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Friday, January 25, 2019

Biggest LIAR in the gym


Where did all this cold come from. It's no wonder people are sick all over the place!

Heck, I am finally on the "mend" after a week of the cold/flu and I would bet my money on the up/down temps and crazy weather changes is partly to why!

I hope you follow my tips from yesterday on how to beat the cold/flu!

But in case you didn't, take a look!

Anyways, today I wanted to quickly help a few clients who mentioned a problem they are having....which can be OH so common in these colder months...


Yikes! I dealt with these guys on multiple occasions throughout my playing career and even training! I even had gone as far as having tibial fractures and breaks! So I am VERY familiar when it comes to them!

You simply need to start slow and let your muscles adapt to training. If you run too long, or on too hard of a surface, or too frequently, or in bad shoes, you will get shin splints. You can't go from nothing to 5 miles in a very careful and conservative. 

Making sure they are warmed up is key! I love adding the walking pushup to pike progression to my daily routine to get my calves and hamstrings lose. The biggest piece of advice is to just make sure the shoes you are wearing FIT YOUR FEET & TRAINING STYLE. 

1. Do not wear LARGE heeled shoes for heavy weight training or even moderate. Stick to lower heel drops.

2. Do not go bat shit crazy doing jumping exercises like a deranged monkey on speed in your workouts. There is no need and no point to it. Any trainer who tells you otherwise hasn't been in the game long enough. 

3. Try inserts/arch supports.

4. Use soft surfaces. Running and doing workouts on concrete is the single worst idea to exacerbate this.

5. FOAM roller dixie cups are your best friend. FREEZE a water filled dixie cup and then cut it out and do a ice massage up/down the shin area 3-4 times a day when fighting them! It will go a long way in recovery!

6. STRENGTHEN the calves and posterior tib! Toes scrunches and gas pedal foot extensions help. 

7. Find non-impact ways to train. JUST beware of the BIGGEST liar of them all in the gym!

THE ELLIPTICAL! This guy overestimates caloric burn by up to 42% according to ABC NEWS! Holy smokes! So those of you pounding minutes on these things and then going home and crushing your meals thinking you "earned" are setting yourself up for failure! 

Instead, stop the boring routines and train in a MASSIVELY BENEFICIAL way with ME in 20 minutes or less! You can see a few BRAND new workouts and give them a try for FREE here.

Let me know what you think! 

 Anyways, get back to your kickass Friday friends, and train hard but train SMART! Always do things you love with people you love most....that's what will build consistent quality habits that OVER time will lead to significant progress!

Don't forget to get on playbook and start training with me! All this can be done RIGHT from your own home!

Ok have a wonderful Friday friends, 

Coach Mikey

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