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Sunday, December 15, 2013

What Separates Over-Achieve Fitness From YOUR Gym

WOW....What a week here at Over-Achieve Fitness. I can't begin to describe the feelings going inside my 24 year old body. Just an all around mixture of emotions.

The Public Opinion doing their thing....

Mike Over encourages gym member Corbin Sipe, Monday during a workout. Over's workouts focus on every aspect of the body to build both strength and endurance. (Markell DeLoatch — The Public Opinion)
Which, by the way, was AWESOME! The article was the most viewed and clicked of the whole day! Shawn told me he had many compliments on the article and also the neat video he posted with it! The whole team wants to follow up with more stories in the future, adding in more components of the actual training that goes on inside the facility!
Also, our Over-Achieve Fitness team that entered the Christmas Cash Dash did an absolutely AMAZING job!!
Everyone ran under a 7:30 mile pace for a 10k, with our leader coming in at 35:00 for a 10k! I'm proud and honored to have such phenomenal athletes join and represent my new business!! Seeing each one cross the finish line was so satisfying for me. Just like my article talks about. In this past year, I feed off of seeing others push themselves and work hard under my training or beliefs. Its honestly a dream come true....and watching Laurie, Jeremy, Lin, Jill, Chris, and my sister all run through that line made me feel like the luckiest guy in the world to have runners willing to give it their all, not only in my gym, but also on the roads!

I also headed up to Hershey again on Wednesday. I got  some interesting news on my knee. They were not expecting to see any improvement from the stem cell injection simply because they should have seen it by week 6-8. This was week 10 and at my last visit they didn't see anything changing. 
However, the doctor noticed that one of my tears was starting to fill in a tiny bit....either from trying my best to rehab it or from the injection.  Either way, it was GREAT to see something positive in that aspect. It has been a long road for entering 17 months. 
But like all my clients tell's not about the's about what you do with it. 
Fitness is EASY once you realize how HARD it is.....think about that for a second. 
This past year and a half has been a winding road for me....but I refuse to be one of those Men's Health Magazine "success" stories you see at the end of the book. 
Yes, you all know what I'm talking about....they are in the Women's too. 
"Man injured, has kids, gains 100lbs, wakes it off and now he is a huge success."
"Woman gets injured, has kids, gains 75lbs, works her tail off and loses it all and now a marathoner."
THAT'S GREAT for them, really! But I don't live my life that way.  You see, I refuse to let myself give up in the first place. I am not letting this injury get the better of me.  Sure, I have my days of despair and regret....but so does everyone......
what separates me from the rest, is my indestructible desire to give in and let the world solve my problems. 
If you want something bad have to go get.....plain and simple. 
Life can knock you down and be a hell of a ride if you don't get back up and fight back. Growing up, I let others bring me down day after day. Coaches took advantage of me. I was 5'5 and under 100lbs. Sure, I was athletic...but trying to compete at a high soccer level was tough. Same thing for school. 
But I learned the hard way how life works. If you want something bad enough, you will find a way. 
Which led me to Over-Achieve Fitness. 
Now, let's talk about how this place is different from your typical gym.  I know some of my readers are interested in possibly joining soon so let's just put some check-marks on any possible questions you may have.

1.) I do NOT do bootcamp. Sorry, this gym is entirely structured around the athlete's performance. Whether your looking to improve your image, hit PR's with Olympic Lifts, compete with other members, get stronger, faster, leaner, or get out of a boring rut...this is FOR YOU. 

2.) I train you like an athlete. Why?

Any more questions?

Training can take many paths and programs. With almost EVERYONE in my facility....there are desired goals and incentives. To me, that is what drives success. To always be working towards a goal or dream will give you reason to push yourself.....not just trudge on the elliptical reading Glamor and wondering why you still have a belly.

Put in the hard work, and you will be rewarded! That's exactly why I customize Shredder and Rush to adapt fully to the demands each individual can tolerate.

3.) There are NO MACHINES in this gym. Sorry, those of you looking to take the easy way out will not be rewarded here. The body is meant to be challenged through muscle hypertrophy and metabolic processes. Not seeing how long it takes you to burn 400 calories on an arc trainer.  To be honest, that 400 calories is almost guaranteed to be overestimated by up to maybe 300 if your lucky.....none of which come from visceral fat(the lovely belly stuff).

4.) The atmosphere and variety. Tell me one person who likes working a 9-12 hour day, then look forward to hoping on the treadmill and doing some curls in the mirror at 7:00 at night by themselves?  Oh that's have P90x.....even worse! Sure, your motivation can last a week or two doing a DVD in your basement....BUT

Nothing beats LOOKING FORWARD to workouts! That's what everyone at Over-Achieve is saying! They love how you never know what is coming at ya. One day we could be benching and the next could be running with weighted vests.....another could be a killer complex or density workout. The ideas are endless and I am sure to find ways to challenge and progress each individual at my facility!!

What's even better? Everyone here!!! They all PUSH and WORK their hardest for me! They listen to what I spell out we are doing...and get right to work giving their best effort! If we get a new member, they immediately begin helping them and making them feel GREAT and apart of the fittest gym in this AREA!

5.) That directly leads me to this statement. Over-Achieve Fitness is the fittest facility and hottest gym around! How do I know? I have been to everyone personally, have taken a look at what they all do, worked at some even....and developed something ENTIRELY new and different than them all!

Nope, not crossfit....I do love how they put barbells in customers hands but that might be about it!
Not boot-camp, Body Pump, P90x, Insanity, TRX, etc......

It's Over-Achieve.....where I have combined the likes of EVERYTHING that works in a progressive  manner!

....So you take TRX classes? GREAT....How about involve them in a strength and conditioning session and boost your workout performance by 70%?

Oh, your a meathead who loves isolating everyday? Well, Tuesday we hit Cleans at 5x4.

Whatever your like....this place will work for you! There is no need to be intimidated! Everyone works at their own pace and now I even have an Entry Level Group that prepares you for Shredder!

So, why don't you make a decision this New that will change your life and the way you view fitness forever! Step into Over-Achieve, where I am the sole owner and operator and will lead you down a path to accomplish things you never thought possible!

Now for my final set of tips for the exercise I am seeing most butchered in the past few weeks.

The inverted row.

The first progression for most people is to simply perform the exercise with correct technique.  The most common errors I see in technique are:
  • forward head posture
  • elbows drifting behind the body (scapula doesn't retract, so the lifter substitutes extra movement of the humerus)
  • hip sagging (the body doesn't stay in a straight line) 
  • Not starting in the right position 

Make sure you initiate the movement through the shoulder blades, not the hips. You want to keep your body in a straight line directly under the source of grip. Start your set-up in the "finish" position, leaving it easier to adjust to meet the proper difficulty demands you want to place on the exercise.

The pronated grip is what I like to use because it is the most challenging....however, don't be afraid to mix it up to under-hand or neutral!

You can even make them more difficult by adding weighted vests, chains, or isometric holds! All three of those are great effective ways to strengthen the back!

There you have it!

Today's message about Over-Achieve Fitness, my week, and some great tips about an underestimated exercise favorite!

Now get out there and spread some Holiday Fitness Cheer!

Tell your friends about Over-Achieve Fitness this holiday!! It could get you 20%!!

Until Next time,

Stay strong and keep pushing!!

Mike Over
Strength & Conditioning Specilist


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