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Monday, March 11, 2019

Stop DREADING Monday!

It's a new week and you might be dreading getting back to the Monday grind, but one thing I want you to know as we slide into Monday is I believe in you. 

By the way, what makes Monday so great anyways? So many of us look to it as a "starting point" or a way to "restart" or get into a new routine.

Maybe you are starting a new diet?

Maybe trying a new workout routine?

Sleep schedule?

Whatever it is, guess what....


What makes Monday so special, so different than any other day? 

You mess up on your diet on Wednesday and say, OH WELL, "I'll restart on Monday!"

But think about this....why? You are intuitively telling yourself it's OKAY to delay your goals and dreams and it's OK to put your results on hold. 

Are you kidding me? Not the way to go! Monday is JUST AS GOOD as Tuesday, or Wednesday, or even Thursday! There is nothing special about it so the fact you use Monday as your kryptonite is quite saddening...

But anyways, Yeah, it's true. You CAN do it. I believe in you. You can MAKE ANY DAY YOUR BEST DAY! A day should not be measured by its name!

How do I know? ✌️​ reasons....

1. I've seen the impossible. 

I have watched the Woman who has started and stopped a million times, given every diet in the book a shot, with two bad knees, a tweaked back, and two kids at home and a full time job finally get strong, healthy, confident, and happy and never look back. 

I've watched the 50 year old Man who lost his metabolism, motivation, and ability to fit into any of his clothes turn it all around without starving himself and spending countless hours at the gym. 

Truth is, I have been personally witness to hundreds of these transformations at O.A.F. and if they can do it, so can you do. 

2.  You're reading this email. 

If your a client or following me & reading this it shows you care about making positive changes to your life.

So if you care and are ready to make life altering changes, stop eating processed garbage, workout and exercise your body and mind, and be nice to people!

Surround yourself with those who SUPPORT you and your goals! I struggled with this for a long time and even a huge weakness of mine has always been that I used to try to take on the world when it came to tasks.

I had to respond to everyone, spearhead every problem that came up, and I’d simply try to accomplish it all through energy and willpower. The problem is that no matter who you are, those resources are finite. Sometimes growth means letting go, getting even more clear on your priorities, and even shedding an old skill as you refine new ones that help you evolve.

I even still struggle with it but this photo below has helped me become a better leader, innovator, and organize my thoughts and emotions daily so I can complete all the tasks I need on a given day.....which can be an INSANE amount of things! LOL

Now, in leaving ....

You know I got to give you some trainer advice still, right?!?! HAHA

Here we go....three ab exercises you need to DITCH ASAP!

1) The Waste of Time Exercise: Broomstick Twists
I can't believe people still do these, but recently a guy did them while standing on a Bosu Ball. What a waste of time, they do nothing for you! 

2) The Dangerous Move: Weighted Sit-ups
Sit-ups, especially weighted sit-ups, can cause a herniated disc. That's why you must avoid ALL movements where you round your low back (even bending over to tie your shoes). Cut those out! 

3) The Ab Exercise That Makes Your Waist Bigger: Side Bends
When you do weighted side bends, you are telling your abdominal oblique muscles to get bigger. And if your obliques get bigger, your love handles will loom larger. Stop these ASAP!!!!

Until next time, 

Be good to people, avoid those horrid core exercises, and STOP complaining about Mondays and go make S*** happen! 

Coach Mikey

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