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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dedication....Plus A free Gift To My Followers For This Crazy Snow Storm!

Well, Chambersburg is going out with a bang I guess! All winter we had cold, blistery weather but hardly any snow!

Until today, getting over 7 inches already by morning! Guess mother nature wasn't quite ready for spring after all! So I will post a special gift for those of you who cant get out of the house today!

But first, a little talk about some important factors of life!


Whether your goal is to land that business promotion, those last 10 pounds, or even just simply stay committed to an exercise program, it all takes dedication! Without any internal drive, it will be next to impossible.

Many factors help influence this dedication.  My biggest asset is my family and the positive outlook they bring into my life! No matter what I know they will always support my dreams and goals, and they will be by my side with a positive outlook on everything.  My injury has been the cornerstone for me in terms of this very topic. I can't explain how tough it's been for me to battle through a year of being off training. I feel awful, and miss everything about running, biking, weight training(using my legs), and being able to walk and get out of bed without pain!

BUT, with that being said, I have made it 7 months so far, and a large a part of that is due to the amazing family I have!

Everyday you need to look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you are GREAT.  I'm dead serious! It works! You need to remind yourself what your trying to accomplish and the steps you need to take to get there!

Back to my example, if you want to lose weight for that wedding or vacation this summer, you have to be DEDICATED, and commit yourself to fitness. You can't give yourself excuses to fail. That is what "that little man" in your head is telling  you, but you must fight it!

I have clients who word 14 hour days but still come to see me three times a  week! There are just no excuses for a lack of fitness! You must make it a priority, and let it be known to EVERYONE around you!

Personally, I try to be as helpful as I can in my business! I try to be there for every client and help each one individually because I genuinely care about them all and want to see them succeed! Its one thing to help another, but it must start with helping yourself!

Make that step today and make a change in your life to stop letting those hurdles in life hold you back from achieving your goals! If you need help, I will be glad to do it!

You just can't have excuses!

I had a fractured femur, torn acl, mcl, partial tear of my patella tendon, sprained shoulder, concussion, and dis-located knee-cap from my accident.

Two weeks later when I could get up off the couch on my own I was swimming & lifting weights with one arm. I didn't want a man who was impatient and careless ruin my life. I considered myself as lucky to be alive and took the first step forward! You can't let ANYTHING get in your way if you want to be successful!

Again, if you need help making that first step, or need help with a new aspect of your me! I will be more than willing to help! I won't give you some program and say, go to it! I will BE THERE every step of the way to see you succeed! Ask Anthony Nori, Owner of Meadows Ice Cream. His dedication and internal drive inspires me on a daily basis!

But that's not it!  HOW ABOUT A FREE BODY WEIGHT WORKOUT FOR YOU! I know some of you may be trapped inside in this crazy storm today, so here is a workout that is sure to get you soaked in sweat and feeling great! 

Repeat This Circuit 4 Times, Resting 90 Seconds After Each Round: (Perform Each Exercise for 45 Seconds)

- Prisoner Squat
- T Push Up
- Plyometric Quick Feet on Steps
- Dive Bomber Push Up
- Burpee
- SpiderMan Plank

**Added Finisher
Perform Each Exercise For 2 Rounds Of Tabatta Intervals(20 Seconds Work, 10 Seconds Rest x 2)
- Stair Runs or Jumps
- Mountain Climbers
- Lunge Jump Burpee
- Decline Close Grip Push Up

There you have it! Done and soaked in under 30 Minutes! Can't beat that for a cold, snowy day! Now get to it and remember, to be great, yo must TRAIN GREAT!

Success is simple, once you accept how hard it is. The secrets to success are not complex. They are right there for all of us to see. Dedication, commitment, discipline, hard work, adding value, and connecting with others – those are things you must have and what you must do.

Mike Over
CPT / Strength & Conditioning Specialist

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