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Monday, May 20, 2019

Stable Shoulders Part II

How was everyone's weekend? 

Did you enjoy the HOT weather or the thunderstorms more? 

I don't know about you, but I am a MUCH BIGGER fan of the storms and cooler weather. Brea and I HATE sticky hot, buggy weather....and apparently...that's what we are in for this year!


Anyways, I am sorry for the delay on the shoulder part TWO portion, but life gets ahead of me, and Noah and OAF can keep me quite entertained these days on-top of my online clients and programming. 

But needless to say, I am ready to help and have a few exercises to add to now STRENGTHEN those shoulders, especially since you all read part one here and are ready for ways to take the mobility and stability you created and build strength to end that nagging pain!

So without further delay, give these exercises a try!

This Shoulder Flow includes 5 different exercises:
  1. Shoulder External Rotation with arms at side
  2. Shoulder T’s 
  3. Shoulder External Rotation with arms elevated to 90 degrees of abduction
  4. Shoulder Internal Rotation- Don’t forget Subscapularis is the strongest rotator cuff muscle
  5. Resisted Wall AngelI 
Now you can see each exercise below, and you can perform them as a circuit for 12-15 reps each.

Also, I want to include a few important kettlebell exercises you can do to strengthen the stabilizers, which are:

1) Kneeling Bottoms Up Single Arm KB Press

2) Overhead Single Arm Kettlebell Farmer's Walk

How: Lift the kettlebell up to your shoulder. Wrap triceps in towards your armpit, this will help stay engaged at the scapula. Maintain this overhead position for the entirety of the walk.

Compensation: Excessive shrugging of the shoulder, keep a window between the arm that is elevated and the ear on that side. If you find yourself pushing your neck out with this exercise perform a slight chin tuck as you go walk.

Now to the shoulder series: (*note* DO NOT use a strong resistance band as I did in these videos. I did not have one readily available) 

1) Shoulder External Rotation Arms at Side:

2) Shoulder External Rotation Arms Bent 90

3) Shoulder Internal Rotation

4) Resisted Wall AngelI - Love these for the external demand into horizontal adduction. 

5) Shoulder T's or Band Pull Aparts

I hope these exercises help! Remember, building a strong foundation requires patience, time and effort! Staying consistent with your exercises and programs will ultimately get you the best results, so above all....KEEP WORKING.

Hope you all have a kick ass rest of the week and get those workouts in!

Until next time, 

Coach Mikey

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