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Thursday, March 21, 2019

What's Your Reason?

I hear this all the time...

"My knees are too flared up!"
"My shoulders hurt!"
"My back is bad!"
"My asthma is acting up!"

Whatever the excuse is to avoid your training....I've heard it!

We all have aches and pains that keep us from training intensely 24/7/365! You are not any different from all the others in that regard.

I battle something every week, and it would be silly to think differently. I am human just like you all. I've been through some serious injuries and some minor ones.

Some weeks it's just minor muscle contusions or knots that need worked out....

Others can be more stress related causing sleep and strains to my emotions which can lead to upper back/neck stiffness.

My knees are that of a 90 year old man, literally. I'll be lucky if I make it to 40 before needing a replacement.

But what separates me and many other fitness enthusiasts in the industry is our desire to stay positive, motivated and work around injuries.

Those of you who use excuses to avoid training....

Shame on you.

If there is one thing I fully believe's that there is one key slogan I've used with my clients from day ONE...

"There is ALWAYS a way!" This girl is known around the world for her push to be better...with one ARM!

If you have a hammy strain, work on your upper body!

Shoulders in a lot of pain? Crush your legs with squats and neutral grip pulls!

Knees on fire? Avoid impact exercises and knee flexion and work on hinging and hip dominant work.

In today's world, everyone was everything for nothing. Work ethic and problem solving has seemed to dissipate as we focus more on things we want rather than things we need.

If you want to lose weight, stop making excuses. Start making solutions. I used to be that way too, so I can relate. I always focused on the negative and every injury got me so mad I would just quite entirely and give up, moping around and being in terrible moods.

Injuries and aches/pains are apart of the process for athletes.

So I learned to embrace the challenge and have a better mindset.....and YES, I said challenge! Why?

I make it "fun" to come up with new workouts that work around injuries and nicks/pains. So then when I am flat lining and crushed, I can look back and laugh!

Silly of me to get frustrated! Always a way!

For example, my legs this week have been on another level. Sore to no end and hurting to touch from a heavier volume week last week.

Yesterday I was doing 60% intensity intervals on the Air Bike to get my legs moving and started feeling a sharp pain in my butt cheek!  I shit you not! HAHA...right on my butt, to a point I couldnt sit down it hurt so bad. Came out of nowhere, so instead of get upset and quitting, I found a way to train around it....

Did this mini circuit today!

1A. Seated Over-Head Slams x 15(harder than it sounds!)
1B. Med Ball Slow Mountain Climber x 15
1C. Med Ball Curl to Press x 15
1D. Med Ball Close Grip Push Up x 10
** 4x

Rest 2 Minutes then Move to #2.

2A. Floor Dumbbell Squeeze Press x 15
2B. Bent Single Arm Dumbbell Row x 10
2C. Bear Crawl x 5 Yards Up, Back x 2
** 3x

Never settle, never give yourself a reason to be down. You are alive, you have the ability to use your body for good health...

And you have me to help motivate and coach you along the way!

If you haven't heard....I am releasing my new ONLINE COACHING PROGRAM, the 28 Day Sexy Slim Down in April....where I am taking 20 women to train with my from the comfort of their own homes...

You can expect to lose 10-18lbs of fat and get in shape for swimsuit season with my coaching, workouts, and support! You will get ALL the workouts from your OWN APP!

It's going to be insane, so be on the look out for the registration or you may miss out!

Remember, keep doing shit you love with people you love most!

Talk soon!


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