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Friday, February 6, 2015

Why Your Weight Keeps Fluctuating--Weekend Update

So, this week has been yet another crazy week here at OAF....Lease agreements, plans, zoning, construction, renovation, equipment....all in the works now and bouncing around in my head.....

Which is why some of you see instagram posts at 3am....just not able to settle my mind too much lately...partly due to excitement, and mainly due to the workload I am taking on while trying to find additional staff for OAF.

But hey, I have learned one thing from a few mentors....and that's to be PICKY of who you bring in as staff! I have a keen sense of what I want in here and just need to keep searching until I find it. 

How is everyone liking the workouts this month? Energy? Atmosphere? All doing ok? 

Good has opened up for online training with me as well. If you or someone you know wants to get 1-1 training and attention through the beauty of the world wide web....let me know. I have gotten many clients great results this way as well! Because, as you know....I don't need ONE piece of equipment to get a GREAT workout in! :) 

So, back to more questions(sorry for jumping around....just basically how my mind is right now hehe)

How many of you would like a SPRING BREAK CHALLENGE YEAR 2!?!?!?!?!?!

I was to start getting the feel for interest....I want to get some promoting and templates made ahead of time since they plan to have me moved into my NEW FACILITY by 2nd quarter spring....guessing April/May....

SO ..... PLEASE comment on this post if you would like me to get planning on the challenge soon! 

Now, to my main topic....your fluctuating weight....up/down/up/down...blah blah blah....

It gets sickening right? Thinking your seeing progress and then not and then seeing it again! ....Well....

A lot of that weight fluctuating can be due to a few things...

1. Water Retention

Your body will naturally retain fluid if you consume a meal higher in sodium than your usual diet. This can cause the scale to read a few pounds higher the following day. For example, I ate at AKI last weekend and even though I ask for everything steamed....they still put some sodium in their dishes and I could tell you I was up peeing all night because of the water I retained from the meal and hydrating after. (Secret....way to help with water retention....bananas....YEP).

2. Hormonal Changes

For women, bloating and fluid retention during menstruation can add a few pounds on the scale. Also, an increase in estrogen during this time of the month can increase levels of aldosterone, which can cause the kidneys to retain fluid, promoting weight gain.

3. Dehydration

Athletes need to be mindful that dehydration can cause the body to protect itself by retaining water. Several hormones exert profound control over fluid regulation. If you're dehydrated, your body works harder to retain water, leading to weight gain. This is contrary to popular belief...."If I don't drink...I won't bloat..." is the opposite! 

4. Glycogen Storage

Endurance athletes in particular work to make sure their diets have adequate carbohydrates to store proper amounts of glycogen. Glycogen has water bound to it, so healthy hydrated cells, important for athletes, can show up on the scale. After a hard strength workout, muscles also store glycogen to re-build, which is why the scale may actually shoot up after exercise.

5. Diets

After just 24 hours on a restricted diet, you can decrease your metabolic rate by 15 to 30 percent! When you go on a restricted diet, your body goes into starvation mode, slowing down your metabolism. This can actually cause you to store extra calories, causing you to hold more weight. So, trying to start eating better and slashing calories could be making your body hold and retain fluid and food! DON'T DIET....just eat healthy and natural! 

And lastly....what do you guys think of this brochure front?? I'm getting them printed this weekend and hoping you guys can help spread them around!! :)

Remember for your weekend..

"The road to personal freedom and the escape from the status quo begins with waking up to each and every decision you make in your life." - Jason Leister

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