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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Tuesdays WORSE than Mondays? You tell me....

How was everyone's TUESDAY?!
I don't know, but more often than not....I get the feeling that many people start dreading Tuesdays more than Mondays, LOL.

I am not sure. But I see MASSIVE dips in attendance at the gym, a HUGE fall off at stores when I'm grocery shopping....and overall...people just seem CRABBY on Tuesdays!
I guess this ice/snow layover still isn't helping. It's tough to do anything outside. Brea I swear runs out super excited then steps into the hard snow and her ears go back because it hurts her paws! 
Then you drive around town and get your cars trashed from the salt and snow still on the roads....ugh...Tuesday problems I guess, haha....
But I can add some sun to your day!
I wasn't sure if you guys knew about the news of me getting LIVE on Playbook now?!?!

You See...My Goal Now is To Help MORE Americans!!!!
I know so many of my local clients have a tough time ALWAYS getting into the gym and making time to workout....
LIFE is hard! And fitting in time to train can be too which is why I have come up with a solution to getting you the bodies you want with a few effective training principles and workouts! 
I have been known as the "master of space" ....there were times I had 40-50 people to train in less than 2000 square feet! Talk about being smacked like sardines!
So I became GREAT at adapting ....and creating workouts!
So much in fact, that my workouts became better and better and now are at an ALL TIME HIGH of effectiveness....
Getting people results left and right...
SO I was given the opportunity to help EVERYONE in the United States with this problem and lucky for you, I know I can relate and help!
I've been there!
I know what it is like to have no time and space! So you can now train with me exclusively and get workouts that you can do in the comfort of your OWN HOME on YOUR TIME and get full coaching by me!
Hell, you can even try it out a week for FREE!
And if you like it....a simple $.27 a day is ALL you need!
So if you are ready to take your training to another level, get coaching and awesome workouts that can be done in no time with no space...
Subscribe​ to me today! Just follow this link​ and give it a go! 
I wouldn't try to sell you on something I don't believe in...

Which is why it's free to try! And then once you see and know how I operate and can help, I know you will become friends with me!

What are you waiting for? Shredded bodies are MADE IN THE WINTER!
Its go time, baby!
Start with where you are, with what you have....because what you have is PLENTY!

Until I see you on Playbook....

Kickass on this Tuesday!

Coach Mikey

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