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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How Many Slams Can You Get?

Kettlebell Swings have taken the award for the best strength and conditioning tool for athletes in the past 5 or so years....It helps produce power, flexibility, speed and strength. It is a total body conditioner. It is a great tool for your training tool box and there are few exercises that offer as many benefits as it does.....


I believe I may have a rival. I just think when training for developing pure power, strength, and upper body conditioning....BATTLE ROPE SLAMS are the ultimate BEAST!  The Power Slam is performed with a 2", 50' long rope that is anchored in the middle the same way you would anchor a rope to perform a Velocity drill with the Battling Ropes. The user grabs the two ends of the 2" rope, with either an underhand or an overhand grip, and takes about 3 to 5 steps up towards the anchor point. This puts a great deal of slack in the heavy rope. Then, in a "swing" like fashion, the user swings the ends of the rope up and then slams them down in order to try to force a huge wave all the way through the rope to reach the anchor point. This requires a tremendous amount of power in both the up swing and the down swing.

There is NO MOMENTUM here! All the force is generated through the core of the athlete! Some feel 10 swings with a Kettlebell is friends....welcome to elite fitness...that is what I'm all about. Researching and finding out ways to challenge the human body.

Try comparing 10 Power Slams to 10 Swings....let me know which one puts you out of breathe. The speed and force it takes to create and push a wave to the anchor takes power and determination. You can not fake the Power Slam or "take it easy." If you expect your wave to reach the anchor point, you must force it through. Sure, the swing is a great posterior chain exercise...but I am all about core strength. Having a strong core translates into peak athletic performance....and that's what the slam is all about!!

It is a very athletic move that works the entire body. Like the swing, the Power Slam will help produce power, flexibility, speed, strength, and insane stamina. Unlike the swing, the Power Slam has very little learning curve and it is relatively safe for almost anyone.

The Power Slam also offers variability to its user. If you want to make it more difficult, you just step closer to the anchor and create more slack in the rope. If you need to "lighten your load" you just step backwards and reduce the slack in the rope. Of course, if you step all the way back, you're about to enjoy some heavy Velocity work.

So, here is my challenge to YOU!

See how long it takes you to perform 75 POWER SLAMS!

Here is a video of some of the NFL's best trying this challenge!!

Can you beat The best time, however, belonged to Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Josh Johnson, who finished the challenge in a blistering 43 seconds.

Until Next Time,

Mike Over
Strength Conditioning Specialist

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