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Monday, March 4, 2019

You may be lucky....

This month we have a lot to be thankful for!

March madness....

End of WINTER.....

Luck of the IRISH....

MORE sun less darkness....

And MORE consistency with your training!

That's right, I said it! I know you were thinking it though. March means April is coming soon, which means the weather is close to turning so everyone is naturally going to be getting their bodies into shape with training and nutrition!

So where do you start?

You are either 1 of 3 individuals that I've come to know over the past decade of training clients...

1) You are slashing calories, going below 1200 even and missing important macronutrients in order to eat at a caloric deficit.

2) You are trying FAD diets and/or attempting them all wrong! AKA, you claim to be intermittent fasting but have bullet proof coffee and a gatorade during your 15-16 hour "fast!" Or you claim PIZZA HUT is on your keto menu along with tasty cakes and pastries. 

3) You lace up and hit the pavement running and attending as many circuit classes as humanly possible.

We live in a world of instant gratification, and one in which we ALL want the results we expect within DAYS upon starting a "routine."

Hell, I've even lost clients who stopped with me, admittedly after 7-10 days because they didnt see results! Those types, I just laugh inside and chuckle to myself because of their lack of knowledge or patience. 

God didn't build Rome in a day, and your shitty diet and lack of exercise for 3 years won't be fixed in two weeks. 

It's common sense, but yet it is so hard to grasp by the American population.

Maybe it's why work ethic is such a hot topic for the younger millennials....which could explain why we have had 3 NO SHOW interviews for young men in the past 3 weeks! 

Boy, if I only knew where they were applying, I would love to warn the managers that their interview couldn't even so much as send us a message letting us know about him deciding not to come. 

Anyways, I digress. 

This week I want you all to take note of something important...

FOCUS on the things you need to accomplish and get done in life. It is NOT being selfish to take care of yourself, be a problem solver and reach your goals.

When you take control of your own problems, solutions become more visible. SO many of you look at the cover models and your family, friends, co-workers and try to compare and be apart of their success and/or problems. 

You forget that YOUR LIFE needs to be a priority and you need to take control of what you want to get where you need!

You have no valid excuse for not taking action. It's time to step up and leave your comfort zone. Quit hiding. The world needs the BIG you. Don't let your personal demons, your fear of failure & the unknown, hold you back any longer. No more procrastinating until everything is perfect. There's no better time than right now. Take action today.

If you havn't seen it yet, make sure you check out my latest STACK article here.  I am lucky enough to be in the same presence of the famous Mike Boyle! 

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It's going to be BIG! And the best thing is, you only need a set of dumbbells!

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Until next time, may the March luck be with you and get to your training!!

Coach Mikey

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