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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

WOW! My Sisters Results....INSANE!

Meet Alissa....She is a NEW mom of Nolan Woods & My Loving Sister!

After battling through a tough delivery, Alissa managed to bounce back and get in better shape than ever using my training methods with PLAYBOOK​. 

She has a HUGE knowledge base with nutrition being a NASM FNS and works with MANY clients in Over-Achieve, so I was eager to help her with the training portions to get herself back!

Her C-Section left her unable to train for 6-8 weeks post baby and it was a difficult time for her as she battled raising a little one, a job, and keeping herself healthy.

She will be FIRST TO TELL YOU that you need to be able to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF before you take care of someone else.

So her #1 priority was getting herself back in shape and she took pride in her workouts right from home using my playbook channel to get the most of her short gaps of time she would have!

A few months later and she is rocking her flat stomach and now is super excited to start seeing even more progress and she begins adding volume and intensity to her sessions!

I am super proud of you SIS!

You are a true role model to everyone in the nutrition industry and now your results speak volumes to those moms out there who are looking to make a change and get themselves back!

YOU deserve it! Just like Alissa did! And you can start now 100% FREE​ and join in to be coached and trained by me!

If you are looking to apply for my coaching, click here​ and submit the survey to get started!

Way to go sis, and for all you moms out there wanting to get started like Alissa....send me a message. I will be eager to help!

Coach Mikey

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