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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tips to Get the Most out of your Glute Training

A big topic in this week’s workouts tended to be geared towards the butt! A lot of runners want that perfect butt and think running will get it for them.

Unfortunately, the sad truth is that it WON’T! But, that’s why I am here to give you a few tips on glute training!

As for athletic performance, when it comes to glutes, what you see is not necessarily what you get. The glutes are a bit like the calves in that the size of the muscle group does not necessarily reflect its strength.

So lets take a look at a few things to help your training:

1.)    Lose Body Fat :
Your glutes are just like your abdominals.  They are there; however, if they are covered up by layers of fatty tissue, you will not see them.  The glutes are the same way.  If you drop your body fat you would be surprised at how much better they will look!
2.)    Avoid Aerobics:
The shape of the glutes is directly influenced by muscular development. Long, slow, aerobic sessions hinder muscle development.  So, plugging away on a cross trainer for hours each day will in a sense do nothing for the development of those muscles.
3.)    Train throughout a full range:
 Partial-range training does have benefits, especially in the area of strength development, but for maximal glute development you should perform exercises throughout a full range of motion. This is especially true with exercises such as back squats, front squats, split squats and step-ups – exercises that are often performed with a limited range of motion in order to use more weight.
4.)    Use Resistance:
Sure, glute-ham raises and back extensions may be great for those rehabbing injuries to that area, or even good for beginners.  However, if you want to shape the glutes and blast the fat surrounding them, you must add weight and resistance train! Even 65-75% 1RM (8-10 Reps) will work for that area.
5.)    Use a variety of Training Protocols:
You can’t just stick to the same amount of sets, reps, and exercises for any single muscle to develop.  You must go outside the box and mix it up in all aspects of training schemes.
6.)    Use a variety of exercises:
It is a myth that there is one specific, ultimate exercise for the glutes; you have to allow for various factors such as resistance curves and angles of pull. Yes, back extensions with bent legs are great for the glutes, but so are lunges, back extensions and Romanian deadlifts. Also, consider that if you perform hip extensions for your glutes, you will also be using your hamstrings – there is no such thing as a true isolation exercise for the glutes.
7.)    Sprint or Sled Pushing
Sprinting and resistance sprinting is a great way to torch your tushy. Also, pushing a weighted sled is another great option for those who attend gyms with them! You have got the ramp up intensity to uncover those muscles, just like the abdominals I mentioned earlier. 
8.)    Structural Imbalances:
Having poor posture or imbalances with the spine and hips can even limit the development of the glutes! For example, excessive tightness in the psoas, a muscle involved in flexing the hip, will restrict the range of motion in exercises that strongly affect the glutes.
9.)    SMR and Soft Tisse Work:
Yes, getting that massage or even foam rolling can help with the glutes! Why? If you work them properly, the muscle fibers will shorten and become very tight.  Performing active release and lengthening the muscle will help with its muscular development and definition.
10.) Other Activities outside Training:
Think about it. My client yesterday told me he went ice skating after his session with me and his glutes hurt to even sit down today. Well, remember, you don’t have to be working out to get a great session in for your butt! Just get off the computer chair and couch and get out there and move! Ice skating, roller blades, and even fast  paced walking are great examples!

There it is! 10 Tips To Improve Your Glute Training! That’s all I have time for today! Until next time, Stay strong and don’t let anyone bring you down! Everyone has a point in their life when people tell them they can’t or have some surrounding them in negative ways. You have to work through it and find those who support your goals and dreams! I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help of my family and friends!

It is true that you find out who your true friends are when you go through a hard time or traumatic event! I had mine right by my side and I am now almost 7 months post-accident and still VERY positive! No matter what happens, someone out there is feeling worse or having a day with more difficulties than you. Remember, its those who fight through it that will come out on top!

Have a great relaxing Sunday!

Don’t forget, visit or message me to talk about my training and how you can get involved! It’s time to get everyone out of their boring gym routines and get on a fast track to results and a better and happier training session!

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