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Sunday, May 5, 2019

Are your Kids Ready?

Are Your Kids READY?
The nicer weather has to make you all start thinking about your kids and their summer plans, right?
We all know as a parent, that the summer time is the MOST important time for them to train, get better and stronger for their sports!
Last summer we saw over a dozen college athletes and EACH one left OAF with insane results!


Look, we are no newbie when it comes to working with athletes. Between Justin and myself, we have trained hundreds of college and even semi professional kids 1-1 and in group settings to help them achieve their goals over the years...
And actually, Justin's most recent client....Cameron Gaskill set NEW records with his performance training! In under 6 weeks with just 2x training weekly, Justin got Cameron's vertical up over 2 inches and also boosted his speed and strength in nearly ALL aspects!
He even did this all with a bad arm!


The time has come for you all to start taking a serious look at your kids and asking yourself if you are willing to put the time and effort into their futures in athletics!

If I could go back and do ONE thing differently it would have been to be on a solid strength program BEFORE I left for school.

College is no joke when it comes to the size, strength and speed of their counterparts and if they are not prepared, it can be a long career full of injuries and never reaching your full potential.

So if you are ready to learn more about training for your son or daughter this summer just reply or send me a message to get our summer athlete rates....

Here is what is included:
  1. ​Initial Evaluation and Screening
  2. Baseline Testing 
  3. Power and Strength Development/Learning
  4. Customized Programs FOR INDIVIDUAL. 
  5. Meal and Nutritional Support for Athletes
  6. OAF Athletics T-Shirt 
You never know what what training is the "right training" for your kids these days....and 9 times out of have already been somewhere and paid the money to see mediocre results.

If you are ready to take action and finally get your kids some dialed in help and assistance with their need to message me and ask about our rates for summer. We are ready to take on your kids, give them the tools they need to succeed, and provide them with a FUN and encouraging environment to train in...


Because you can have the BEST trainer and program in the world but if your kids are not enjoying what they are will be pointless and they will end up hating the fitness whelm by the time they are 20.
It is NOT a one size fits all method.

Let us show you and your son/daughter the keys to training while making it a lasting relationship for them that they enjoy!

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