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Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year, New Gym, New You.....Are You Another Statistic, Or Are You At O.A.F.?

So, a New Year.....2014. What is this year going to bring you? What goals are you setting your eyes on to accomplish? 

With that being said....what steps are you taking to reach those goals?

Trust me, I wouldn't be here telling you today some harsh truth about your resolutions this year, but I am just on your side trying to help.

Those in my gym won't be another statistic this year.

80% of our country drop their resolutions within 4 weeks.

It's sad, but the truth.

I want to help you today with your thinking, as I am getting many questions to start this new year about diets, supplements, exercises, cardio, calories,  etc.

So here are some.

1) Stop believing in magic pills or diets that don't require any work. Eat a high-protein, high-fiber diet with lots of fruits & vegetables, healthy fats, eggs, and healthy meats, and cut all added sugar from your diet. 
DONE. Stop thinking hydroxycut and thermogenics will get you that magazine body without hard work.  

2) Leads me to the next one.....JOIN OVER-ACHIEVE FITNESS! Why? You are guaranteed results and also put into a structured program. Not random bootcamp and crossfit mumbo jumbo who think Sub-maximal Deadlifting paired with endurance running is beneficial.

3) Drink 3 liters (12 cups) of water per day. You need to hydrate to get nutrients to your body. If you are working out, drink more! Simple. 
4) STOP DRINKING LIQUID CALORIES!!! Other than protein shakes, coffee, and tea...eliminate them! Yes, those "so called" healthy organics drinks are still PACKED with sugar! Try to avoid diet sodas --- I don't know if they are 'bad' for you, but they likely don't make you healthier.
5) Stay motivated with family support, friends, and my motivational posts and blogs! 
6) Plan, Shop, and PREPARE you food for the upcoming weeks. If it's not in your house, you won't eat it! That simple.
7) Make a goal, set the deadline, and do whatever it takes to accomplish it! I am only here to help!
8) Be thankful for what you have in life! Including the ABILITY to exercise. Don't regret it for one second! I promise you, it will be the biggest mistake you will ever make. 
9) Stop eating out. Yes, there are healthy options and if you are taught properly how to order your meals I am fine with dining out....but 99% of you are not! Did you know Ruby Tuesday's Turkey Burger has over 800 calories?! Add some "buttered....but healthy" veggies and the salad bar with unhealthy choices there and you can be packing 2 days worth of calories in one meal you thought was textbook perfect!

10) ENJOY YOUR WORKOUT! Working out is a great stress reliever, yes, but don't come into your workout with a frowny face and not feeling motivated. If you are not at Over-Achieve, tough luck, and I am sorry but can't help you....but those in here know exactly how to get fired up and I do everything I can to get them pumped up and ready to rock! Who wouldn't be excited about a gym I opened 11 weeks ago that is maxing out it's sessions everyday and turning heads across town each and everyday! Local ESPN broadcasters even what to do talks out of here!

This place is only the beginning! We are going to grow! Unfortunately(I say that with a smile :)), Shredder is getting so large it limits what I can do but you know I will always deliver the BEST workout! And soon this place will be the cornerstone of fitness! Growing is never a bad problem! But now managing it is tricky! Can you imagine expanding!? 

I want to add pure strength workouts soon, and expanding might just be the thing!

So for this New Year, Get a goal, write it down, and tackle it one step at a time! Think baby steps! I know there is a lot of pressure out there to cave in and fold with the gym.....but that's EXACTLY why I am here! The members at Over-Achieve are the best I could ask for and know how to dig down and work hard yet have a fun time with it! 

So please, if you are a member, keep referring friends! 10$ isn't bad for getting your buddy to come workout!! ;)

The more we can get the better this will become! I am so thankful for everyone and the great Christmas gift they got me! I still look up at my timer clock everyday and smile because I remember how great you all are and how lucky I am to be your trainer! 

So start off this New Year right, get to OAF, get your goals, get friends, and lets push towards getting you to them!

Until Next Time, 

Keep your focus and fighting towards your goals!!!

Mike Over
Strength & Conditioning Specilist

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