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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Tired of seeing "SHREDDED TRAINERS" pictures all over social media?

This one ought to make some people utter with pure joy because of how relatable it can be.

You've seen it....

All over instagram....facebook, etc...."Fitness Experts" who claim they can get you RIPPED and in the best shape of their life, just because they look like this....

There cover photo gets you clicking into their profile, only because we as Americans subconsciously tell ourselves WE can look just like that if we do what he does.

But I hate to be bluntly honest with you....

9 times out of 10....or quite frankly, 98% of the WON'T be in your cards.

Look, these trainers may in fact be knowledgable...but more likely than not....they are either

1) On drugs(epi, tren, andro, test, etc..)
2) Have insane genetics
3) Spend 4-5 hours a day training

Now, this isn't the case for ALL, but again, my point to the post is to just be careful for who you opt to get advice and training from.

Just because they are rocking a 12 pack with veins from every muscle doesnt mean they can clearly define the benefits of conjugate methods and periodization to unilateral vs compound movements....and effectively train an individual WHILE building rapport and excitement.

There isn't a second I train clients and worry about "my muscles" or workouts. It's a complete myth to think a good trainer loves to workout all day....

In fact, we hardly do because we are so focused on the health and goals of our clients.  Now that I get help with training in Over-Achieve, I am able to dedicate a little more time to train, but I still put my clients needs before mine 100%.

It's tough to say that guy or girl on IG with 100K followers does....

But you can be the judge on that.

I've trained and been around some of the world's BEST fitness professionals and not one of them have bodies like the one above.

Now, they are not overweight and chubby by any means....they are FIT.

For example, depending on my goals and time of year(prepping for shoots, etc) I stay around 175lbs and 8-12% BF. Fairly lean. I have no interest in trying to "bulk" and "cut" and live the bodybuilder life.

I like to eat clean 24/7 and practice what I preach by perfecting my craft. I train by implementing, meaning I DO all the workouts I write myself and do this so I know what it's like when they are going through them.

So I can relate.

So I can understand.

So I can be there to help and know what it's like.

Do these guys on social media know you just don't like doing deadlifts? They are "profound" exercises in his programming only because he does them 3x a week and thinks they are the worlds greatest exercise....but doesn't care that you don't.

I like deadlifts, but they are not for everyone. You don't need to do them to build a strong backside. I can offer a ton of varieties for an individual.

My point is to make sure you are not choosing your trainer based on perception alone. Everyone has different bodies due to genetics. Some have a harder time getting lean. Some store fat easier and some just can eat whatever the hell they want and have a bodyfat below 5%.

There are so many "claimed" professionals in the industry now, and it takes more than a few IG stories to get you a reputation. It takes years training, watching, and learning. I've been in the industry a decade now(yikes, I know).....and I am constantly trying to learn and be better at what I do....

Take it for what it's worth, but maybe re-think your followers on social media if you are looking to get results.

If you are interested in training with me, I am taking a few online spots right now. You can message me for details or you can sign up for my coaching on playbook here.

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Alrighty, stay warm and have a kickass rest of your weekend peeps!

And remember, just because someone told you "something they heard" ....doesn't mean it's TRUE.

Sometimes our world needs some good people, so go be a good person today and find out the truth in your questions before you begin assuming.

Play up a level. Surround yourself with people that have admirable qualities and skills that you want to emulate. 

Associate with positive people only...even if the only positive people in life are people on the Internet & people you read about in books.

Or even.....PETS....they can bring out the best in you!

Stay strong,


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