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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

Today I want to make sure I give a shout out to the two moms who have made the largest impact in my life.

As you all know, a mom's job is tough! Raising children quite frankly is the HARDEST job known!  Trust me, I am 4 weeks into seeing Meg in motherhood, and I ALREADY vow to this statement and completely melt every-time I see her with Noah.

There job is tiring, relentless, painful, stressful, never-ending.....yet ALL so wonderful in so many ways.

In fact, I even had Meg tell me her favorite part about the past month with Noah, in the mist of all the crying, screaming, pooping, changing and no sleep....


Isn't that incredible? Out of all this chaos...her worn out body, milk supply(haha), and mind....her favorite time is feeding her son in the wee hours of the night when he is just looking up at her and getting the nutrients he needs to grow.

Special, right?

Something ONLY a mom would say. Something ONLY someone loving enough to have children, raise them, and be there every step of the way for them!

 I mean, mom's are crazy....they have this unconditional love for their children....even when they can't give anything back yet.

They give their heart and soul into them....carrying them for 9 months then raising them for life! They never ask for anything in return, other than for them to grow up and be happy and successful.

Moms are the award winning people in my book. Not only do they look after and care for their children but then they also have their whole family to look after!

I knew the parenting game would be tough.....but what I didn't know is how "useless" I feel in the infant stage compared to what Meggy has to deal with.

Meg has sacrificed her work, her fitness, her diet and eating food she enjoys, her sleep, her tailbone, her social life and even a lot of her finances to help Noah enter into this world with the best accolades.

My Meggy....

She deserves ALL the credit and all the love on this Mother's Day, as do ALL the moms out there! Along with my MAMMA, they are the cornerstone of my life. 

The light when all I see is darkness. They brighten each and every day for me. They make me happy in every way possible and do anything they can to help me succeed.

Mother's Day is one of those holidays that we truly need to value and appreciate.  So many guys get stuck in the normal rut of flowers and taking them to dinner....but not me.

I take it to my words, my actions, and my writing to help them see just how important they are to me! That is something money can't buy. Sure, I will spoil them with a pedicure and a meal....maybe a shoulder rub if they are lucky, hehe....

But in all reality, I think most moms just want the everyday appreciation they deserve and not just a "ONE DAY" shout out to acknowledge the fact that they are amazing in every-way.

You should be showing it day in and day out.

Then on Mother's Day make them feel extra special with something they love to do!

Whatever those plans might be...I hope you guys all enjoy them and take that time with your loved one to help them have a wonderful holiday celebrating everything they are!

These women are my life, my loves, and everything that is to me! 

Everyday in the past month I have seen Meg do things I never thought I would ever see in my life....I knew she would love Noah....but to the extent I see day in and day out is just so spectacular, giving that he can only see 3 feet in front of him right now and she is a virtual feeding tube.

Same goes for my mom.

I've seen her smile more times in the hours she is with Noah than I ever have. Knowing that she wants to be apart of his life after raising three great kids shows a lot about her unconditional love for us and being a mom!

Her smile LIGHTS up the room when I see her with him.

And on this only hope is that I can bring HALF of that smile with some great food and relaxing down time together!

Now, please comment on this post and give your mom that shout out she deserves if you feel the same way about her!

They deserve MORE than a day, to be honest.

Which is why I vow to do my very best at showing it as a father and husband!


PS - I also need to give a shout out to two NEW mommys as Sister in Law Colesha and my sis, Alissa. TWO wonderful mommys who are just helping my Meg each and everyday while caring for their own newborns!

Sawyer & Callen

Lis and Nolan

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