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Friday, January 16, 2015

Back On Blogger....Your Cheat Day Bodyweight Blaster

Hey guys! BACK in blogger! 

Why? So EVERYONE can see my posts again and it will be directly linked to my NEW website!!

Should be done this weekend!! I have been MIA because of the amount of time I have been putting in working on it and also with new members and training sessions....

But once the site is live, I should be back to writing consistently for you again :) 

So, just a few updates for you long lost readers....

On my health...

Well, my parents don't even know this but BOTH of my knees have multiple tears in them still....right one has 7. They want to do a second surgery on them but I have been told that a second surgery in 3 year span can end your career in physical activity and the success rate isn't as high....

Plus another 12-16 month not in the books for me. I would rather keep my mental strength and push through and train around it. So for all of you who are scared to join OAF because you have injuries, knee pain, shoulder pain....etc....DON'T BE AFRAID....I have trained around them for 2 years now, and have high end credentials in corrective exercise to ensure all progressions and regressions in our training! 

And I won't even go into detail about my shoulder....labrum tear is bad....but once again...I work around it.

And so can you! I know it.... You just have to make that first step and get into see me at OAF and I promise you that you won't regret it! We had so many new faces to start 2015....

and guess what....

EACH one has signed up for group or private training!!! How neat!!! 

So, don't get frustrated and caught in the average American new year plan of heading to Planet Fitness....going strong for 6 weeks....expecting miracles....not seeing them....then drifting away from fitness all together!! 

You just need to join a gym that DELIVERS!!! And trust me.....I DELIVER!!! 

One of probably a hundred or more members who have gotten GREAT results with OAF! 

You can be next! What makes these members so healthy....their dedication!!

For example....if they have a cheat day and go nuts on some ice cream....they simply can count on me and OAF to give them a sweet short simple workout to help with the blunder.....

Like this....for those who have gone a little overboard watching football this weekend...

The Rockin' Abs & Fat Burning Bursts Cheat Day Workout

1) 90% Pushup Rocking Plank - 45 seconds
2) Jumping Jacks - 45 seconds
3) Cross-Body Mountain Climber - 45 seconds (alternating sides)
4) Double-Jump Burpee - 45 seconds
5) Crushing Plank - 45 seconds
6) Total Body Extension - 45 seconds
- Go through the circuit one to two times with no rest between exercises. 
- Rest 30 seconds at the end of the circuit.

Repeat 3-4 Rounds for a SWEET SESSION!

And remember for your weekend....

Who you associated with is more powerful than you can imagine. 
Do not accept anything less than the best - otherwise you are cheating yourself out of the life you deserve. 
When you spend time with successful people, you become successful. 
You can't expect to soar like an eagle when you are hanging around with turkeys, so you must eliminate negativity, criticism, and temptation from your life, and fill your friendships with positive expectations, support, kindness, caring, and energy. 
You can do it. There are great people out there that want to help you.

Have a GREAT weekend!!!

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