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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mid Week Motivation....Which Type Are You?

Your mid week motivation....

Are you currently and actively pursuing your health and fitness goals? 

What is something that is helping you stay motivated? 

You know, it's funny....I had a consult the other day and she came in and mentioned she had a wedding and wanted to be slimmed down by then....

Is that a "healthy" goal to have? Or do you think it is setting you up for failure? That is a good question, and to be honest....I would say failure. 

Look, we all know....SPRING is coming, WEDDING SEASON is coming, BATHING SUITS, PARTIES, and getting rid of the baggy and bulky clothes is approaching.

Does that put a fire under your butt to get working hard? If you are like the majority of our does.

But if you truly love fitness and enjoy living healthy and being active....this "bathing suit season" term is just another time of year....and that population most likely looks forward to it simply because the weather is nicer! 

Does that describe you? I can clearly see night and day those in my facility who treat exercise as a stress reliever, motivational tool, daily part of their life and routine....or those who are coming to push for a deadline quickly approaching and dislike and sort of high intense work. 

Trust me, I see it all. Even have witnessed clients scared when their heart rate gets high that they immediately quit and back down thinking it is not normal.

Look, everyone has tough times, tough weeks, tough days, and tough workouts. 

Even me. Over the last couple of days I have been more stressed and busy than ever before. I had a member come in and mention to me in the mist of all my chaos that she doesn't want to see me fail.....and wants to make sure I am taking care of myself.

Let me tell you...the times of relaxation and time for "Mike" are quickly and momentarily out the window....


I have a dream. I have a goal. A mission, and yes.....just like you all I am faced with stress, marketing responsibilities, training clients, designing and adjusting programs, managing staff, paying and dealing with bills, equipment, setting up, opening/closing, social media, messages, phone calls, consults, and now the whole process of planning and executing my move...

You all have things like this in your life too....but what helps me get through everyday?

MY LOVE FOR THIS JOB & MEGGY & MY FAMILY. Yes, there is NO WAY in heck I would be able to spend virtually everyday all day in here and thinking about OAF if I didn't love what I do. That is why I gave a strange look to whoever said they didn't want to see me fail....

BECAUSE I am a tough kid. Yes, only 25....not fully educated on the ins/outs of business....BUT I guarantee you I would never sit back and let ANYONE or ANYTHING get in the way of my growing facility. 

So, no....failing is not an option. I am only going UP. 

Is that how you view your daily routine? Your life? Are you thinking about how to avoid FAILURE or are you actively chasing HIGHER goals and thinking how to SUCCEED.

I highly suggest you start thinking the second way. If you constantly burden yourself with worry and wondering how you will avoid will be chasing dreams that never happen.

A close mentor once told me, if your not growing, your not succeeding. 

So, take this opportunity to think about your current life. Where you're at....where you want to be.....

And reconfigure your goals accordingly! 

If you get so busy you "don't have time" to you at least try SOMETHING active?

Not having time is an excuse. Yes, I am a trainer. But everyone can make 5-10 minutes to workout. 

And that is plenty of time to get your heart rate up and metabolism spiked. For me, yesterday was a VERY busy day with the lease finally being sent to me, plus training all day and group...

I got home at 9:00 and wanted to get something in! So, pushups in my bed room with total body extensions and slow mt climbers it was! 10 minutes, and I was breaking a sweat and good to go!

Thats all it takes. A little bit of effort. I know we are all not professional athletes, not trainers, and even the type of person who wants to train 4-5 days a week....

But it is all about your goals. Make sure your TEMPLATE FITS YOUR OUTLINE! Meaning, if you have a deadline or a goal....make sure you have a template and plan to MATCH it! 

If you want to lose 50 pounds by summer....going out to eat 3x a week and working out 2 times is NOT going to cut it. The American dream wasn't built on laziness and working hard...SOME of the time....

You have to bust your BUTT! 

And to wrap up, thinking of is a booty workout that is simple and EFFECTIVE for your goals to leave you with today!

3-Exercise Circuit for a Firmer Butt
DB Split Squat (*1-1/2 rep style) (8/side)
Goblet Step-ups (10/side)
Lying Glute Bridge (30 secs)
*Go all the way down, halfway up, then all the way down
and then finally all the way up. That's just 1 rep!

Complete a few rounds of that and feel the booty burn!

Remember, Make your own list of what makes you really happy and brings you great heart-bursting joy, and then never lose site of that. Yes, yes, it’s important for us to keep pushing and to change the world, and to persevere towards our grand missions in life…but you need to know what are willing to do and what you will NOT do.

This will help you stay on track to making extraordinary breakthroughs in your business while giving you the piece of mind in knowing that you are experiencing the joyful, simple things in life that mean the most to you.
I know what brings me joy in my life! Which is why I spend my few hours of OFF time on Saturday surrounded with her!

Ill end with a good video to watch before your next workout....

Have a wonderful Wednesday and I will be working on the BIG OAF SPRING BREAK CHALLENGE YEAR 2 DETAILS ASAP!!!!

Stay tuned!

Until Next Time, 

Stay Strong!

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