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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

⚠️➡️Busy Moms Listen Up!🎧⚠️

⚠️➡️Busy Moms Listen Up!🎧⚠️

Are you tired of trying every time of workout video series, gym routine, and diet to get the body you want BUT FALL VICTIM to your job, kids, and stress⁉️

Just when you feel like you get going on something….either

1️⃣You get sidetracked with MOM duties and responsibilities that send your motivation from 100 to 1 instantly.
2️⃣You get frustrated because you don’t see there results you want and ultimately give up.
3️⃣You realize quickly that you just don’t have the time it takes to do the workouts and routines you start trying.


That’s MY SPECIALTY, and over the last decade…I’ve helped HUNDREDS of women in your situation get out of that “rut” you feel! 

In fact, some got into the BEST SHAPE of their lives with me. ALL using basic minimal equipment that you can get and do at home!

➡️Better yet…
I’m telling you NOW that you don’t need endless hours on cardio equipment or expensive gym equipment!
In fact, some of the workouts can just be done with your very own BODYWEIGHT!


It’s a shame to go through life trying every new gimmick and diet out there only to get disappointed…when all you truly need is a coach like me to get you where you want!

I am gearing up to start my BAKINI BODY BURN program and want you all to start getting in the game with me!

Best of all, you can now for FREE💪🏽….Try it out for 7 days and then come March, this program will light 🔥to the @playbook world so you can FINALLY be in the best shape this summer!

You can start by subscribing to my channel here:

⚠️OR⚠️ you can simply reply back to me and let me know what you want me to start doing workouts with and/or types and I will get right after if for YOU!

There is no other guy on this planet who understands your life than me! I spent years helping, caring, supporting and being there for women just like you! I can relate so well to EACH of you and make sure life doesn’t get in the way this time! 

You finally will get a trainer who KNOWS and CARES!

Heck, I am even getting ready to be a daddy myself so I will be able to relate as I get my wife back into shape!

So join me, and my FIT FAM as we start revolutionizing the way we can train at home! 

Or reply to this email!

Talk soon!
Coach Mikey

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