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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday....Your Relax Day....Or Your Work Day?!


The day everyone wants to rest, wind down, take their mind off work, stress, and problems that are encountered during the week. 

Time to embrace family matters, time to watch football....and eat some good home cooking....

Is this a routine for most of you? 

Well, whether it is or not....I wanted to take a second today to share with you some advice I received from Mr. Ocker on accountant.

Not only is he good with numbers...but he is also worthy of giving great advice and pointing me in the right direction.

Some of you develop "times" in your yearly routine when you make excuses for your efforts....or lack thereof....

For season. 

I'm sure almost every accountant uses this one. 

"OH man, sorry nothing from February to May." You know what time of year it is....

But you know what he told me...

"Mike, it's funny, you many people expect me to be locked away working 12-14 hours during this time....but you know what....ANYONE can make time for priorities they have in life...plain and simple."

He went on to tell me how proud of me he is for doing what I love, just as he does with skiing. He always makes time for it no matter what "season" it is....

I can matter how busy I get, and piled up to-do lists....I always will make time for myself to train. It's my passion. My one thing that helps me me...and without it I could seriously drive myself insane.

He said he knows what I am going through being alone with no help, but he wants me to try my best to erase the "outside" things that occupy my time, and focus on the one thing I was born to do...train and help others.  The more I step away and turn into managing, the more stresses and heartaches will come.

He is right. Spot on. Which is why I am actively pursuing new staff at OAF and trying to limit my hours in here. You guys know I love this, I truly am meant for this job, and I just want to always be able to do it and be at my if it means getting someone to answer my calls, emails, deal with products, bills, will be done!

Now, how is this relating to you?

Think about many of you just seek for excuses to get away from AMERICA'S #1 and obesity....

I mean, hell....I am paying thousands to our government in social security tax....hmmmmm

I wonder who is getting that money....I don't even want to think about it. I work my tush off to help pay for overweight citizens with nothing but excuses to earn a healthy life so they spend it in doctors offices. 

I want to turn this world around....I want that over-weight person to make health a priority. Adapt it and change. 

Need a couple tips for your new change?

1:  Give your Body MORE Sleep

Get more of it, and make it better quality. Go to bed earlier, ideally at the same time every night, sleep in a pitch black room, and try to avoid stimulants as discussed below, or looking at back lit screens (like your computer) late in the day.
Your new quote to live by “Defend Your Sleep At Gunpoint”!

2:  Say NO To Adrenal Abusing Stimulants (for a while)

This means limit COFFEE, ALL “energy drinks” (skip those for life if you want to look good naked), dark chocolate, and caffeine-containing teas or any beverages. All of which place demands on your adrenal glands.

3: Practice the art of STRESS reduction

Learn how to say no, walk away from people or situations that stress you out, and devote 10 to 30 minutes each day on YOU time. This could be a walk outdoors, a yoga class, watching the sunset, or some meditation.
Studies suggest that being outdoors in nature and enjoying companionable time with friends and loved ones, ideally with lots of touching, hugs, and cuddles are your two biggest winners.

So remember, our world isn't making progress with excuses....

It relies on YOU getting up, getting strength, accountability, and reaching for your dreams.

Someone once told  me, if your not making strides within three years of opening a's a mere hobby at best....

And knowing that more than 80% of private gyms fail within the first 5 years....I am EAGER to beat the odds, prove the statistic wrong, and develop a facility this area has NOT seen.

One that drives results, delivers great workouts that WILL change lives.

And for one year down....I can proudly say we did it!

And I am only getting warmed up :)

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Don't be so hard on yourself. Past mistakes are just the past. Learn. Breathe. Relax. Be positive. 
Connect with other positive people & study them. Be grateful for them and have them hold you accountable. 
Take all these lessons and learn to do what is right for you. Then make the Right Decisions, Right Now, for the Right Life. Take Positive Action Today!

 PS---The New Site Is ALMOST ready, and will include the NEW STORE with a deadline to purchase your INITIAL OAF Under Armor Stash!!!

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