Its truly amazing and I wouldn't trade my job for the world. I just hope and pray everyday that I will someday be able to join you guys.

But until then, you all must work for me. I will be here to push you, help you reach stepping stones you never thought were possible. I'm here for YOU. Your not paying the business to come in and workout.

Your paying to get a full on relationship with me and everyone else in the facility. I've been told I am very assessable and will answer as many questions as I can!

So, this year, give it a go!

Make a commitment. For me. The money you spend is worth every penny. You would be surprised what you can afford if you just swap out one night of your bar bill. There is your monthly fee for me.....


is it that important?

Because I would give ANYTHING right now to have the opportunity you guys do.

Take advantage of it!

“Don’t give up when you still have something to give, cause nothing is really over until the moment you stop trying.”

Now for my quick informational tip.

Training slow will correlate to running slow. Plain and simple. I was reading an article yesterday where they took a guy who had a Vo2 max of 50.6 ml/kg/min., with anaerobic threshold occurring at 60% of VO2max (laboratory test). After six months of training, Jon's VO2max had improved to 73.1 ml/kg/min, and his anaerobic threshold didn't occur until an impressive 80% (anaerobic threshold is now generally believed to be the best predictor of endurance performance; And what's neat is his heart rate remained constant!

His trainer mentioned, "We got him to go faster instead of longer, incorporating more threshold runs and sprint work. And, probably more importantly, I told him he had to stop lifting like a sissy. He got a lot stronger and more explosive on compound free-weight movements, and it clearly made a big difference."

He then started explaining to him that the best endurance athletes are the ones that go the FASTEST for the longest distance...NOT who can go the longest.

He also stated some true facts about slow and fast twitch muscle fibers, "In scientific jargon, super-slow training doesn't work due to a phenomenon called "asynchronous recruitment." We all have slow twitch and fast twitch muscle fibers, and it's to our advantage to activate as many of them as possible when we resistance train in order to truly reap the benefits that our nervous system and muscles can offer. As you may already know, slow twitch fibers are always recruited first; your body won't also call upon the fast twitch fibers in your muscles unless it really needs help with a challenging task – like the last few reps on a set of five squats. Once we're a bit experienced with resistance training, in order to recruit fast twitch fibers (which can actually be converted to slow twitch fibers to enhance endurance performance), we need to train with at least 70% of our maximal strength on a particular exercise in order to build strength with classic "repetition work." The more experienced one gets, the higher this percentage goes; really experienced lifters won't get stronger below 85-90%, in fact."

Now that's some solid research!

And it's exactly how I train many athletes. You must incorporate high speed Olympic lifts and exercises to really see the best of your training!

So that's it for the day, your tips to success!

Until Next Time,

Stay Strong and PLEASE keep working hard for me!!

Mike Over
Strength & Conditioning Specialist