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Friday, January 30, 2015

Is Tabata being done right? Why this is so popular...

Happy Friday!

Guess what, I am done at 3:00 today! What a relief! Got Corbin and Marissa both helping out for the afternoon/evening sessions and my streak of long January days can finally end.....

If only I could I will write instead.

I hope everyone has stuck to their January resolutions! I know, many of you have not....

and you only have yourself to blame on that one for a lack of discipline! 

Look, I know it can be hard to stay away from sugar, stay clear from starbucks frapacino that they should just advertise as a liter of soda with as much garbage as those things contain....

But when it comes down to need to have will power, you need strength....

And you know one BIG thing that helps me stay strong with temptations everyday?? 


Yes, I am battered up, broken down, have a brain moving 110001010010101xxxx an bad I forget what I am thinking almost daily when talking to groups/athletes....BUT.....I train HARD. I train with a purpose, and maybe some day I will train for a goal(race) again....but for now, I enjoy the fact that I know I am pretty fit :) 

This morning, I had the luxury of training with Mark....and him and I go to town some days when we train, but this morning we were both whipped mentally and physically. We still hammered a solid complex geared more on conditioning and it felt great knowing I was done when the final round was complete!

That's the thing....YOU FEEL GOOD when training hard....You feel like you pushed yourself to a point that makes you walking out of OAF feeling bada**, right? 

For me, I take the fact that:

A) I am not sure how my knees will be a day/month/year from now...How much longer I can train this way....If I will be able to work this hard when I am 30...

B) I gave EVERY OUNCE of what I had, and KNOW I am burning some serious calories and developing good lean muscle gains 

So why piss and throw it away for a dish of chicken wings(which yes I used because I know trillions will be eaten this Sunday)....but really....WHY? You worked so hard for an hour to the point of exhaustion....

Why go eat and get 5 minutes of glory that will completely wash away what that just was....especially knowing I may not be able to much longer....

So....for your February, maybe take your normal...."I worked out so I can eat...." to a "I worked out HARD so I am going to eat clean," type of mentality. 

You can do it!! 

Stay strong and keep on pushing on...and never give up on what is important to you, even if yesterday it got further away from you. Pull it back towards you today. Stake your claim. Change your ways. Do what is right for YOU!

Now on to the beloved tabata interval story...are they all that's hyped up to be? I mean I do them often as a trainer...but am I doing them right?

Here is the truth....

It's one of the BIGGEST myths in the fitness industry.
Tabata training popularity is at an all time high and frankly, the truth behind Tabata training is that it's NOT just 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest.

Sure, you can get results using the 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off approach, but for a TRUE Tabata, you'll be working at an intensity of 170% of your VO2 max.
In other words, doing 20 seconds of bodyweight squats won't do the trick.
A Tabata requires the most intense exercises such as burpees (at a fast pace), a variety of sprints or running in place, etc.
For some, doing lunge jumps or jumping jacks at a VERY rapid pace can get you close. The best thing about them is that they are best for when you may be short on time!!

In fact, 

Research has proven Tabata finishers will burn up to 360 calories in just 4 minutes.
The way I design Tabata Finishers is that I use a variety of ZERO equipment exercises or power explosive ones for advanced members using both upper and lower body so you can work at your maximum capacity with every Tabata. 
You'll need to use exercises that demand more intensity so you can burn up to 360 calories a minute.
In other words, you have to make the 20 seconds count!

For example:

Try this out as a finisher:

Double Jump Burpee -2x
Mongrel Jump - 2x
Jump Squats- 2x
Rapid Fire IN/OUT TUCKS -2x

That easy. can be the judge....

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

Behave on the "2nd biggest eating Day of the Year" ....yes, crazy....We are Americans....

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