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Friday, July 12, 2019

7 USELESS Exercises!

Often times, I see some pretty interesting exercises when I visit global gyms. Today I decided to share 7 I am truly not a fan of....

Enjoy! 😂

1. Bench Dips

This is a really bad exercise for your rotator cuff. It places your scapula in an awkward position (tipped forward) and puts a lot of force on your rotator cuff.

An alternative to bench dips, if you're trying to target your triceps would be a) close-grip pushups or barbell close grip bench or b) regular dips using a parallel bar or c) rope tricep extensions.

2. Donkey Kicks

Too many bootcamps and trainers got their panties in a bunch doing endless amounts of these with clients going into hyperextension. Bending at the knee and extending through the hip can be problematic for those who have trouble with flexibility in their hips. 

Instead try quadrupled banded hip extensions or reverse hyper kick backs. Keeping the foot more plantar flexed will help activate more of the posterior chain. 

3. 1.5 Rep Barbell Deadlifts. 

It's one thing to teach hinging and add tension to lifts, but it's a whole new ball game to do it while under heavy loads in a exercise that requires strong bouts of initial force off the ground to minimize the stress added to the spine. 

I hate seeing trainers who think adding 1.5 reps to their lifts are "cool" and "magical".....YES, they are a great way to spice up an exercise, but deadlifts are not one of them man. Stick to safer exercises.

4. Upright Rows

Upright rows are another exercise that place a lot of force on your rotator cuff and can lead to injuries. If you are prone to shoulder pain, stay away from them and try leaning single arm lateral raises instead.

Or much better exercise alternatives would be wide grip seated rows or standing face pulls using a rope.

5. Kipping Pull Ups

Just stop. Don't get me started on these. Just dont do them. If swinging on bars like a monkey on crack is your thing, be prepared for some shoulder issues and join a zoo.

6. Dumbbell Side-Bends

Side-bends cover such a small range of motion that they really are just an inefficient way of working out your obliques and abdominals.

A better alternative would be to do farmer's walks in a figure eight pattern.

Side bends crack me up because so many people do them to lose their love handles, but they actually will create inflammation and make them larger. So if you want to keep them growing, go for it!

7. Triceps Kick-Backs

These are another really inefficient exercise. The plane of motion through which the dumbbell is going through is not optimal for working your triceps. Gravity is really only working at the end of the motion. If you are looking to add on slabs of muscle, stick to exercises that will do such a thing like the close grip bench, dips or ring push ups.

Kick these 7 strength training exercises to the curb and you'll improve your training and reduce the risk of serious injuries.

Better yet, if you see someone doing them, offer them an alternative I suggested! :) 

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