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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Beat Your Fatigue...CRUSH Your Workout!


Well, what does this word mean to you? 

Take the day off, get in comfy clothes, sip down 5 cups of hot chocolate and get out the bag of pretzels?(Cheetos for my dad hehe).

Or are you still driven in to succeed and reach your goals in health and fitness? Making sure you get your workout in.....

Well, for was one of those "rough days" I tend to have weekly where my stress is at an all time max, my body is saying no to any moving because of pain and soreness in my knees and shoulder still lingering from an life changing accident over 2 years ago!

I have been putting in many hours in here lately with the site and planning of the new space, and I knew going into the New Year I would be bound to hit these days....

Just like you all....yes....I do too....

But I had some lacrosse kids in today and they asked how I am in good shape still not being able to do much and always in pain.....

That's where your MENTAL strength and intrinsic motivation come into play. You see, thats why I know I was born to do this....I can literally push myself harder than anyone can all by myself...I can be so mentally driven on goals and training that I knew I would be great as a trainer and helping others have that same vision!

No matter what area in life you lack, family, food, friends, money, stress, sleep, etc.....

You can ALWAYS break past it with mental strength. So, what are some extra ways you can improve that mental strength and cognitive functioning? 

Here are a few tips:

1) Make sure you have your NUTRITION and eating dialed right in

Focus on quality proteins and fats, and clean organic fruits and vegetables as the bulk of your diet.  If you couple eating well with improving sleep time and quality, and working on stress reduction, these alone can go a whole long way towards helping mental strength.

But you must follow it. You will be SHOCKED with how clean eating can alter your thinking! 

2) Ensure EXCELLENT micronutrient status

It is vitally important that you have all your micronutrients dialed in, you know, the little guys that actually make EVERYTHING work.

I’m telling you to make sure you get enough vitamins and minerals.  You would never plant a rose in a pot of sand and expect it to bloom. You know you need to feed that plant nutrient dense soil (plants need micronutrients too), water, and light.

You are infinitely more complex than any plant. Do not underestimate the power of getting your micronutrient intake right, or the consequences of getting it wrong.  You need nutrient dense food.

My favorites are Vitamin C(immune), Vitamin D(bone/hormone/cortsiol), B5(fatigue), B12(metabolism),Magnesium(Energy/Recovery).

3) Herbal Support

Black Tea and L-theanine

Your best source of L-theanine is in black tea – simply replace your coffee with black tea. (Make it very weak and do it early in the day, as tea still contains caffeine, although in smaller amounts than coffee). Two recent well designed studies showed that
  • Consumption of black tea extract led to improved recovery and a reduction in oxidative stress and delayed onset muscle soreness following acute anaerobic intervals.
  • Even better, six weeks of daily black tea consumption lowered post-stress cortisol and resulted in greater subjective relaxation.
Taken daily and early in the day (to avoid affecting sleep), black tea improves your body’s stress levels over time.

Try adding these few tips, and you can watch your mental state of mind improve immensely. One thing that really helps me is having a set plan and make it a priority to complete.

AND BACK TO MY DAY.....Yes, you better believe I decided to train. You know what helped me?


Seeing the posts I publish and seeing some of you comment, write me, reply, and just say how you love OAF and my new site and whats to come.....just makes me feel WONDERFUL inside that I am doing this right and helping everyone that I can. 

I got my "motivation high" from all that and knowing I am finally done with the site and ended up having one of my best metabolic training sessions(for the first time in a LONG time, felt sick almost haha)...

And for some of may be in your cards to beat me tonight!!!

Bring your A Game.....the 12's Workout!

As many rounds as you can in 35 MINUTES after 1 mile Run & 5 Minutes Jump Rope of:

12 Thruster + 3 Back Elevator
12 Burpee(alternate every round with regular and lateral)
12 KB Swing
12 Slam Ball

I did, 12 + one round of 6 to hit 600 reps. 34:57....ended on 5 High Intensity Jump Rope then done. Now it's your turn!

I think I like my 1500 calorie burn sessions in 45 minutes.....with to love it...

Which is WHY you all are addicted ....hehe....

See you all tonight!! 

There is nothing to gain by regretting things. Review the lessons learned. Make the decision to change. Take Action.

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