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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Signs of a GOOD Trainer

A little rant today...

But feeling as if it's much needed with a growing population of "fitness experts" on social media these days....

Look, it's no common theme that you want to look like the ripped trainers you see posting all sorts of stuff on their profiles and try to either:

1) Mimic them
2) Train with them

But is it in your best interest to be doing so? Here are your signs you need to be looking elsewhere when shopping the social media community for your trainers...

1. Experience.

Who have they trained? What results did they get with them? Where did they learn and study and build their "presence" a a fitness expert?

All these questions are vital to becoming a good trainer. If you see a profile filled with selfies and flexing photos....good luck getting results with that person. More likely than not, they are more infatuated with themselves rather than their clients and getting them results.

As a trainer, my #1 priorities have always been:


So be careful of what you see. If you only see progress photos of are in for a long road. Did they study and mentor under someone? Or did they decide one day to become a trainer, take the easiest PT test and call themself an expert?

I took 5 years before I even got certified shadowing, reading, learning and training under other coaches before I decided the career move was MY PASSION and that I would be great at it......SURE I loved training myself, but I felt more confident in my ability to CHANGE OTHERS....which is the ultimate question!

2. Results

Did they get any clients results? How do you know? Are they just posting random pictures of people with before/after stats? You can never know with online training....which is why your BEST bet is to find trainers who own/operate out out facilities so you can see the real results from REAL clients.

Over the years I built trust and rapport with my followers from continued posts and engagement with my clients and highlighting thousands of success stories to show I can deliver when given the chance to work with someone.

Chances are, if you are paying someone $20 or less a month, you will get just that in results. REAL trainers take pride in their work, spend countless hours on their craft and will design, implement and execute pristine programs that will show you just that!

3. They ASK you questions

There is NOTHING worse than a "know it all." I hate them, and would love to throw a kettlebell at those idiots who preach like their way is God and everyone else's is worth two shits.

If you are stuck having a trainer tell you everything without asking ANYTHING, that is a bad sign and something you need to take into consideration.

I have been in the industry for over a decade, and STILL love to learn and take criticism and know I do some things wrong. The profession is always changing and if you are not adapting, you are dying. There are countless trainers out there who fail to ask the basics:

A. What are your goals?
B. What is your previous training history?
C. What results have you gotten in the past?
D. What is your medical history? 
E. What types of exercises do you LIKE/DISLIKE?

If they fail to even ask a thing about you and your goals....that is a sure sign for disaster!

Your goals are important, theirs are NOT. Don't be fooled by self absorbed instagram trainers who care more about getting the best pictures of their back or arms in the perfect light than they are about their clients goals and training.


Don't get me wrong, being a trainer certainly means you should "walk the walk" and have a good physique and fitness level, BUT it by no means classifies you as a good trainer/coach by having JUST that.

It's much much more, and I highly suggest you be weary of those you seek advice/training from when you are searching for your trainer.

That is why ALL our staff at Over-Achieve have interned, shadowed, and went through a long process of learning before they are even staffed, and their focus is on the clients!

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday EVE! On the menu tonight is my infamous poke BOWL.....

- Cauliflower Rice
- Peppers and Mushrooms
- Broccoli & Brussel Sprouts
- Tuna & Seared Scallops
- Avocado and Egg

Noah and I are seeming to bond a little better....he actually slept 2.5 hours last night straight!

Although he had his FIRST projectile vommit today....I can be glad it wasn't on me though....(sorry meggy!)😁

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