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Thursday, October 24, 2013

5 Body Weight Exercises To AVOID

Well, as many of you last few weeks has been a bucket full of challenges....

Physically and Mentally...

Which is exactly why I am here to help keep you guys in line the best I can in either aspect(I'd prefer physically but many of you know I help with both)  :)

It  truly amazes me how many fitness "experts" still run their clients through dangerous and harmful exercises that do more harm than good. I see it everyday.

Yes, I may be young....but trust me, I do my research and I spend countless hours trying to find the safest and most effective ways to train the human body.

Sometimes it can be simple, and other times much more complicated. Whichever the route....I am sure to not include exercises that put my clients bodies at risk for injury.

That means, you don't have your 60 year old client with 3 back surgeries doing GH Sit-ups or crunches.

Or your baseball phenom performing massive amounts of Olympic lifts....there is just no need.

Your older client will better serve off hip thrusts and exercises to strengthen the posterior chain. The baseball player could do more harm with the amount of stress placed and extracted from the shoulders in Olympic lifts.  Why not have him develop superior core strength and scapular stability with rotational core movements.

So here are my 5 Top Bodyweight Exercises NOT to do....even if you had a trainer tell you its ok....I guarantee you that it could possibly hurt you.

1.) Dips with hands Behind you on a Bench:

- Just HORRIBLE for your rotator cuff. In doing these, you are forcing your shoulder past its normal range of motion PLUS placing stress on it. No good.

2.) Any Jumping Exercises Done On Concrete To An Excessive Amount.
- Most everyone is guilty of this but take from a trainer who has seen many people get hurt from just one workout consisting of several jumping exercises on concrete.

3.) Sit-Ups and Crunches
-If you don't know why by now....I'd say your in trouble.

4.) Push-Ups with Your elbows flared out


-It's funny, I met a trainer who really emphasized bench pressing with elbows tucked then watched him put his client into push-up position and instruct him to flare the elbows out.....hmmmm.

Yes, push ups and presses is the same movement on the shoulder and rotator cuff. Flaring elbows out on pushups can cause some havoc to your joints!

5.) Box Jumps Done For Speed
- Just very dangerous on Achilles tendon and the benefit you get is only conditioning based. Risk outweighs any reward here. If I wanted to condition you I would give you hundreds of alternatives than a dangerous movement.

Jump up, absorb the landing, and step down. MUCH safer and beneficial.

*** Some Bonus Exercises To Watch

- Mountain Climbers and Mongrel Jumps with Rounded Backs......NO benefit. Keep that core tight. Same goes for planks.  If you think they are easy, you are most likely doing them wrong.

- Squats with rounding of the Back. No good. Shows a sure sign of a weak core.

- Plyo Jumps landing on the Toes....Horrible for your Achilles tendon and pre-disposes your shins and knees to some lovely pain.

TRUST ME, you don't want knee pain.

If there is one thing I can emphasize most, please take care of your knees and shoulders. I have been battling two severe injuries with both and it is not fun.

(AND NO, if you were wondering if I got them through bad form of exercises  LOL)

Just Read a Previous Blog.

Thanks And Until Next Time,

Keep Fighting For Me!!!

You know I will ALWAYS keep trying for you, just lately seem to have a black cloud over everything but my facility.

Someday health will be in my future and I can get back to doing what I love.

Have a Great Healthy and Safe Weekend!

Mike Over

Strength And Conditioning Specilist

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