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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Why You GAIN WEIGHT....What's Wrong With Our Town's Restaurants!

Ok, so I promised my mom and meggy that after my dining experiences this weekend...I would write a post about it.

Look, those of you who live on take out and meals outside of cooking at home....your in trouble when it comes to weight management. 

It's sad really....and I will tell you EXACTLY how I feel about this subject....because....quite honestly...I felt so abnormal this weekend and like I was from outer space at times.

Let me just start by saying a little bit about my diet...

I wouldn't call myself picky, or even a boring eater. I don't eat the same thing at the same time everyday....especially not for dinner. Breakfast usually is the same for me, but it is also for the vast majority of people.


Lean Meats(turkey, chicken, pork, etc), ALL fish(favorite is salmon), crab, eggs, legumes, nuts/nut butters, greens, ALL veggies(favorite would be carrots or broccoli), and all sorts of whey/iso/casein protein sources.

Now, I occasionally will eat sprouted grain and sweet potatoes if I notice my energy is down. 

But for the most part, put a piece of chicken, tons of veggies, and a salad on my plate and I am happy as can be.

HOWEVER....It's a darn shame I have yet to experience this in Chambersburg. I am not sure WHY restaurants don't offer items not breaded, fried, caked in sauce or cheese, or the evil culprit of being floated in mounds of butter.

I don't get it. 

AND don't get me wrong....I special  order. I ASK. I try to get places to accommodate....I mean, they should right? If I am paying 30$ for chicken and shrimp, I would really appreciate it if it wasn't soaked in sauce & butter and they threw on STEAMED veggies as a expensive is a little broccoli or carrots

It seems to me, when you order UNHEALTHY and caloric BOMBS, you get MASSIVE portions.....

But if you HAPPEN to find something healthy on the menu....they treat you like your a prisoner in a POW camp getting enough food to feed maybe a pet rabbit. 


I just don't get it.....

So back to my weekend, Friday night we went to Kenzo....and boy do I love that place, and they WILL cater to me when I get take out. Hibachi Chicken and Shrimp, NO RICE, EXTRA VEGGIES, and all STEAMED with NO SAUCE. 


Unfortunately, Friday....they handed me a plate loaded in sweet and soy based sauces where veggies literally were floating in. 

NOT MY of course I felt terrible and ate a little of it but left a majority sitting there....the sweet waitress came back and asked if it was ok and I told her yes, because I don't like being rude or outspoken when eating with other people. 

Let's face makes everyone feel awkward. If I were so say, NO, please get rid of all that....everyone at the table would then IMMEDIATELY judge me. Just would rather avoid any sort of problems....but this could all be avoided if healthy options were available on the menu and I made an order they were familiar with.....but not too many people in this area care what is put on their food.....

BUT then when they don't see progress or weight-loss.....they FREAK and just think completely shutting down their metabolism and not eating is the only way.....


I am 6 feet tall, 168 pounds, and consistently between 3-8% body fat.....and ask anyone who is around me....I EAT LOTS OF FOOD.....but just HEALTHY. That's the key. 

This one Meg took because she didn't think anyone would ever believe I ate a MUFFIN ...haha...but you can't be PERFECT....just adopt a lifestyle and follow it as close as you can! 

BUT I am just shocked that those who do care about what they put in their mouth have a hard time picking in this town for that very reason.

So, on with my story....

We decided to do a RARE occasion after going to the stube Saturday for a friend's campaign....and ate out AGAIN....This time, I thought going the seafood route would be a better we chose Red Lobster.

Can't go wrong, right? Get your fish, grilled, no sauce, add veggies, and a salad....I am as happy as a fat kid in a candy store. 

We wait 45 minutes, get seated, and I decide I want to try the salmon. Wood Grilled with some shrimp and side of mixed veggies.

As soon as I order, the waitress informs me they are OUT OF ALL FRESH FISH.....WTF! 


Steam was starting to come out, but I still was ok, decided to just get lobster, shrimp, and scallops....

I then said I wanted a double order of the mixed veggies instead of the potatoes and corn and she tells me THEY ARE OUT. 

SON OF A GUN! Could not believe I bit my tongue again and just let meg order. She wanted asparagus as her side and of course.....OUT AGAIN....

Whatever, over and done with....we had a free appetizer that came out....and I had to snap a photo.....

ONE OF THESE would hardly put a dent in my stomach BUT I guarantee you that the amount of calories in that dam thing is as many as I eat in 5 days TOTAL.....

As I stare at this, Meg laughing hysterically of course, we watch a group of overweight people squeeze through the section on their way out, barely able to fit and even WALK for that matter. I would have guessed all in their 30s. How sad. 

I then look back at this dish, and look over at Meg and just get very emotional. 

You know....some people say that it's their own fault, simply because It's WHAT THEY want....but I find it hard to believe that 100%......I just don't think too many people are educated enough on what really that picture above will do to your body.  I have two cousins with diabetes, and have plenty of college friends that had an idea of a healthy meal as ramen and pizza.(light cheese of course). 

But I just get very upset when I see things like this because as my job, I want to HELP THIS TOWN reach healthy goals and NOT BE RANKED IN THE TOP 10 MOST OBESE COUNTIES in the country!

I just want to help....and it makes me feel like an alien when I get food that looks like that and ask for a revision or change....even surrounding tables look at me strange....

But Meg looked at me square in the face and told me I was right....I was doing what I know is healthy and I am a strong willed person. Those people that either don't know the damage of foods like that or don't care....just don't have the willpower or strength to order something healthy!

So I just turned my head away, looked at my ....hardly edible.... salad that was iceberg lettuce thrown in a tiny cup with croutons and one cherry tomato that was not ripe....and became more upset about the topic.

I messaged my mother the whole ordeal and I get back this...

And she couldn't be more correct.

It's just a shame. 

Which is why I will stick to cooking and eating at places I KNOW accommodate and have those options....

but none of which....are in 17201.

I hope everyone had a GREAT Sunday! We sure did at OAF! Got Coach Jen Amsley in for her FIRST OAF session!

Relax and enjoy your night, and gear up for a STRONG week for me!


Every day brings challenges. Every week has its ups and downs. Every life is filled with dips and dark days. We will all go through times when it feels like nothing is working and nothing is going our way. But when this happens there is only thing to do no matter what. When all else fails, you must keep on pushing.

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