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Friday, January 11, 2013

A common theme goes around with runners and weight lifting....they dont want to bulk up and gain weight.  They get scared to lift because of several reasons which all have no truth to them whatsoever.

So I am here today to explain why runners can see tremendous benefits from MRT & MCT training.

First, a little study....

Scientists at the Research Institute for Olympic Sports at the University of Jyvaskyla in Finland found that replacing 32% of regular endurance training volume with explosive resistance training for nine weeks improved 5km times, running economy, VO2max, maximal 20m speed, and performance on a 5-jump test. With the exception of VO2max, none of these measures improved in the control group that just did endurance training (3). How do you think they felt knowing that a good 1/3 of their entire training volume was largely unnecessary, and would have been better spent on other initiatives?

Sure, if you isolate muscle groups, eat a whopping 3-5K Calories a day, you can build muscle fairly quickly.  However, circuit training has benefits that make running seem more like an evil way to treat the body.  This type of training has many benefits in the health aspects alone:

1. Enhances endocrine and immune function (which are compromised by endurance training)
2. Maintains muscle mass (also negatively affected by endurance training)
3. Improves functional capacity in spite of aging by maintaining maximal strength and power (both of which decrease with prolonged endurance training)
4. Builds bone density (something many runners lack due to poor dietary practices, but desperately need in light of the high risk of stress fractures)
5. Enables us to more rapidly correct muscle imbalances, as evidenced by the fact that resistance training is the cornerstone of any good physical therapy program (and I’ve never met a runner without imbalances)

Not to mention the physical benefits! Lean muscle gain, fat loss, mood enhancement, and better posture.

So stop being apart of the cardio cinema craze that leaves you on the same piece of equipment and doing the same routine year after year without seeing results.  Its time to start a new era of fitness.  Functional training will get you to your goals! Call me today and get started!

Its never too late to put your health on the high end of your priorities. Make the commitment. Get fit. Get lean. Run Fast.


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