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Monday, February 18, 2019

My least favorite exercise...

Happy Monday!

Did you get off to a good start? Attack your day head strong and wake up ready to crush your goals?

I hope so.

Today I got reading more of the weight loss book Meg got me for Valentine's Day and I get more and more shocked with what I read.

Did you know that many overweight people who diet tend to gain the weight RIGHT back simply because their resting metabolism slows down with when they try to go back to eating normally...

They GAIN.

It makes sense right? I mean, so many of us try to slash calories when they diet, and sure...this may work initially, but it cannot be something sustainable, which ultimately has them gaining it right back when they eat normally simply because of their metabolism.

That is why I always recommend doing something you can STICK to.

Anyways, back to my story...

Over the weekend I was visiting another gym and saw trainers doing one of my least favorite exercises.

It's funny...because you don't see ANY of them in OAF.

The Bosu Ball!

Yes, balance training is a staple for any program, but what I now see are circus acts trying to be performed on these pieces of equipment. It's quite comical really....seeing such a display of trainers queuing their clients to squat, deadlift, or even do single leg work with weights on this thing.

Let's be practical....

Sure, snowboarders, skiers, and other sports dudes require balance and stability components of their training. BUT none of which should include weights. When do you see a snowboarder adding weight to their hands while snowboarding?

Functional is such a broad term in the fitness industry and in today's world...trainers are beginning to find ways to make a cool video on instagram rather than see the true benefit...or lack thereof...of each exercise they come up with.

You see, strength and balance are TWO separate training stimuli. Both of which, require their own unique programming and protocol. Combining them just makes for a silly way for trainers to say they can fit more work in less reality....they need to be the better programmer and make use of their session to involve both components without silly shit.

I truly do think there is a time and place for bosu balls and balance/stability work, but the ways some trainers go about them may do more harm than good.

From day one I've learned and studied under some amazing fitness professionals and I always took the same advice...

Sometimes you just got to KISS.


....and all shall be fine!

Above all, my thoughts can be relayed to a popular quote about guns not killing all know that one...well...

Bosu balls don’t make people do stupid exercises. Stupid personal trainers make people do stupid exercises.

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Have a kickass rest of the week! 

Coach Mikey

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