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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Tips For Dining Out....Don't Fall Slave To Their "Deals"

The cold is HERE!

Yuck!! I am not a fan, as I am sitting here trying to type with frozen fingers....but I am hoping and praying we only have a few weeks left of this winter so we can all gear up and get going on our SUMMER BODIES with the Annual Over-Achieve Fitness Spring Break Challenge! (Speaking of which, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me share and spread the word about this event! We need to get everyone aware of this amazing opportunity to help shed pounds and be MONITORED and ACCOUNTABLE.....Tell your friends at work!)

March 9th! Don't Forget!

How is everyone doing? Hibernating in this cold weather? I heard you can get frost bite if your out for more than 15 minutes! 

Are you sticking to your training? I hope those who are not OAF members soon realize that this is the place to train for results, both mentally and physically!

Engineers are coming in and out and getting the demolition underway in my new facility! Dicks Sporting Goods gets handed keys in July!

The engineering team is super nice, and the head guy may even do some training in OAF! How neat is that!?

My dad had a great birthday! Mom took him to Runways in Hagerstown, and unfortunately, I couldn't make it but we plan to celebrate it this weekend at both of our favorite spots ;)

Which brings me to my topic for today....with my dad's new job...he has been eating lunch at Chipotle, Chic Fila, and even getting salads at fast food restaurants.....

"Back on the working grind diet," he says....

Well, here are some tips and sabotages to be aware of when dining at these "healthy" places.

1) Don't let them trick you into eating EXTRA! I'm sorry, but NO, you don't need a side of chips with your 900 calorie burrito.  Side of fries? NO, not worth the extra 700 calories and enormous amounts of heart clogging trans fats and sodium! If you get a meal, be weary of it's nutritional content!! You will be SHOCKED how quickly calories add up in your "healthy" lunches.  Yes, I know you got a salad from Panera, but your SALAD comes in at 1200 calories with the full fat dressing, 3 different types of cheese, croutons, cranberries, and whatever else these dam places throw on them to make them remotely edible.

2) They make liquid calories so CHEAP! And there is nothing worse than liquid calories, no matter if you are at Starbucks, Taco Bell, or even my dear Chipotle. These do not fill you up and only promote fat storage. Avoid them at all costs. 

3) Protein Guilt. Yes, protein is great, and it fills you up, but you don't need a double burger stuffed between three slices of bread. The solution is to have a protein shake with you that you can have before you go into one of these places. It will cut your appetite, too.

4) They get you with BREAD. I know, I know....Red Lobster biscuits, Rosalie's bread, Texas Roadhouse....I can go on...ALL so good. But one of RL's suckers runs you 180 calories and nearly 80% of your daily fat allowance! Don't let this pre-dinner temptation get you hooked in. A couple pieces and your already 400+ calories and you didn't even get to dinner! Worse even, caking it in butter! Stay clear!

5) It's OK....I got veggies as my side.....WRONG. Be careful of how they are PREPPED! You m right think you are doing good by getting broccoli but if it comes in a bowl filled with oil and could have just ordered the fries!!

I hope you all learned a little from this and al have a wonderful end of the week! I am going to be running around getting word out about the Spring challenge, working with the engineers, finalizing the lease, and looking for staff!

See you all soon!


“Identify exactly what it is you want. This takes a lot of thought. Then don’t let anything stand in your way of getting it.” – Kekich Credo #56

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