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Saturday, February 16, 2019


It's crazy how many foods have added sugar.

Every single lunch meat I wanted to buy has sugar, corn syrup, cane juice, dextrose, or some other version of sugar added to the ingredient list. Same with every packaged beef jerky and pepperoni stick. 

Even most of the salmon fillets and chunks of pre-cooked chicken came with added sugar and fillers. 
NOTE: I'm just preparing for having a baby and was looking for quick options....but it's INSANE! 

Let's be real....its why..well...the staggering statistic is that nearly 80% of the United States are either OVERWEIGHT or OBESE!

Scary, right? 

I read it in my new book Meggy got me....

Even scarier.....

That most people who lose weight gain it back. I mean, if you are reading this...chances are shaking your head NOT YOU...but I hate to break it to you....

It's true!

That is why I take pride in what I do at Over-Achieve.

Everyone in our gym hold themselves accountable. We train together, we coach, support, monitor, adjust nutrition and make sure everyone is doing th best they can to stay on track.


Through our full body scans, custom nutrition, accountability coaches, and support are always helped so that you stay on track.

Which is why we get members getting crazy results all the time! Just like Ronda.....

So if you are ready to start getting results, getting accountable....and STOP being another statistic to spread then maybe it's time you snag one of our *FINAL SPOTS* in the Share the Love campaign. You can come in with a friend or significant other and reach your goals alongside us all!

But you need to join fast, because we are ending this program in the next 48 hours!

But anyways, back to my story...

Another grocery store nightmare?

And yogurt is as popular as ever these days. 

I'm amazed at how many commercials there are on TV for this...they advertise it like it's the healthiest thing on the planet, but there are so many yogurts in the market you need to avoid! Basically ALL of them but this, LOL...

Plain is not too tasty, but you can add some stevia or monk fruit and a half scoop of natural plant/whey protein powder and it instantly adds a protein boost and adds to the flavor!

But Those commercials you are seeing everywhere are for so-called "healthy yogurts" that support healthy gut bacteria (you need healthy gut bacteria to boost your immune system and your metabolism) are full of crap. Some of them you are better off eating a TWIX bar! LOL
Here's the problem...these yogurts are often filled with sugar (about half as much sugar as in a can of soda!). That's deadly and will make you fat. Do NOT eat yogurt with added sugar.
But you still need to have healthy gut bacteria if you want to lose fat, speed your metabolism, stay healthy and never get sick, and to finally get a flat belly forever. To do those all of those good things, follow this simple plan:

Follow us at OAF or me on playbook! You can be apart of my online community for a fraction of the cost(FREE to start clicking here).

You can see all my latest workouts and train with me from ANYWHERE in the comfort of your own home!

I hope you all are having a kickass weekend thus far, and remember....STAY AWAY FROM ADDED SHIT! 

That means check things like Marinara, Chicken, Condiments, GUM, Sauces, Yogurts, "Health" bars, granola, nuts and virtually ANYTHING you find in the grocery store!

Together we can do this! Lets end the obesity epidemic!

Talk soon

Coach Mikey

PS -- If you see this guy today make sure you wish him a happy birthday!! So happy to have this man as my father! Happy Birthday Dad!!!

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