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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Always learning...never quitting. Parenthood and business grind.

Yesterday was a whirlwind of emotions for Meg and I.

We are so fortunate and blessed to have so many people looking out for us....and a simple post my mother made portraying our "struggles" seemed to draw quite some interest.

So much it had us flooded with emails, messages, texts, etc asking if we were OKAY, alive or in need of anything.....

Then so many of you would give and lend advice.....SO MANY....that it just seemed to overwhelm us. 

We truly are blessed and so thankful for EVERYONE who has reached out, because like my mom said....we are not ones to speak out.

I don't like venting my frustrations on social media, and only have been posting things to make you all smile, laugh, and engage with me as a new dad....NOT for the attention. Most of you all know I shun far from that. I like letting my actions speak for themselves.

BUT....if I can crack a smile, make someone laugh, or shed a light of fresh air...I will do so in hopes of making someone's day or even getting some advice that works.

But please do not be offended if Meg or I do not respond to you all. We are thoroughly trying our best to analyze Noah's situation and see what works best for us....because as you all know....everything is trial and error at this point.

The past 3.5 weeks have been rough for me. I am trying to still find that "work/family" balance. Early mornings have me more exhausted by evening....shorter mornings leave me feeling "less accomplished" and stressed more in the evening.

My number one priority right now is Meg and Noah, and helping them find a routine/rhythm that suits THEM. Which is why I am so fortunate to have some amazing help from my team at OAF so I can still get time to focus on my online training clients.

They told me it would be hard, but did NOT tell me it would take time. Last week I found myself resting most of the day Sunday to build myself up for a killer week and I went hard only to crash miserably by Wednesday to a point I couldn't read the words on my computer screen. LOL.

Pacing is key, I am finding. Learning to let some things go and focus on the important things first are what matters.

SCHEDULING time to train is key. Rather than "thinking I can whenever."

MAKING USE of that time is also huge! I never have been one to waste time, but now I am on a mission 99% of the day until the clock strike snack/bed time.

Yesterday was fun. Noah has been a little fussier than we expected, so watching him can be tough at times....and make you feel like you have been at an old fashioned RAVE concert because of the hearing issues you get and the wear from dancing and jumping correlates to the exhaustion levels. HA.

I don't know how my amazing wife does it. But then right before dinner I usually go try to throw frisbee with Brea(who is another story in itself with her needs)....and of course right after comforting Noah I hobble outside half dead to throw and step in the worlds biggest and most unpleasant piece of her poop, all over my new shoes.

YES, my fault for not picking it up, but still....the whole yard and I find the one colossal piece that makes Noah's poops smell like roses!

Anyways, balance is key. Leaning on your support is HUGE. Even yesterday I came home and mentioned to Meg some ideas to try and she was just so tired of hearing them that tension arose quickly....but it also ended quickly because we both know how tired we were and just feel so bad for one another and we truly MISS eachother even though we see eachother more.....does that make sense?

I even went to my massage therapist and vented how it sucks not getting my "Meggy Rubbings" anymore! HAHA.

Noah is the center. Meg and I are doing the best we can and still at the end of the day, while he was "peacefully" swinging in this contraption my mom brought(didn't work much more than 30 minutes), we held hands on the couch and just looked at one another's eyes and said the three magic words that twisted our day around 360 degree....

"I love you." 

"Forever?" She replied....

And I had to throw in some humor and long as I still get my rubbins....😎😜.....and we ended the night more in love than we ever have.

The days will come when we get time for us.  I will never be the parent type that constantly puts my kids in front of my marriage only to see it fade.

If anything, my love and support for my wife has gone through the roof. Seeing her with Noah brings out something in her and every women that make the husbands fall in love more(at least it should).

She is my rock. WE ARE A TEAM. And little by little we will figure out and adapt.

I just want to thank you all who reach out and give us advice. We may not get back to everyone, but we appreciate all the support.

Even have people dropping off goodie bags....Lara Cubbage and two are a Godsend! Love you guys! The salads and carrot cake were amazing. Just ask my dad, he stole it, hehe.

But anyways, I woke up this morning with a new light, new focus and drive to succeed today on my goals...

First was organizing my online clients. Second was my training which was kick butt! I did a testing DB COMPLEX for playbook that was FABULOUS.....

1. DB Burpee Squat Cleans x 5
2. DB Alternating Heavy Press x 5
3. DB Swing Lunge x 5 per leg
4. DB Constant Tension Pause Squats x 5
5. DB 1.5 Rep Squat Jumps x 5
6. DB Glute Bridge Squeeze Press x 20 
7. DB Long Lever Rows x 5 
8. DB Sumo Deadlift x 10 

I then continued to a nasty finisher that went on a 5:00 clock after some SNATCH GRIP DEADLIFTS:

A. 90# Goblet Squats x 15
B. 7 Sandbag Cleans + 4 Sandbag Thrusters
C. 3 Reverse Bear Push Ups/3 Star Jumps/3 Frog Jumps x 2 Rounds

D. Band Resisted Bear Crawl(Favorite) > 10 Band Resisted Push Up x 10 > 10 Band Pull Apart Leg Lowers x 10

Finished with 30/20/10 intervals on the Air Bike to completely smash this full body blast!

Which reminds me....

Those of you who are still interested in training at home and getting ACTUAL results without fad DVDS and info commercial workouts....

You can apply to get into the 28 Day Summer Slim down HERE and start working with me for a month.

If you follow this plan 100%, you will get leaner than ever before and all you need is a simple set of dumbbells!

You can apply here.

And make sure you stay tuned for some FUN stuff coming this month when we partner with Anthony and the Meadows! You may even get a FREE night of ice stay tuned for the details!!

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