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Monday, February 25, 2019

Why are you in a rut?

In order to achieve the goals we want to achieve, we must become the person we need to become.”

True words to live by, right? 

How was everyone's Monday? If you were in Franklin County, hopefully you didn't blow away. The wind gusts were insane. Brea was not too thrilled playing frisbee when it would go forwards for 2 seconds before heading straight behind us. 

It was more comical still trying to watch her catch them.

Besides the point, and my lack of sleep from was your Monday? Did you start it off on the right track? In other words...

Do you end your Sunday evenings saying "Ugh, I hate Mondays! Not another week!"

I bet you on a set of burpees you do!

It's very common, and of the many reasons I changed the people I hang around with. 

Because that means everything to you and how you view each and everyday....not just Monday.

You see, you are the average of the 5 people you hang around with! It's true! I read it in SHAPE MAGAZINE😂.

Not but seriously, the people you are around can have lasting inputs on your success both physically and mentally! I used to have friends who dreaded work, their daily tasks and just overall life. They just complained about everything and out others down jus to try to make themselves feel better about themself. 

It got in my head and could easily be why I struggled severely with depression and anxiety in my early 20's. 

If you constantly look at the negative aspects of life and each ongoing daily occurrence....before you know will end up like Mr. Scrooge and just hate life and everything about it.

This can be why you are stuck in that workout RUT....or you can't seem to stay consistent with anything for more than 2-3 weeks before failing to realize that you need a complete lifestyle change and a better mental perspective before oyu can reach your goal.

You then think it's just not work it and too hard, so you drop out, become more negative...and then get more down on yourself for giving up again.

The pattern continues....until the next sudden burst of energy and motivation hits you in the face.


You's quite easy.

I listened to Drew Bree's speak before and he thought so deeply about the mindset you are in and how it can affect everything you do on a day in day out basis.

He couldn't be more accurate!

So many of us think...."Ugh, I don't want to workout." 

Or...."I don't want to go to work." "I don't want to cook dinner."

The list goes on....

But in all reality....all we are doing is bringing more negative emotions and attention into our minds.

If I thought like this....I would NEVER have recovered from my accident. I still would probably be on my mom's couch headed nowhere with my life. 

What you need is a SHIFT in that mindset. Start telling yourself that....

"You GET to workout today." (how many are not lucky enough to be able to workout)
"I GET to go to work today."(how many are stuck jobless in America!)
"I GET to cook dinner for my family tonight" (so many are stuck eating fast food or freezer meals!)

Like you, I must avoid the little opinions of small-minded people that keep us stuck in a fishbowl of mediocrity when we need to be swimming in the ocean of incredible opportunity. We must step-up and get outside our comfort zones, we must play up a level, and we must surround ourselves with people better than us.

So if you began this week already dreading the start to it....I encourage you to switch that mindset. Start looking at the positives of everything!

It's funny, it really is...I even see trainers posting about the dreaded Monday alarm. For me, I'm so excited to start my week I don't even need to set my alarm! Im out of bed before 4:30am!

So make a point tonight to reject ANY negative thought that pops into the mind.....whether it's your son refusing to go to bed or your wife forgetting your favorite milk at the store....switch the mind to a positive frame and start living life on the brightside!

You will thank me later!

We have no more room for negativity in this world. Shut out the darkness! 

Get some good rest tonight and be ready to crush it tomorrow! I have a special Med Ball workout coming your way that you can do ANYWHERE! 

If you want more workouts that you can jumpstart your day with, just subscribe to me on Playbook here. 

You can the first two weeks FREE! Android is also now available! 

Until next time, 

Do stuff you love with the people you love most!

Coach Mikey

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